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Ultimate forester guide

December 7, 2011 by dueff
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Ultimate forester guide

December 7, 2011

About guide

My aim is not showing builds here. As for every jungler it is unique and is to be constructed due to opponents' hero-picks. I have prepared a brief description of a path, which in my opinion every jungler should chose in order to optimise his utility in lvling and his solo-laner situation.
There we go!

Guide itself

I have marked creep-spots by the priority.

Looks quite familiar, huh?
Anyway, i have never seen anyone following the logic i do from game to game. You start at point 1, hiding in bushes till 0:30. Kill easy creeps by 1:00. Then go to point 2. Start with weaker of them. Keep in mind that you need to finish by 1:40 and move to point 3. No problem that you havent killed those at 2. It is important, that you hit creep at point 3 at 1:54 and move back to point 1.
Kill creeps at point 1 by 2:30, and move to point 3. Wait till 2:53, punch a creep and run away for new spawn. Now you have three waves of creeps stacked there. Don't go far away. Stay and wait till your creeps coming from base will cross the region of yellow star. Hit stacked neutrals and move them towards your creeps way. So solo-laner will have an opportunity to step back to tower.
I strongly recommend you to repeat those moves till your or opposite team's first tower will be downed.
After this, you may ignore creeps at 1, from time to time visiting the ones at 4. Then after you have done several successful ganks and tower rushes, you may switch to spot 5.

The main mistake of most junglers is that they ignore entire team the whole game. Gaining strong build by 30:00 never goin outta forest, and (in most cases) acting like a rambo, trying to get down all enemy team. Several attempts and all his 30 minute farm becomes useless. I recommend to start ganking right after your first creep pull at 3:40. That is a nice moment as enemy creeps will come close to your first tower and enemy heroes will be forced to do so as well. One more thing, do not save your skills for lasthit heroes!!! Better leave it to your solo-partner.

That's all for now. Thanks for attention. You are welcome for any critics.

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