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Ultimate Lina

July 27, 2012 by xelacroix
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Ultimate Lina

DotA2 Hero: Lina

Hero Skills

Dragon Slave

1 3 4 5

Light Strike Array

2 6 7 8

Fiery Soul

13 14 15 16

Laguna Blade

9 10 11 12


17 18

Ultimate Lina

July 27, 2012


Hi, this my first guide of Lina, and this how I play Lina after several research and studies.

This Lina was good for pushing the lane and very independent and wont rely much on others. With huge ammount of Mana she can push the lane very well, and with her good escape items, she can do harm to enemy towers and escape alive.

Always buy at least 3 town portal at mid-late game, unless you owning late game and keep pawning enemy hero at their fountains

Pros / Cons


1. Very fast movement
2. Very good for lane pushing and escaping
3. Good at end game ganking
4. Good at support ganking (stun enemies with Eul Scepter)


1. Very low attack damage early game
2. Weak defense

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