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Unstoppable Phantom Assasin

July 7, 2015 by Mikul
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PA : Lane build

DotA2 Hero: Phantom Assassin

Purchase Order

At Start

Early Game

Mid Game (necessary items)

Late Game

Hero Skills

Stifling Dagger

2 4 5 7

Phantom Strike

1 12 13 14


3 8 9 10

Coup de Grace

6 11 16


15 17 18

Unstoppable Phantom Assasin

July 7, 2015


PA is one of the hardest carry of game. It is one of the very item dependent hero. Toughest part for pa is the laning period where it can be easily owned, especially by magical heroes.
just go easy in early game and avoid getting killed.


PA is all about Farm (better the farm, Deadliest the PA )

1.At the very beginning

[*] Tango :

-> To provide you health regeneration in lanes.

[*] Quelling Blade :

-> It provides you with the bonus damage on creeps which is necessary for pa, as it has low damage initially just 46.(it is also the one of the component of battle fury)

[*] Stout Shield :

-> To block some damage initially and also for poor man's shield to provide you with agility.

2.Early Game

[*] Phase Boots :

-> This will give you 24 bonus damage.

[*] Helm of dominator :

-> This is some item for pa.

it has many uses :
1. it provides you with 3 health regen permanent.
2.20 damage(more the damage pa stack more deadly will be its ulti)
3.+5 armor ( more hp and lesser damage received by you)
4.15% life steal(this 15% life steal along with pa evasion is very big advantage in one on one fight at low health)

with helm at your side you can easily farm ancients and creeps without loosing any health. And at low health you don't have to visit your ancient again and again just kill the creeps you will be fully recharged in no time.

3.Mid Game

[*] Black king Bar :

-> Another must need item for pa.
This one is your Saviour.Protects you against All magical damage(Stuns, blademail,silence).
Go for this upfront after making helm. don't think for skull basher or battle fury untill you make this. Don't worry for the damage it also provides you with 24 damage and 10 strength.

[*] Skull basher :

-> According to me one should go for this before fury as its provides bash(mini stun disabling other hero for a Second or two) and bonus damage which is very useful in one on one fights. more over its cheap compare to battle fury so you can mange to make this even if you are not winning fights. make this win fights and go for fury.

[*] Battle Fury :

-> This item goes with your ultimate. one critical strike and everyone around you will fill the heat(cleave damage is an advantage in team fights in later stages). with BF your mana problem is also resolved.

4. Late Game

[*] Abyssal Blade :

-> You can go for this by upgrading your skull baher. this one gonna provide u a stun ability which can disable your opponent for 2 sec. and also it provides you with 80 bonus damage.

[*] Monkey King Bar :

-> You can choose this in your later game it will give you true strike which mean your opponents cant get away with evasion(by making butterfly). more over it provides with you +15 attack speed(more the attack speed faster will your ulti arrive) and +88 damage with mini stuns(pa is all about it damage. more the damage more deadly will be your ulti.)

[*] Satanic :

-> You can upgrade your helm of dominator to get this. use this in b/w your fight its active 175% life steal will increase your health from low to nearly full in no time


Now lets talk about skills.

Stifling Dagger :

This is your slow. and very special item indeed. Slow down your running enemies with this and jump on them using phantom strike. You can also take last hits if you are not able to do that with your melee attacks.

I recommend you to update this before any other skill that is at (2,4,5,7).

Phantom strike :

This is a skill very irritating for your opponents and a kind of boon for you. Just jump on your enemies and land 4 consecutive attacks with a bonus attack speed of 130(at least one critical is sure when you jump on them).Its lower cool down at later stages can't let them get away but you can make escape from this as from this you can jump on user friendly target too.

I recommend you to upgrade after all other skills viz at (1,12,13,14).

Blur (evasion) :

This is a super awesome skill of pa when fully upgraded your opponents will surely gonna miss every one out of two attacks they land. and this skill has one more advantage you didn't appear to your opponents in the mini map if they are far from you by at least 1600 units. With this advantage you can farm in lanes if enemy heroes are in other lanes in there jungle as ward doesn't gonna reveal you.

Disadvantage with this skill is it gonna lose its sheen if enemy hero has monkey king bar(to overcome this i recommend you to increase the damage of pa as much as possible and do make abassyl blade. stun that hero jump on him and finish him before he lays a strike at you)

i recommend you to upgrade this at (3,8,9,10)

Coup de grace :

This one is pa's ulti. For this ulti to be effective i recommend you to increase damage of pa as much as you can do.
as usual upgrade this at(6,11,16).

Pros / Cons

Pros :

1. Evasion.
2. passive ulti.(will work even when silenced)
3. invisible from map.
4. nightmare for paper health heroes (sniper and drow and most of the magical heroes are taken for granted by pa, jump on them rand they are dead in two attacks.)
5. easy farm.


1. monkey king bar takes away evasion.
2. can't do much against magical heroes in early part of the game.
3. items dependant.
4. counters ursa, techies bombs, centaur.

guys pa is a late game hero so don't worry if you are not able to control things early on just stay in the game. the longer the game gets the more powerful you get. remember don't forget to make bkb as it will give you upper hand against magical damage and magical heroes.

How to play

Pa is very item dependant hero so get a good farm and recommended items to begin your siege.

never back off in one on one fight (especially at low health) because your evasion and critical will take you through most of the times.

for ganking or attacking a hero i recommend you to follow the skill sequence as : stifling dagger(q), phantom strike(w). keep pressing 'q' and 'w' in b/w fight too as this 'q' will slow down your opponent and 'w' will increase your attack speed by 130. follow this combo always.

if opposite team has sniper, drow, bat rideror or any other low health hero just attack them and earn your gold (trust me they are free source of gold). in team fights also target them first.

there are lots of other things that will come to you with experience.

Thank you and Enjoy

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