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Underlord - a guide that makes your enemies uninstall the game

September 23, 2016 by formicidae
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Offlane Underlord

DotA2 Hero: Underlord

Hero Skills

Atrophy Aura (Innate)


2 4 5 7

Pit of Malice

3 8 9 10

Fiend's Gate

6 11 16


15 17 18


Hello everyone welcome to my Underlord guide! It is my first guide and English is actually not my first language, which means that if I make some linguistic mistake, please forgive me:3
Although I don't like to waste time I still need to make something crystal clear before we get start and boost your mmr.
First and foremost, you may want to listen to some music while reading like this one because it is so epic and really keeps you awake.
Back to our topic, why did i create this guide? there are several reasons:

1 It is really distressing to see your teammates pick Underlord and go for a Radiance build, farm for 50 minutes and do ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE
2 Underlord is looks like IO arcana - the greenish sphere on his head is basically IO and the magnificent body is the mount. Good job valve :8)
3 Underlord is FUN to play, especially when you are making the enemy carry cry during laning phase.

Next, as what I said 2 seconds ago, this guide is going to be a OFFLANE UNDERLORD GUIDE if i may inform you, simply because carry Underlord is unspeakable useless.

Lastly, if you have any brilliant suggestions please comment. If you think my guide worth you to spend some short 3 seconds, please vote:3 I would love to see them form you generous guys.

Pros / Cons

It is always good to understand the pros and cons of a hero before you start to play a hero because it helps you to unleash your inner beast when it is possible and stop you from suicide that may be possible to avoid.


[*] Super strong o - your aura and high HP make you really untouchable, especially if you go for a Poor Man's Shield build. Your firestorm do some serious damage if your enemy tries to last hit
[*] Incredible team mobility - you are like IO for your all 4 teammates, means good ganker, split pusher, escaper and gank initiator
[*] Tanky - at least in the first 20 minutes of the game
[*] Great team fight potential - you defense ability is incredible and really nasty in pushing too
[*] Need no item but level

[*] Strongly counter melee carry or heroes that depend on their mobility like Wrath King and Weaver - thanks to his pit of malice


[*] Insufficient mana pool - really a problem during early game but not that severe in mid and late game because his 2.6 intelligence growth
[*] Super Long caste point - really a big problem for Underlord before he gets Blink Dagger, also is the reason why he is countered by Rubick
[*] Low agility gain - Means that Underlord's attack speed and armor is trash - why you DO NOT play Underlord as a hard carry
[*] Have NO threat to the enemy supports and ranged carries like sniper without its ult or dagger
[*] Low nuke damage - means you CANNOT kill anyone by yourself. Also a huge problem in late game because it is when the damage of Firestorm and your aura becomes nothing
[*] Need lots of Communication within the team - by which I mean buy a microphone and learn Spanish

His Gorgeous Abilities

A demonstration of Underlord's abilities followed by a briefprolix) discussion. Then I will talk about my build of Underlord

Before we start just remember one thing: build is interchangeable. Sometimes you may want to get level 2 aura first but sometimes you will get no aura but spend your skill point on Pit of Malice and Firestorm. Everything is determined by how you choose to play the game. Nonetheless, my build at the top of the page works for most games.


Calls down waves of fire that damage enemy units in the target area, burning for additional damage over time.
Ability: Target Area Affects
Enemies Damage: Magical
Cast Animation: 0.6+0.47
Cast Range: 750
Effect Radius: 400
Number of Waves: 6
Wave Interval: 1 second
Damage per Wave: 25/40/55/70
Max Health as Damage per Second: 0.75%/1.5%/2.25%/3%
Burn Duration: 2
Cool Down: 12
Mana: 100/110/120/130

Abbreviation: Incredible constant magical damage but low nuke.

It will deal 420+24% of max hp magical damage on anyone who stays in the small 400 range for all 6 seconds, which is pretty much impossible without the help of your Pit of Malice and stun from your allies. Nevertheless, this spell has really high damage if the enemy have to continuously to stay in its range even if it is a strength hero because its damage is partially depend on the enemies' max health. When do the enemy do so? Usually in 3 situations - when they are trying to last hit, when they are trying to attack you or your teammates by right clicking and when they are stunned. This is why this ability is really strong on lane, especially with a hero with stun like Nyx Assassin, and is such a nice team fight ability both while pushing or defending. Yoru enemy melee carries hates this ability too because they are forced to handle it if they try to attack you or your allies. Lastly, this skill, along with Atrophy Aura, will really help you to get last hit, push the lane and jungle because creeps and neutrals do not know how to position themselves well. You can even get double pull using Firestorm, which I'm going to discuss later in this guide. Firestorm is the ability that you want to max as early as possible because it is the main source of damage no matter if you farm more or constantly gank and join team fights.

ps: remember, your cast point is pretty long and this ability last for a long time, so place Firestorm on the path that your enemy may go by.

Pit of Malice

A deadly pit is conjured at the target location; any unit that enters is unable to move for some time and takes damage. Each enemy unit can only be affected once.
Cast Animation: 0.6+0.47
Cast Range: 750
Effect Radius: 275
Damage: 100
Disable Duration: 1/1.5/2/2.5
Pit Duration: 7
Cool Down: 21/18/15/12
Mana: 100/115/130/145

So basically the only disable of Underlord, but really powerful one.
12 second cool down with 7 second duration aoe disable that not only makes enemy unit unable to move but also interrupts channeling(so use this to destory Enigma, Witch Doctor, and Sand King, no matter if they have BKB or not), offers true sight, stop enemy from blink away or use skills like Tricks of the Trade, Phase shift, Teleportation and Charge of Darkness and goes through BKB can't be weak.
This ability is a strong kite ability which counters melee carries It is also disable that stop most hero from using their escape abilities with the exception of Town Portal Scroll(so when the enemy has one and your team cannot stop him from tp away use Pit of Malice only to interrupt TP or you are sure you can kill the enemy hero before he tps away), which, with the ability to offer true sight, really counters Riki and Puck(they both have escape mechanism that Pit of Malice can disable). It last for 7 second so place it in the middle of the battle field or critical intersections of pathways sometimes is useful in team fight because it prevent enemies from helping each other just like Clockwerk does with his Power Cogs.
This is the most important escape mechanism you have during laning stage so get level 1 of it as soon as you feel the enemies get the potential to kill you. It also deals much more nuke damage than low level Firestorm. However, its damage do not increase with its level so I usually get only level 1 of it before I start to frequently gank or if enemy do not have heroes like Riki or Puck that this ability really counters.[/color]
Do not forget that Pit of Malice and Firestorm is the most useful combo Underlord has. Use Pit of Malice to catch the enemy and pour your Firestorm on them next.

Atrophy Aura

Nearby enemy units are weakened, losing a portion of their base damage. If a unit dies while under this effect, Underlord gains bonus damage.
Radius: 900
Attack Damage Reduction: 18%/26%/34%/42%
Attack Damage per Hero Death: 30/35/40/45
Attack Damage per Non-Hero Death: 5
Attack Damage Bonus Duration: 30/40/50/60

Simple and clear, decrease the BASE DAMAGE only of the enemy and give Underlord extra damage whenever there is a unit around him dies.
There is something that you may not know about it: Atrophy Aura applies to creeps, neutrals and even Roshan. It is both great and bad for you. It is great because it helps yo jungle better. It is bad because it automatically pushes the creep wave, which is what you do NOT want to happen in early game. Nonetheless, this ability makes Underlord really durable to enemies's right click. If you go for a Poor Man's Shield in early game, for example, you will be really immortal to many ranged supports that likes to auto attack you. abuse the free attack you gain after enemy creeps died,get last hits and denies or even attack the enemy heroes (Orb of Venom really helps you if you decide to do so) on lane if you are sure your enemy can't kill you. Because you get really high extra attack after enemy heroes died, Underlord is super strong in the late stage of teamfight, too.

Level this ability up REALLY CAREFULLY. It does makes you tanky and. But at the same time, it will push the lane and increase your possibility of getting killed. I usually get it if the enemy support or carry is ranged and not so aggressive on lane. If you decide to level it up, then do so as early as possible and do not max it in early stage of game because you DO NOT need attack damage that is so high and 18% (26% if you decide to get level 2 aura) of attack damage reduction is really enough.

Dark Rift

Opens a dark rift at the targeted friendly unit's position. After a short delay, Underlord and all nearby friendly heroes are teleported to that unit's location. Dark Rift can be cancelled at any time during the cast. If it is cancelled in this way, or the target unit dies before the spell becomes active, Dark Rift goes into cooldown.
Cast Animation: 0.6+0.47
Cast Range: Global
Radius: 450
Teleport Delay: 5/4/3
Cool down 130/120/110
Mana 75/150/225

What makes Underlord such a terrifying hero. This ability grant him and his entire team with global presence potential, just like what the description said.

They come without warning, leaving fire and blood where kingdoms once flourished.

This ability is neither a disable nor providing you with any damage. However, it is one of the ability that can led your entire team to victory by offering incredible mobility. It is helpful in initiating gank or teamfights,and highly counters heros with low mobility who has the essential to farm on lane such as Luna and Drow Ranger.

Despite all the greatness the ability has, many limits also come with it. there is There is something really important to remember about and tips when using it.

[*] Because you can cancel this ability by use it again while waiting for teleportation, the most important thing about using Dark Rift is that DO NOT incessantly press R button while you are stunned or silenced due to the fact that you will probability cancel it.

[*] Otherwise this ability CANNOT be canceled if you are still alive, so it is a great escape ability - it not only save you but also your teammates who are within the 450 teleportation radius. Tell your allies to protect you and get into the range so the entire team can survive.

[*] Heroes, illusions or ward CANNOT be the target of teleportation - an important fact to remember. However, Dark Rift can be used on summoned units like wolf of Lycan and Nature's Prophet's treant.

[*] Long cool down - use it only when you are sure you can be profited from it.

[*] The Visual effects of Dark Rift are visible to both your allies and your foes - be careful when choosing the time and target to teleport because the enemy can simply kill the unit that you are trying to teleport to or slaughter your entire team if they have heroes like Enigma, Magnus or Earthshaker, e.t.c.

[*] You do not need to always get Dark Rift at level 6 - get it when your team is ready to gank and push or you need some strong escape mechanism.

Again, just remember 1 thing - which type of build you go for ALWAYS depends on what Playstyle you choose to play. For example, if you need to gank frequently then get high level Pit of Malice. If your team need damage output during early team fights then max Firestorm first. If you are facing heros like Sniper on lane get level 2 Atrophy Aura is always nice. Never stick to a single build because it is what limits your ability to think and progress.

Prepare for the game - When to pick Underlord and when to not do so

Here is when you should pick Underlord

[*] When your team needs mobility - usually a team that focus on pushing really needs it
[*] When your enemy team picks heroes that have to get close enough to their targets in order to output damage like Spirit Breaker, Wrath King, Luna and Sven(especially Spirit Breaker because your Dark Rift allows you to help your allies Spirit Breaker tries to gank anywhere with friendly units and your Pit of Malice makes him cry during team fights or when he tries to gank you).
[*] When your team needs a tanky hero that can protect his allies
[*] When your team all speak same language as you(people think I'm kidding but I'm actually not. Underlord needs lots of communication to be a powerful hero which will not happen in a game 5 players speaks 5 different language).
[*] When your teammates need to to create space for them in order to unleash their damage output potential(many melees does, ranged heroes like Terrorblade also need it)
[*] When your enemy picksed Riki, Puck, Queen of Pain,or other fragile heroes with strong escape mechanism(Timbersaw and Slark do not count as one of those heroes because your Pit of Malice don't really work on them).
[*] When your enemies picked heroes that need to farm on lane alone but have few or no ability that help them avoid gank(Drow Ranger, Medusa, Sven, Shadow Fiend and many other heroes does).
[*] When your enemies picked heroes with many summoned units like Broodmother - you get free damage from them and your high aoe damage get easily get those summoned units rekt.

Do not pick Underlord if:

[*] Your team already has a position 3 hero that need so solo offlane(Timbersaw, Lone Druid, Dark Seer, e.t.c.).
[*] Your enemy has strong antitank hero(usually Timbersaw and Lifestealer).
[*] Your enemies picked Sniper or heroes like him such as Enchantress - like what I said in the sections before, Underlord have NO Threat to most ranged hero by himself due to his lack of nuke damage.
[*] Do not pick him when the enemy team has Rubick - although hard to realize, Rubick's aura makes Underlord a hero with No Damage. Rubick's Spell Steal is also pretty annoying.
[*] When your team really need someone who has high damage during mid game - in which situation you may want to consider heroes like Timbersaw.

How to play early game well

Congratulation my dear friend! You should now get some basic understand about how to play this brilliant hero. Now is when we learn some serious life lessons.

Here is the general understanding of Underlord's role in the game:

He is usually considered to be a Position 3 because he is so strong on lane, especially with a dual lane partner that has some disable and ability to gank in early game such as Nyx Assassin, pudge, e.t.c., and mid-game teamfight and gank. In fact he is really similar to Undying. However, dual offlane usually means you are NOT put Enough Pressure on other lanes, which forced you to put Huge pressure on the enemy safe lane to attract enough attention from the enemy supports instead of letting them gank your mid and safelane freely. By this, I mean you need to play really aggressively if your team is kind enough to give you the opportunity to have a dual lane partner - get the enemy carry rekt using Firestorm, deny as many creep as possible, right-click the enemy carry if possible and always look for kills. If you really did all this you and your entire team should be in a great shape during the first 7 to 10 minutes of the game.

Yes, play him like an aggressive Undying.

If you do not have a dual lane partner, you have 2 choices. If the enemy heroes are really aggressive like the combination of Visage, Juggernaut and Vengeful Spirit, go for a early Iron Talon and start jungle - use Firestorm and aura wisely. Get back to lane after the enemy supports start to gank and push lane use firestorm. In this kind of situation, do not forget to get at least level 1 Pit of Malice before you decide to get back to lane unless death is such a great pleasure for your. Do not forget to stack neutral creeps because high level Firestorm gets the toughest neutral creeps rekt. If the enemy is not as aggressive, spend your skill point on Firestorm, push the lane with it and stack when it is possible. Remember that your aura will automatically push the lane so their is no necessity to try to keep creeps close to your tower,so abuse your Firestorm to last hit and annoy your foes. By push creep wave and and stack, your should be getting pretty good farm on lane.

Now we are in mid game

Back to what we were talking about. I once said that by doing this you will keep your team in a great shape until about 7-10 minutes, but why? The reason is simple: now is the time that you and your supports gets ult and are ready to crush the enemy tower. Communicate with your team, plan on ganks and push towers as soon as your team has killed someone. Use your mobility well: split, gank and push, stop your enemy from stay together and destroy them while they are isolated. This is somewhat why Underlord like split push hero unlike other mid-game team fighters - they are really trying to suicide when doing so, especially for Nature's Prophet. Similarly, if your teammates were ganked and will not die so quickly, use your Dark Rift to save your friend get a free kill. This should not be a problem because Underlord clear enemy creep waves really fast and can take down tower relatively quickly compare to many other off lane hero like timbersaw. If you have teammates who can better initiate the gank you should not do so during a gank if you do not have dagger because your cast point is so long that some heroes with escape mechanism or high movement speed(like Weaver or Razor) might escape - let other heroes who is better at it(like Storm Spirit) start the gank if it is possible, then use your ability on them. In team-fight, you should use your high hp to take the first round of skill after use your spells on the enemy and then retreat to protect fragile your teammates using your Firestorm and Pit, Like what i said before, they are Super Powerful when against melee carry heros like wrath king because you can easily kite them even after they gets blink dagger.

You are NOT such a great tank like Centaur Warrunner is - you are more like a tanky Earth Shaker - you need to survive until last second and protect your teammates. Again, do NOT suicide because you are so strong in late team-fight due to your aura and Pit of Malice just like razor does. If your team are really likely to lose the team-fight, you may want to use your ult to help your entire team safely retreat - before doing so, communicate with your teammates so they can get into the range of teleportation.

In conclusion, mid game is basically the most important stage for Underlord in the entire game. If you want to win a game, spend every second during this stage of game to create advantage of your team.

And eventually it will be late game

Late game. Here we go. It is best to finish game as early as possible for Underlord. However, if you fail to accomplish this goal, here is some suggestions to help you winning the game.

If you played well in early and mid game, your team should have significant advantage because Underlord is such a great snowball hero. If your team had took down most of enemies tower, ward and farm the enemy jungle, preventing them from getting farmed, increase the economical difference and seek for opportunity to get Roshan. Once your team is strong enough to crush into your enemies' high ground, do so and end the game.

If you are in a circumstance of tied game or disadvantage, which happens to everyone 9 games out of 10, blame your teammates and find Mistakes (like farm on lane alone) made by your enemies - Underlord is a great hero at turning those opportunities into a winning situation. Ward is important too in this kind of situation because it helps you take control of Roshan and jungle. If you see an enemy farming on lane and is planning to gank him, use SCAN before you do so because otherwise you might offer your enemy with free rampage.

Your Dark Rift is more important right now than any other stage of the game so use it wisely like what I had talked about in the mid game section.
Your Pit of Malice is also super strong right now because it ignores BKB. Your aura is still pretty nasty because it grant every single hero in your team with great survivability, which is a reason for you, unlike other tanks, to try to survive until last second during team fights like what you does in mid game. So basically you take the first round of damage and stun and Create Space for your carry to deal damage on the enemy then retreat,regenerate, use your items and skills and Wait for Opportunity to destroy your enemy with damage your aura gives you again.

Also do not forget that push Creep Wave and keep pressure on enemy towers is really important right now so abuse your Firestorm and do it!

What item you choose to buy become a important factor that affects the game right now because you farms relatively fast and fit nicely with many aura and functional items, which I'm going to talk about in the next chapter.

I know you are really tired after reading all though words so lets take a break for 5 second and enjoy this picture.I feel mad chill right now v


So before we start...

Sorry to say this again and again but, like what is said in the ability section, NEVER stick to 1 build because it limits your ability to think and progress. Use your brain wisely because evolution grant you with such large barin size and high IQ.

In early game ability to survive and interrupt the enemy carry's farming is the most important thing you would want to have, so your items should be provideing you with such ability. Here are items I might choose during early stage of the game.

Stout Shield/Poor Man's Shield

This two items are pretty similar so I want to discuss them together. Their main function is make you almost immortal on lane with Atrophy Aura. I highly suggest to buy Stout Shield when the enemy supports are ranged. You may want to update it into Poor Man's Shield only if your opponent highly depend on attack as a source of damage because it is pretty much a waste of money, especially if you are going for a Vanguard build.

Enchanted Mango

Always a nice thing to buy in any kind of situation. Provide you with health regeneration and gives you 150, which sometimes will grant you a kill or save your life. Remember it can be fed to your allies, which is really useful tip sometimes.

Boots of Speed/Wind Lace

Both provide you with movement speed, which is crucially important for gank and escape. If you are facing heroes that depends on their movement speed for kills on lane like Juggernaut and Razor or need to gank other lanes constantly, buy them, at lest Boots of Speed, as early as possible. If you are planning to go for a Drum of Endurance, then Wind Lace is also a great optional item in early game.

Magic Wand

Usually used to counter Skywrath Mage, Zeus, Bloodseeker or other heroes that are aggressive and use spells frequently. Not useful all the time but, if correctly used, could save your life. I personally do not like it because Underlord's ability determeined that he DO NOT need that extra mana and hp - if the enemy really do have the ability to kill you, you die anyway.

Soul Ring

Providing you with almost unlimited mana, this item helps you farm really fast and allows you to continuously use Firestorm on lane. However,this item is kind of useless in later stage of the game compare to a similar item - Arcane Boots, which provide entire team with mana regeneration. Go for this only if your team do not need Arcana boots and you have slight disadvantage on lane so you have to use Firestorm frequently in order to get some last hits. This item works together well with Tranquil Boots. Buying both will makes you really hard to deal with on lane because they provide you with super high mana and health regeneration.

Ring of Basilius

This item grant you, your teammates, and creeps with armor and mana regeneration. If you a planning on getting a Vladmir's Offering, get this instead of Soul Ring. If Ring of Basilius it will give creeps with 2 armors too, which cooperate nicely with your Athrophy Aura while pushing. However, during laning phase, you may want to turn it off so you are not going to push the lane as much.

Tranquil Boots

This boot give you really high regeneration, so it is a great choice if you are solo offlane and need to jungle frequently. Just remember to take it off while you are last hitting so you will not suffer from its 13 seconds cool down.

Iron Talon

The only use of this item is to help you jungle better so buy it if your enemy is aggressive enough that you have to jungle for first few minutes of the game until the enemy supports leave the lane and starts to gank.

Infused Raindrop

This item is just so useful for Underlord. It prevent you from been killed on lane as a offlaner and provide you with high mana regeneration. It is also pretty cheap. The only reason I would not buy it is that another hero in my team really need it early, or if the enemy heroes have ability that deplete the charges of Infused Raindrop quickly.


Really not a lot to say about this item. Get it if you will be using Firestorm often and do not have gold to buy other mana regeneration items. Basically buy it when you need mana.

Orb of Venom

Allows you to right-click enemy hero with your high base damage and extra damage from Atrophy Aura. Buy it when you have huge advantage so it really increase your kill potential.


Lots of strength mean much higher chance of survive for Underlord. Get it whenever you feel you need some more health to survive from ganks. If you are going for Drum of Endurance then there is another reason for you to buy it early.

The following are the Cores of Underlord. They are core items DO NOT means that you have to buy them in any kind of situation. Nonetheless, most times, they are pretty useful.

Arcane Boots

this item grant you and your team with mana regeneration. This is a core item of Underlord because it really helps his entire team to constantly gank, push and team fight. It also partly solved Underlord's man problem. This item helps your team to continuously keep pressure on your enemy so buy it whenever your team is strong in mid game and need mana regeneration.


Similar to Arcana Boots, this item provides your team to regenerate after team fights in order to incessantly put pressure on the enemy and snowballing. The difference between Mekansm and Arcana Boots is that Mek makes your entire team more durable by granting then with 250 extra hp and 2 armors, include creeps and summoned units, which is really helpful in EARLY team fights and when pushing towers. So get this item as early as possible if you are planning to get it.

An important to always remember: use Mekansm Needs 225 Mana. So, before start a team fight, you may want to check if you have enough mana to use it.

Blink Dagger

Super useful item because several reasons. 1st, your Dark Rift can only land you to were creep or tower is if there is no summoned units. This item helps you to use your Pit of Malice immediately after teleportation took place so it is really useful when ganking. 2nd, it helps you initiate teamfight with your Pit of Malice. 3rd, Blink Dagger + Dark Rift + Correct Timing = Most Powerful Retreat Ability Ever in the Game.

As a position 3 hero, your item really depends on what your team needs, so here is some situational mid game items you may want to buy.

Vanguard/Crimson Guard

Vanguard provide your with physical resistance while Crimson Guard do so to your entire team. Get it if your enemy really depends on Physical Damage. Also, if you are planning on getting it, do so as early as possible because this item become weaker as enemy carry gets more farmed.

Solar Crest

This item makes you or one of our teammates tankier. If you use it on a enemy, it significantly decrease his dps and armor. Get it if your teammates really depends on physical damage or their is a enemy dps hero that is too well farmed.

Heaven's Halberd

Similar to Solar Crest, used to counter the enemy DPS hero.

Urn of Shadows

More health and mana regeneration, strength, why not buy it of your teammates do not have one? DO NOT do so if your team already has one.

Force Staff

Used to kite enemy melee heroes and save your teammates. get it instead of dagger if your enemy have heroes like Sven, Lifestealer or Clockwrek.

Blade Mail

A really situational item. Buy it if your enemy REALLY want to kill you or to counter relatively fragile nukers like Tinker, Bloodseeker, e.t.c.

Pipe of Insight

A magical resistance version Crimson Guard. Get it when the enemy has high Magical Damage and your teammates, especially when your carry, is fragile. Also, similar to Crimson Guard, get Pipe of Insight as early as possible.


Buy it only if you can control summoned units well or otherwise they are really good source of gold for you enemy.
Get this item in the follow situations:
[*] When your team needs a method to push towers quickly.
[*] when your opponent has invisible units because level 3 Necronomicon provide you with true sight.
[*] When your opponent has Techies - true sight and summoned units are always helpful against Techies.

Armlet of Mordiggian

This item grant you some DPS with low price so you are more fearsome in late stage of team fights. However, the most important function of this item is its High Extra HP when turned on. Properly use of this item makes you much more likely to survive in team fights if your enemy do not have enough Nuke Damage.

Drum of Endurance

This item is really useful against long-ranged heroes like sniper that counters Underlord because the extra movement speed it provides. Its component, Bracer, is also helpful in early game because it provide lots of Strength.

Vladmir's Offering

Aggressive version of Mekansm that do not need 225 mana to use while provide less survivability. It also helps you jungle a lot. Get it if your team needs to go for an early Roshan or depends on physical damage a lot.

Aether Lens

Similar to Blink Dagger, the item helps you to initiate a teamfightor gank by giving you extra cast range. It also gives you some extra mana and slightly increases your damage. If the enemy has heroes that counter Blink Dagger (for example Spectre because her Haunt with Radiance can interrupt your blink dagger and stop you from initiate team fights), or your team do not need you to initiate gank or team fights (such as the situation that Storm Spirit is your teammate), you may want to go for this item. Another reason to buy this item is that you want to go for Ring of Health (a component of Aether Lens) builds on lane because your opponents are powerful harasser without too much kill potential.

Now are the luxury items, which you should be getting after get your core and maybe some situational items.

Guardian Greaves

Get this if you are going for a Arcana Boots&Mekansm build. No need to get it too early.

Assault Cuirass/Shiva's Guard

As a strength tank who have really low armor, you would, most likely, need ONE of those two items. Choose Assault Cuirass if your team has high physical damage and you want to even boost it up or otherwise choose Shiva'S Guard. I personally really like Shiva's guard because its broad-spectrum applicability


People like to buy this item but I don't see why except the fact that Underlord is a good Aura carrier.
You buy radiance in 3 situations:
[*] When you are Spectre, which Underlord is not
[*] When you can push like crazy with illusions, which Underlord is not able to
[*] When you can get it pretty early so 50/s aoe damage is really significant by that time, which Underlord cannot
[*] When you need Radiance to farm and push, which Underlord do not because he has Firestorm
This is why I DO NOT think radiance is a great item except the situation which there is some heroes like Earth Shaker or Magnus on your opposite team with a Blink Dagger and you really need to interrupter them from blink in and finish your team. However, they can easily solve this problem by buying a Shadow Blade so this is another reason I think radiance really is not useful.

Heart of Tarrasque

Provide Underlord with tons of health and strength, and most importantly, %4.75 of max health regeneration if not take damage from enemy or Roshan in past 5 seconds. this allows Underlord to join team fight again after took the first round of damage and disables and regenerate. Because Underlord's Atrophy Aura, by the time Underlord enters battlefield again, it would have damage over 300 attack damage - a huge number for a position 3 hero, which is why I like this item a lot. However, because this item provide no armor, it usually should be get after you bought Shiva's Guard or Assault Cuirass.

Scythe of Vyse

Lots of stats, high mana regeneration and a 3.5 second disable which slows, silences, mutes and disarms a target make Scythe of Vyse one of the strongest functional items in the game. Usually it is used to counter Antimage, Queen of Pain, Morphling or other heroes that are normally hard to kill. With Underlord's Pit of Malice, which disable many escape abilities, Scythe of Vyse makes Underlord the worst nightmare of those heroes. However, its high price and relatively low strength gain make this item only a good choice to buy after you have some items that grant you durability. Anyway, a really strong item in late game.

Refresher Orb

Never a bad item to get if you have enough gold. Get it when you feel you do not need anything else urgently.

Boots of Travel

Another item to get if you have too much extra gold. Significantly increase your ability to put unstopped pressure on your opponents. If your opponents picked split-push hero then you may want to get it relatively early while otherwise do not do so.

Special mentions

Town Portal Scroll

The mobility it provide Underlord is crucial so PLEASE ALWAYS carry one with you.
Helps a lot when split and push or planning a surprise attack.

Observer Ward

Great item for any hero with global presence and gank potential. You may not need to buy it because you are not a pure support hero, but if you need to, buy it because 65 gold is not a lot compare to a potential kill for you.

Smoke of Deceit

Always a useful item for gankers and team fighters and Underlord is one of them. Underlord farms really fast so buy it, get some kills and share some pressures of your supports. Like TP scroll, Smoke of Deceit is really useful when planning a surprise attack.

Some tips and what you should be aware of

so here is just some random things I want to talk about Underlord


Although in this guide I only talked about how to play Underlord as an offlaner, Underlord actually has the potential to go mid or play as a positon 5 supporter – I did so just because I think Underlord fit best as a position 3 hero. If you decide to play Underord as a mid laner, your team would need to pick carries and offlaners with high damage like Terrorblade and Timbersaw. As soon as you got about level 6, start jungling and ganking while leave mid lane to another hero in your team who really needs to farm. If you are playing as a position 5 support and have a considerable advantage, do not level up Atrophy Aura, right click your opponent and force him out of the experience zone using Firestorm. If the advantage is not as huge, get Atrophy Aura and try to push the enemy tower as fast as possible. If you are having a hard time on lane, you may want to gank mid or offlane and get high level Pit of Malice early so you can gank and kill better in early game.

Although Underlrod can play multiple positions, a position 1 Underlord is really useless. Let me throw this question out: Why is a farmed position 1 carry fearsome?

Answer – a farmed position 1 carry can kill enemy crucial units (usually supports with disable or high nuke damage) in relatively short time or threat those heroes and stop them from using their skills and start a bloody massacre on your team. For example, Sven with Blink Dagger kills every single support in roughly 3 seconds. Spectre’s Haunt deals tons of damage on enemy supports Dispersion even before the team fight begin while her Dispersion forces enemy supports to stay far away from her or get reflected to death without even been attacked by Spectre.

However, our good old Underlord has huge hitbox and he is a melee which means he can be easily kitted by enemy heroes when his Pit of Malice is at cooldown. His low agility growth means that he has no attack speed therefore no DPS. Carry Underord kills everything just so slowly. People thin k that Atrophy Aura gives Underload high damage – yes it does as soon as an enemy hero was killed, which is a difficult mission of Underlord

This is also the reason I think Battlefury and Radiance are bad choices for Underlord because if they works best on carries but not a position 3 hero.

Laning phase

Again, your hitbox is huge so use it well in creep blocking just like what Pudge does.

Remember your Atrophy Aura will also lower the enemy creeps’ and neutrals’ ATK so level it up carefully because it will automatically push creep waves.

Pit of Malice is better assuring skill than Firestorm when your Firestorm is leveled lower than 3.

Firestorm is the main way you are going to last hit on lane if you have no disadvantage against your opponents – After level 4 Firestorm you can use only Firestorm and get almost all last hits.

Never forget to pull at 52-53 seconds. 2-3 stack of large camp is enough because you can hardly farm 4 or more neutral camps even after you get level 4 Firestorm. Clean the stack as soon as you can, which is normally when you get level 4 Firestorm. Be aware of enemies’ vision though. If neutral did not respawn then you definitely will want to by Sentry and check for possible ward. If you stacked more than 2 camps, you may want to use Firestorm to deplete their health before you start to farm them because otherwise you may not be able to do so.

Orb of Venom is a crucial item which grant you much more kill potential when you have some advantage and it helps you better harass on lane due to your high attack damage.

Mid game here we go

Remember that Underlord is a snowball hero who uses his Dark Rift and charisma to lead his teammates offensively gank, teamfight and push. You Dark Rift in, gank, great advantage in number and economy, team fight, win, generate even more advantage, push, control the vision, and win the game.

Vision oh it is so important for Underlord. Placement of Wards is really important for Underload to successfully push and snowball. The following are some important locations of Wards that provide crucial visions when pushing.

Scans, other useful things that prevent you from send your team into Enigma’s Black Hole. Use it before you are going to Dark Rift your team to start a push or gank.

Roshan is important for your team. If it is possible buy Smoke of Deceit then do roshan as fast as possible. Let some of your teammates stay on lane and push so 1st your opponent will less likely to be thinking that you are doing Roshan and 2nd you can Dark Rift your team then start push as soon as your teammates finished Roshan and are ready for team fights.

When you are going to finish Roshan soon, put Pit of Malice where the immortality will drop so if some invisible heroes try to steal it you will have their true sight.

Remember that Pit of Malice last for 7 seconds so correctly placing it at locations such as entrance of High Ground, entrance of Roshan’s cave and the intersection near the Secret Shops can stop enemy heroes from supporting each other during a fight like what Clockwerk’s Power Cog could do.

Underlord is not that much a Tank. Instead, Underlord is an Aura carrier and disabler in the first place and not as tanky as people think he is. DO NOT SUCIDE because Underlord can do much more if he survives until last second of team fights.


You farm style is STACK AND JUNGLE remember it.

Like what I said before, level 4 Firestorm clear an entire creep wave for you.

The 53rd seconds is when you pull and stack for most camps.

Ancient camps should be pulled at 52nd seconds although you will not be able to farm it in early or mid game

The medium camp closest to Radiant outermost tower should be pulled at 55th second toward where the nearest spawn point of runes locates.

You can get a double pull by pull a large or medium camp at 52nd-53rd seconds (depends on how many neutrals you stacked. The more you stacked, the earlier you pull.) then use your Firestorm on another Large or Medium camp at 55th-56th seconds (also depends on how many times you stacked it).

You can deal with most camp that had not been stacked when you are at level 5 (usually when you get level 3 Firestorm) while if they had been stacked then deals with them only after you get level 4 Firestorm or otherwise you will be destroyed. Use the method I talked about in earlier part of the section to farm them.

Always kill Centaur Courser and Hellbear first because their Cloak Aura increases their allies; magical resistance then kill Satyr Tormenter because he Unholy Aura grants his allies regeneration. Kill as much as neutrals in shortest time possible so you get higher bonus damage to finish the rest of them.

Blink Dagger

Why do I make Dagger an independent section? It is because Blink Dagger is REALLY useful and people are not really aware of it.

Although Underlord’s strategic mobility is great, its short-distance mobility accurately defined what garbage is. Blink Dagger grant you some really useful or joyful ability.

Imagine you are a Drow Ranger and you are farming on lane then you see the Dark Rift visual effects on the creep. You then left the lane, starting to farm neutrals and laugh at how ****** that Underload is then he blinked in and trapped you with some greenish black mud nad all his teammates came in. What happened next is that you are killed. Gank ability is the first thing that Blink Dagger gives Underlord.

You are Drow Ranger again and you are team fighting with that Underlord. You think you are safe because you are 500 miles away from any opponents and you started to laugh at how stupid your enemies are. Half seconds later, an Underlord blicked in and trapped you with his greenish black mud circle again and you died. Remember, despite the fact that Underlord is not a perfect initiator, Blink Dagger still makes him a great aoe disabler and counter initiator team fights.

This time you are Storm Spirit and your enemy all have less than 10% health left. You started to laugh because you think you are getting Rampage and you are going to be on the Weekly Top 10 soon. You used your Ball Lightning and expected to get some Rampage. Then, our Underlord blinks in and Dark Rift his entire team away from the battle field while left you alone. Right, the ability to save his teammates is the third ability Blick Dagger grants you, which can be really useful when retreating or saving your carry when he was ganked by 3 enemies on lane.

Who you counter and counters you


The most destructive nightmare of Underlord is facing a Long-ranged Hero that he cannot even touch and been right-clicked to death. Those heroes include:

Sniper & Enchantress

You can not approach them easily. Even if you did get close to them, your damage is not really that significant.

Underlord really can do nothing against those kind of ranged hero without help from his teammates. However, counter those heroes is usually a job of a position 3 hero like Underlord. Pick Underlord really makes your team weak against those ranged hero. If you are such an unlucky person and you did so, use Dark Rift to help your teammates approach and kill them.


Rubick is one of the Most Nasty enemies of Underlord, despite the fact that people are not really aware of it. His Spell Steal is kind of annoying for Underlord. However, his most painful ability for Underlord is his Null Field. By increasing his allies’ magical resistance, Firestorm, the most important way of harassing his foes, last hit on lane and deal damage in team fights becomes trash.

Most antitank heroes like Timbersaw & Lifestealer & Ursa

As a strength tank hero, it is obvious that Underlord is countered by many antitamk heroes. Lifestealer is really not that much a problem because you can kite him with you Pit of Malice even if he uses Rage, which is what Lifestealer really hates. However, Timbersaw (beside that he also push really fast and really stop your team from pushing his high ground with his Chakram) is really a pain in the *** for Underlord not only because your Pit of Malice cannot stop him from use his Timber Chain but also his high pure damage and ablity to reduces Underlord's strength is just so terrifying for Underlord. There is really not so many ways you can counter those antitank heroes except pray and hope your teammates are really pro players.

Heroes with global presence ability and can join team fights in mid game also counter Underlord a lot because they can offset the mobility advantage of Underlord's Dark Rift. Those heroes include Io, Ember Spirit(defend High Ground like a beast), Invoker (another great high ground defense hero), Ancient Apparition, Tinker (Yes, another great high ground defense hero) and Zues. Nature's Prophet, Spectre, Spirit Breaker and Storm Spirit are not one of those heroes despite the have global presence potential because they either cannot get to battlefield as quickly or is not strong enough in mid game teamfights.

Heroes with aoe disables are also really dangerous because they can simply destory everything after your team used Dark Rift ant teleport in. Examples include Enigma, Crystal Maiden, Invoker, Ancient Apparition, Sand King, Tidehunter,Kunkka, Earthshaker, Magnus, Phoenix, Winter Wyvern, Faceless Void, Warlock, and Naga Siren(Naga Siren dangerous only when cooperate with other aoe disablers). Properly placement of wards and use of scans before every gank helps Underlord fight against those heroes.

Lich and Witch Doctor

Similar to those AOE disablers above with the only difference that their damage is not really AOE. Their ults are Destructive do opponents who are close together, which Dark Rift will cause your team to do so. Again, place ward and scan before you gank is always a good thing to do so your team will not be eliminated by those heroes.

Force Staff

OK it is not a hero but it really counters you. Force staff helps your opponents to escape from your Pit of Malice and Firestorm. What is even worse is that you cannot really do anything about it and it is really cheap so your opponent can easily buy it to destroy you. If your enemy got this item, use Pit of Malice and Firestorm separately so at least 1 of them will work on your foes.

Treant Protector, Techies,Templar Assassin and Observer Ward

A Treant Protector with Aghanim's Scepter, Techies's Bombs, Templar Assassin's Psionic Trap and Observer ward all provide global vision, which makes Underlord's surprise attack a public attack. In addition, Treant Protector is a good counter initiator and Techies destory your team if you correctly teleport onto his bombs.


Heroes with good high ground defense ability and can safely push creep wave to farm while create space for his team difficult for Underlord to deal with because one of Underlord's advantage is to snowball in mid game then end game as fast as possible. Ember Spirit, Timbersaw, Tinker, and Invoker, who I already had discussed in previous parts of this guide are really painful for Underlord Underlord.

OK, what could i say about this piece of ****, how about DOOM COUNTERS EVERY SINGLE HERO.

Doom's Doom makes you useless in teamfight. He is also a good antitank hero with his Infernal Blade. In addition, he is so tanky that your damage basically has no effect on him.

Now is the time for some heroes that Underlord is willing to see in the enemies' team

Spirit Breaker

Present with dignity, here is the Number One feeder for Underlord.

You Pit of Malice stop him from use sprint onto your teammates using Charge of Darkness in team fights and deal lots of damage on him using Firestorm. If he charges someone that is farming on lane alone and your Dark Rift(so level Dark Rift up as soon as possible when facing Spirit Breaker) is not at cool down, what is he doing is basically grant your team a free kill.

Like how Underlord counters Spirit Breaker, most melee carries and semi-carries are countered by Underlord's Pit of Malice too because you can easily kit them and stop them from killing all your fragile teammates. Those heroes include Chaos Knight(you also counters him because your AOE damage destroy his illusion army on horseback), Wrath King,Dragon Knight(OK he is somehow ranged but you still counters him for the reason that not only he is sometimes melee but also a he is a hero who focus on push and your ability to defend tower is great), Night Stalker(you also counter him with Dark Rift because he is a mid game gank hero), Spectre(I don't know why people thinks she counters Underlord but he really do not because her relatively weak mid game team fight ability. You can also pretty must destory this guy on lane like what must dual offlaner does), Luna(OK another ranged hero but your Pit of Malice still stop her from pouring damage of her super powerful ULT on your teammates) and Phantom Lancer(similar to Chaos Knight your also eliminate his illusion army). Underlord do NOT counters Lifestealer and Ursa despite the fact you can counter him easily due to the reason I mentioned in the prior sections.

You also counters heroes with illusions or summoned units because your AOE damage cleans them nicely and easily. Your Atrophy Aura lowers their damage and gets you bonus damage from died summoned unit but NOT illusions. Those heroes include Chaos Knight(which I had mentioned before), Phantom Lancer(I also did mentioned), Beastmaster, Lycan(your Dark Rift also helps you when deal with his split and push) and Broodmother(this dude give you tons of additional damage and her spider really do not deal much damage on you if you level up Atrophy Early so pick him. In addition, Underlord's Pit of Malice will give you tell you where Broodmother is if she steps in so it is a wise decision to pick Underlord to solo Broodmother on lane for similar reason that you pick Tidehunter to solo Broodmother).

Heroes that relies on mobility and invisibility is another victim of your Pit of Malice because True Sight it offers and ability to stop your foes from using their mobility to escape or output damage. Beside Broodmother that I just said like 3 sentence ago, those heroes include Riki(you Pit of Malice not only give you True Sight for him but also stop him from using his ult to escape so a big NONO for Riki), Weaver, Razor, Puck(because Pit of Malice stop her from using Phase Shift), and Sand King.

DPS heroes with high stats are harshly countered by Underlord’s Atrophy Aura for simple reasons – it almost halved the damage of those heroes. Other than Riki, who I already had mentioned for several times in this guide, those heroes include Tiny (although he has AOE stun and high movement speed so it is not really easy to kite him Underlord’s Pit of Malice is a nasty skill for him), Morphling, Drow Ranger (Really depend on how early game goes for Underlord because Drow Ranger is also a powerful pusher. Your teammates have to be able to stop her team from pushing to win the game) and Terrorblade (Although somehow ranged Terrorblade is strongly countered by Pit of Malice because he is so fragile and he can be easily kitted. You also cleans his illusions pretty fast).

The last catagory is heroes who have to push lane along and do not have any means to escape. Guess what are junks against Underlord. Medusa, Luna, Troll Warlord, Dragon Knight and some other carries are truly garbage pick against this biggy. It is because your Dark Rift can easily gank them or at least inturrupt their early and mid game farm on lane. Other carry heroes that have escape ability, can use illusion to farm on lane instead, mainly relies on team fight and gank for gold or can jungle pretty well like Ursa are not countered by Underlord that much.

Who is your friends and who's not

You are almost done! So let's start the last section of the Underlord guide - good and bad teammates of Underlord.

Here are heroes Undelrord really like to see in his team

Fragile ranged heroes with really high damage that are strong in mid game and needs his or her teammates to create space for him to output damage are the best teammates for Underlord because they can remedy Underlord's problem of lack of damage when gank enemy heroes or teamfight while Underlord's Pit of Malice and Firestorm really helps those heroes survive in teamfights and make enemies stays where they are so Underlord's teammates can do whatever they want to destory them. Those heroes include Outworld Devourer(the heroes with highest win rate when in the same team with Underlord. He really needs his teammates to help him survive due to the fact that he have no escape ability and Underlord one of the best candidate to do so. His relatively short attack range makes him easy to kite sometimes and Pit of Malice eliminated that possibility. He is also a good Ganker with Underlord), Lina(also for the reason that her Light Strike Array works really well with Pit of Malice and help Underlord max the damage of his Firestorm and her damage work well with Underlord while ganking), Clinkz(yeah another great ganker), Skywrath Mage(Huge amount of nuke damage that works really well with Pit of Malice because he need his teammates to stun his target in order to deal max damage. Incredible Great ganker) and Pugna(also a great pusher who remedy Underlord's lack of building damage).

The second type of good teamamtes of Underlord are good pushers who are also strong mid game teamfighters because as a snowball mid game team fight hero Underlord really need to win team fight and push towers in order to get economical and vision advantage over his opponent, which means more team fights, pushs, ganks and pressures. Beside Pugna that I just mentioned, those heroes include Death Prophet(best pusher that you want to be partner with, her damage is just so high), Nightstalker(Pit of Malice help him to provent from been kited by his opponent, also a great ganker that works well with Dark Rift), Venomancer(may not be a perfect pusher conpare to some other heroes but definitely strong in mid game teamfight), Huskar, Templar Assassin(you Pit of Malice also prevent her from been kited and your Dark Rift help her a lot while ganking) and Dragon Knight.

Heroes that help Underlord teamfight and most importantly, GANK, buy providing lots of damage(and espicially those who can force the enemy hero to stay still to take Firestorm bath or really need the antikite ability provided by Pit of Malice. Some of them are good lane partner of Underlord too) are also good teammates of Underlord, beside Outworld Devourer, Lina, Skywrath Mage, Clinkz Templar Assassin, and Nightstalker that I already talked about, those heroes include Storm Spirit(with the dude you will not even need Blink Dagger to gank because his ULT just do everything for you after get Dark Rifted to target location), Nyx Assassin(he is also a great lane partner with Underlord. After he gets Aghanim's Scepter, his disables are just disgusting when cooperating with Underlord's Firestorm and Pit of Malice), Juggernaut( Though not common, he can be really aggressive with Underlord on lane because high damage from his Blade Fury while his Omnislash just destroy everything in every stage of the game), Bloodseeker(All of his 4 skills work nicely with Underlord. His high damage, slience, vision of enemy heroes with poor health, and movement restrictions are just what Underlord needs. He is especially great when gank with you because Dark Rift offers you the ability to get to every single hero on the map in really short time who was spotted by Bloodseeker's Thirst), Spirit Breaker(offers vision for your target hero and provides stuns), Slark(movement restriction), Pudge(has two strong single target disable), Chaos Knight(Similar to Knight Stalker) and Legion Commander(Underlord + Legion = tons of free ATK).

Spectre, Morphling and Antimage.
The only reasons that Underlord is friend with them is because his Dark Rift and the global mobility of those heroes allowed them to support each other when split and push.

Some Funny thing I observed is that people usually think Underlord and heroes with summoned unit cooperates greatly because they think Dark Rift works great with those summoned units and those summoned units provide lots of building damage which Underlord needs. Indeed I’m one of those people. However, the truth is Undelord’s win rates with those heroes are usually ****. This may due to the lack of communication in Pub games and the fact that Heroes with summoned units usually need to farm resources Underlord needs like neutral creeps and offlane creeps. Nevertheless, my own gaming experiences with my friends showed that with sufficient communications, Underlord works great with those heroes. Beastmaster(great pusher and disabler) and Visage(his nuke is insane) work relatively better with Underlord because their team fights potential and their less dependence on resources are useful. Lycan’s summoned wolves are invisible so he is really useful when going for a surprise attack or get a nice positioned initiation for a team fight. Broodmother and Nature’s Prophet, on the other hand, has EXTREMELY low win rate with Underlord because their team fight ability is weak. Chen and Enigma are special ones because although they have overlapped resource requirement as Underlord(jungle and offlane creeps), their early and mid-game(Enigma is even really strong in late game) team fight potential works well with Underlord. They need high level of muti-control skill and communication to be played well so pick them REALLY CAREFULLY.

Invisible gankers are really good buddy of Underlord because 1st they offers information about enemies' location so Underlord can you hie Dark Rift and destory them and 2nd They can be both good dual lane partner wit hunderlord and powerful ganker during laning phase, which can help the team to gain lane advantage so Underlord can have a better mid game to snowball. Those heroes include Riki(his Smoke Screen and Tricks of the Trade work great with Pit of Malice when gank too) and Bounty Hunter (Stronger ganker on lane and grant even more snowball potential if Undelrord’s team has advantage because his Track provide more gold when an enemy hero was killed).

If your team picked following heroes, DO NOT PICK UNDERLORD

Most position 3 heroes who really need to solo offlane to fulfill their high reliance on level are really bad teammates for Underlord because their overlapped resource requirements. Underlord will share their experience on lane and compete with them when they are jungling. Even more importantly, most position 3 heroes are more like disabler than damage dealer. When cooperate with Underlord, a hero with relatively low nuke damage, the team is going to have really low damage in mid game for Underlord to team fight, gank or snowball. Those heroes include Dark Seer (this hero have literally no damage and he is strongest when solo offlane so NEVER pick Underlord when your team already picked this hero – he has the lowest win rate with Underlord), Magnus(yes he can go mid but he is still a good offlane solo hero and he also have insignificant amount of damage. Maybe his combo with Underlord seems fancy but trust me he has no use with Underlord.), Broodmother(she really can not team fight or gank with Underlord, she is highly depend on level and she really needs to solo offlane. She grants Underlord nothing except some global presence ability with her spiders and Underlord do not need her split push ability.), Tidehunter(not really a pure solo offlaner - he can jungle, play a position 4 dual laner or go mid. However he is still highly depends on level and is not a great damage dealer. My own experiences with this hero is different every game - sometimes a farmed Tidehunter can be really good partner with Underlord since he can gank and team fight well while other times. Talk with your teammates before pick this two heroes together. If he can go mid and rely more on ancient camp to farm then they can be good partners), Timbersaw(he has insane nuke. The only thing that is bad about the hero is that he really needs to solo offlane and outlevel his opponents. Play like a position 4 ganker and level Pit of Malice up so you can frequently gank if you have to play with this hero. If Timbersaw is going to solo mid then he should not be a problem), Nature's prophet(yes he can jungle but he is sometimes a offlaner too. Another reason that Nature's prophet is not a good teammates with Underlord other than those I already said in the prior sections) and Lone Druid(yes he has high damage in late game but Underlord need damage in early and mid game so he can snowball. He is not a team fight and gank hero so not a perfect buddy with Underlord).

Heroes who can not participate in team fight or gank well are the worst teammates Underlord can imagine because they prevent Undelrord from snowball and winnign the game. Those heroes, beside Broodmother and Nature's Prophet I had mentioned before, include but not limit to Techies(he do provide your team with some vision but his presence also means a 4 vs. 5 situation for your team, which Underlord, as a team fight hero, hates a lot) and Medusa(she means 4 vs. 5 situation in the first 30 minutes of the game). You may ask about Antimage, Morphling and Spectre but in fact they are not considered to be those type of hero because unlike Medusa, Antimage is just so strong after 30 minutes(it is also when Underlord is at his strongest stage) of free farm if Underlord successfully create space of him while Morphling and Spectre has global presence ability to support their team when it is needed.

Something I also want to mention

So thank you for reading my guide again:3
I have to apologize for not finish this guide when I publish it because the Underlord guide contest ends September 19th and time don't wait for me. I will finish it up in next few days.
If there are any mistakes in my guide, please comment and remind me, I will fix it as soon as possible.
I also want to ask how could you show the icon beside the name of an item or hero. If you know how to do so please tell me in the comment, thanks!
If you have any suggestion about my guide, please comment and vote, I will be glad to see it
And at last, thank you again for spending your valuable time on my work.

So I temporarily finished because today is the last day I can modify mu guide before the contest starts.
But I’m I finished? Absolutely not.
Here is something I’m planning on doing

Some videos
More tips
More detailed description of how to be a good laner, how to team fight and how to farm
How can you negotiate with your teammates so they will listen to you
The guide of other type of Underlord play-style include full duty support or mid Underlord.
How to have some swag and be cool in the game

So thank you for reading my guide. If you think it is good, please vote. If you think you have something to say, please comment. Thank you!

And good luck in your next Underlord game :3

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