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Underlord Support Guide 6.88c

September 1, 2016 by TheJuggerDog
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Support underlord Build 6.88c

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills


2 4 5 7

Pit of Malice

3 8 9 10

Atrophy Aura

1 11 12 13

Dark Rift



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Underlord Support Guide 6.88c

September 1, 2016

Underlord Support Guide Explained


Underlord is the newest released hero in DOTA. Although there were many questions rising about his abilities in the laning stages and in which role to play him in. According to my opinion, Underlord is one of the best Supports out there in the meta right now. I will not say that he is the best but he delivers the most out of the his abilities and items in the Support role.

Pro's of Support Underlord

  1. Excellent base damage (Has 62-68 base damage at lvl 1).
  2. High armor (3.68 armor at lvl 1).
  3. Considerable move speed (305 without boots).
  4. Atrophy aura Helps zoning offlaners and Supports.
  5. Firestorm excellent farming skill (Farming neutrals as well as pushing lanes).
  6. Dark Rift Good initiation and escape ability in compromising situations.

con's of Support Underlord

  1. Low agility (i.e. Low attack speed).
  2. Poor ganker.
  3. Difficult to make rotations with.
  4. Debatable mana (Needs mana management).

Guide Explained

    Starting Items :
  1. Standard courier and ward purchase.
  2. Then you can get Healing salve for extra health regen or get soul ring recipe.
  3. Tangos and branches for regen.

    Early Game Items :
  • Get boots and after soul ring by stacking and pulling.
  • After soul ring start stacking hard and medium camps to farm for later.
  • upgrade boots to Tranquil boots or arcane depending upon how game is progressing.
  • Magic wand for extra survivability.
  • Infused raindrop for Mana regen and magic damage block.

    Core Items :
  1. Mekanism for Team Fighting and burst healing.
  2. Force Staff for escape.
  3. Urn for ally healing and Stats.
  4. Medallion for armor buff/break and mana regen.

    Situational Items :
  1. Vladmir's Offering for fast pushing and ally buff.
  2. Eule's Scepter for escape and mana regen.
  3. Blademail for tanking and Survivability.
  4. Eather lens for increased range (Very Situational).
  5. Vanguard for tank and damage block.

    Skill set Explained :
  1. Get atrophy aura at lvl 1 to zone offlaners and reduce damage of their supports (18% reduced damage at lvl 1).
  2. Firestorm at lvl 2 to farm neutrals and harassing enemy.
  3. Pit of malice at lvl 3 for lockdown as it does quite good damage and disable.
  4. Max firestorm and get Dark Rift at lvl 6.
  5. Max Pit of malice and skip ultimate as it does very little with the 2nd and 3rd skill point.
  6. Instead max atrophy aura and stats.

Thank you all for checking my support underlord guide and I hope it will help you :D

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