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Unstoppable Void

July 8, 2012 by Tsunade
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Insane DPS

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 12 13 14

Time Dilation

2 4 5 7

Time Lock

3 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Unstoppable Void

July 8, 2012


Of course with ANY hard carry, weaknesses are...well you are extremely weak in the beginning. Faceless void especially, who doesn't get a real disable until 6. But he has a passive which helps him evade, which helps out GREATLY.

If you are playing against a Void, DO NOT LET HIM FARM. Gank the **** out of him, because a poorly built Void cannot do anything, especially if he is outleveled. Without Crit and insane attack speed, he is useless in Chrono.

And with any other hero, he is prone to chain stun moves. Though I've seen back track evade Sniper's assassinate.

Skill Build

Okay so your 1st skill should absolutely be time walk. Use it in emergencies. Then level up Backtrack as fast as you can, along with 1 timelock, evading attacks helps more during farming, especially if you don't jungle and take on creep waves. Level up Time Lock right after Back track, then your Q, and of course Chrono on 6/11/16. This allows for maximum farm, and timelock is broken with extreme attack speed.

Item Build

Okay so your job as a hard carry is to FARM, FARM, FARM. Absolutely FARM. You need gold, gold buys items, items help you win, it is that simple. Sure you can interrupt farming if your team desperatly needs you, but you are usually very weak in the beginning to where you will be of no help, minus launching Chrono.

I start you off with the most basic melee carry build, tango for quick HP regeneration, Stout Shield for basic block, and Quelling blade to help farm. Your first goal builds into Battle Fury, Ring of Health, gives you 6 HP regeneration so you won't need any additional Tangos which are a waste of gold after like 3-5 minutes. Also ring of health will allow you to jungle if you keep on getting harassed in lane cause you are a hard carry.

After that, get boots of speed, to get your base speed up, you can't always rely on Timewalk, espcially its long cooldown. After that save up for Perserverance, Broadsword and Claymore to get Battlefury. You should be able to annhilate entire creep waves. Next save up for Monkey King Bar, increase your attack insanely and your attack speed. After that I get assault cuirass, for extra armor and the insane attack speed. Then I get crit, to give you crit inside Chrono, then build Dadelus, Heart of T, for inside health/regen. Then of course butterfly to help with evasion and more attack speed.

Pros and Cons


End game, unstoppable
Chrono has a huge AOE disable
Mini stuns work in your favor if you increase your attack speed


Extremely weak in the beginning
Easily countered in Chrono with ranged
Extremely item dependant


Hi welcome to my 1st Dotafire guide on my most favorite hard carry; Faceless Void. End game, he does insane DPS and you can't stop him inside Chrono.

Faceless Void is an extreme carry, he is extremely weak in the beginning, but with the right set of items, he is unstoppable, literally.

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