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U thought u ran away?? funny

January 7, 2014 by reaper1992
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carry mid

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

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U thought u ran away?? funny

January 7, 2014


Hello every one im reaper1992 and this is my first guide and my english is not good at all so plz forgive me.

sniper is my favorite hero and i didnt see a good guide here so im giving it a shot.

Pros / Cons


very veryyyy squishy
very low base damage
has no scape mechanism
his level 1 is useless in my opinion
a liitle usless in team fihgts

u are the most anooying hero in game
one of the best animations
your ult is pain inn the ***
your head shot skill can make enemy hero crazy
and your hugeeee range

how to play

I always play sniper mid.y? cause if u play him right he can gank and finish 2 hero in side lanes.
the most important thing in playing sniper is last hitting at early game.U need your power trades and wraith band to gank.
so let me begin on the skils.
your first skil sharpnell is so so useless.it s slow is not enough for scaping.
and the damage is so poor.
so first u go for take aim.y? cause u need that distance from enemy hero.then u go for head shot.
its is soo anoying and painfull for your aponent.mini stun and 40 damage in early game is pain in the *** really.and its so good for deni and last hit.
your job in mid is deni deni deni.and hurting your apponent.
then u go for take aim agan and then head shot.
so in lvl 5 you have lvls head shot and lvl 2 take aim.when u got your 6 level u need too gank.
if your up against a tank or high health hero go too side lane and gank.with your range and mini stuns and your finisher u can and u should gank.
in order u get good feed go for clay more first.then gank 2 or 3 more heros.ists really easy too gank with sniper.tell your team go behined him.shoot.
your mini stins and lvl 6 kills so fast he wont even notice u.
after claymore get shadow blade fast.
you r so weak and u have no scaping mecanism so u need this and 150 bonus damege is so good.help your team mates in team fights.but know when too run.
at mid game u shoould have shadow blade and power trades and crystalys.plzzz dont go for mask of madnes.y? your squshy enough with 30% more damage o dear lord your an ant to them.
shadow blade gives u enough attack speed and with crystalys u can kill them all.always go for low base health heros.
hurt them kill them.help your team to gank tank but plz plz dont engage alone.your lvl 6 cooldown is perfect so use it twise for idiots apponents who dosent run.

team work

heros with stuns are your best friends and worst enemies.they caght u?your dead.even if u have every luxary item.one of the best hero to play with is dazzel.his slow and not letting u die lol is so so good for ganking and runing.
basicly sniper is very fun to play.so if y wanna have fun pick him.but picj him wisly and plz go mid.

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