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Underlord Build (Offlane)

August 31, 2016 by Dragontwist
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Underlord (offlane)

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Introduction and Role

This guide is meant for players just trying out underlord. Offlane is the most suitable lane for underlord, since he can apply crazy amount of harssment on the lane, i would reccomend going dual lane, He clears creep waves crazy fast, and keep hero that are hard to catch easy, the one big problem and upside with Underlord is his casts animation, whenever you try to cast a spell it takes a while until you cast it, this can be a problem when you want to cast stuff fast, but it can also be easier to stop spells and make the land easier. Tanky items are suitable for Underlord, The ability to keep carrys in late stages to do half dmg they normally. Late game he should try to land his firestorm on stunned enemis, and then hit them with pit of malice, you wanna place yourself in the middle of the fight, you wanna tank as much stuff you can and try to catch heroes with bkb's and blink's with pit of malice. Dark rift can be used in a lot of ways, You can either try to save your teammates or you can try to win a team fight and tp your entire team to the closet creepwave to the enemy base.


Firestorm is a target Area Abilty it does damage in a Aoe of 400, with a cast range of 700 it does 6 waves of damage with a interval of 1, each wave does 25/40/55/70 and adds a debuff that last for 2 seconds and does max health per second 0.75%/1.5%/2.25%/3%, it doesn't stack and gets refreshed with every wave hit. Cooldown is 12 seconds no matter and mana cost Mana 100/110/120/130. This works great with pit of malice i recommend to use firestorm first then pit of malice for maximum damage, you can use this to cleary creep waves, cast it where the creeps will start attacking your creeps, and if you place it correctly it will hit all them all. I will recommend not to use pit of malice to cleary camps/creeps in the early game since it drains your mana really fast and you won't be able to keep doing that combo. firestorm, can also be used with other stuns such as chrono, sandstrike, Blackhole and etc. Firestorms damage is magical, and doesn't go throught black king bar.

Pit of malice

Pit of malice is a Target area Ability, that does damage and Roots enemy heroes in a Aoe of 275, with a cast range of 750, its does 100 damage no matter what level it is. you disable the enemy 1/1.5/2/2.5 its duration is 7 seconds no matter what level, cooldown is 21/18/15/12, manacost is 100/115/130/145. This stops blink from anti mage and queen of pain, it also stop a lot of other spells to summaries them here quick, Teleportation, Charge of Darkness, Phase shift, Tricks of trade and Blink dagger. it hits invisible units and gives true sight of them while they are rooted, While rooted inside of the pit eneimes are rooted meaning they can still Turn around, attack and cast spells with a few disabled mentioned earlier. Pit of malice does magical damage, and goes through black king bar but if the target is diabled and then activets black king bar the will no longer be rooted.

Atrophy Aura

Atrophy Aura is a passive abilty that makes the enemy teams base damage less and makes you gain damage for each enemy unit/neutral/creep and hero. its radius is 900, and reduces the enemy attack damage for 18%/26%/34%/42% this is base damage, what this means is what any damage a enemy gets from items such a monkey king bar, daedalus and divine rapier won't get reduced, but damage getting from stat items such as morphling getting damage from stats will get reduced. every time a Non-hero dies you get 5 damage no matter what level, it last for 30/40/50/60 seconds, heros will give underlord 30/35/40/45 damage, This is what makes Underlord a horrifying thing to deal with in the lane since you do a lot of damage and won't have trouble getting last hits.

Dark rift

Dark rift is Underlord's ultimate. Dark rift allows Underlord to teleport him and any teammates that stand in a 450 radius to a friendly creep/unit/tower, note you cannot teleport to heroes, no matter the level. Dark rift can be cancelled if you regret where you are teleporting, if you cancel it goes on cooldown. its cooldown is 130/120/110 and manacost 75/150/225, its has a teleport delay of 5/4/3 seconds, you can double tap it to teleport to the fountain like a tp, not much more can be said for this spell you can use it to teleport out of rosh so your team is gone with the aegis, you can use it to save teammates or go in for some barracks and teleport out, you could also use it after winning a team fight to get close to the enemys base.

Early Items

You want 8 tangoe's, 2 clarity's, 1 ward and a stout shield. these items allow you to play really aggresive, and not worry about going back to base, if you are up agiasn't a hero that spam a lot of spells, you can get a early stick to help out, but you want to get brown boots then a soulring, you want tranqboots, it gives you great move speed and health regen, and allows you to spam the soul ring. again vlads just allows you to be more aggresive and just go straight at them while helping your team and you can start taking early towers. you can also go for Blink dagger or forcestaff to help you catch heroes like Tinker, Anti mage, Queen of pain, Weaver, etc you can in late game upgrade the force staff to a hurrican pike but mostly you want other items then so its more a late game item than early.

Core items

I mostly go straight into Crimson guard after i have Tranqboots, soulring, magic wand and vlads. It just allows you to tank from the enemy cores and be a living hell, the combo with Atrophy Aura and damage block allows you to almost take no damage from the supports and cores that depend on stat items. after that i recommend mek, It allows you and your team to keep going for towers and dive them after that get rid of your tranqboots and get guardian greeves. you can get rid of of lot of debuffs with GG boots, and keep going on the enemy and it also allows you to stay alive longer since when you get below 15% hp you get extra armor regen and health regen from the boots. after that its different from game to game, you need more armor? go Shivas guard or ***ualt curi***, try to talk with your team so you don't build two of each. does your team need help to deal with nukers? go Lotus orb, linkens sphere or pipe, Pipe makes you more tanky and helps your team to survie more spells, linken sphere is to make you be able to get off your ultimate more reliable, Lotus orb is one of the most amazing items in the game, it gives mana, regen and armor it allows you to soak up more damage and help out your team aswell, if the enemy tinker, zeus or storm has gotten a scythe of vyse? just use lotus orb on your mid/carry to remove the hex and stop them from gettting locked down.

Luxury items

These items are very game spefic, not every game you are gonna need a refresher or a heart it really depends on the game, are you so far ahead and you need to be able to catch the enemy? build a rod and use it after pit of malice to make them get hit by a full firestorm, is your only way to win the game by ratting? go get a refresher, use dark rift to tp in to the lane start taking the barracks, then use refresher to save your team from dying or going to another lane. Scythe of vyse for more annoying heroes you need to keep in place and pit of malice doesn't do it good enough, same goes for Bloodthorn is there a pa in the game? or a hero with evasion and you need to help your team to hit them, this could be a pick up. Heart and octarine core are kinda the same it makes you tanky and really hard to kill, heart if you need a lot of regen again its a item like bloodthrone its really situational, Octarine core could replace vlads in really late game and allow you to gain life steal in form of using your spells, and being able to do dark rift more often

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