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Tusk: do many things (many well?)

February 15, 2013 by tcq007
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Jack of all: Init-Tank-Gank

DotA2 Hero: Tusk

Hero Skills

Bitter Chill (Innate)

Ice Shards

1 4 7 8


2 5 9 10

Tag Team

3 12 13 14

Walrus Punch

6 11 16


15 17 18

Tusk: do many things (many well?)

February 15, 2013 Items

Starting: General gg branches are great and build into wand which can help in all your rolls. The shield helps with your survive and will make it easier to init and live, there by getting kills.

Early/Mid game: Get that wand and mana boots This will help with mana regen and survivability instantly with minimal effort.

The boots and vanguard of course can be gotten, and should be gotten, in the appropriate parts for the situation you are in.

Mid/Late: Now that you have survive and mana/health regen, its time to get more damage and flexibility.

Battle fury is a fantastic items especially in combination with your 100% crit ult. (serious damage)

The armlet


1-5: You are looking to perhaps get a easy kill assisted heavily by your lane partner. The huge range of ice shards and all your other abilities helps this.

I think flexibility is nice so the level in frozen sigil is nice. Activate it before you snowball when you initiate or gank or even push a tower.

6-10: Armed with your ult you are able to gank very easily. Take care with everything now to now get too bold and over extend. You are not yet able to solo much.

11-25: you are strongest in team fight, but depending on the items you have, can solo gank and chase decently. Be sure to take care and communicate as your initiate can start a team wipe for their team or your just as easily.

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