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Tuk-Tuks Guide to getting axe nerfed for noobs

March 26, 2013 by tuk-tuk
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your friend may need saving

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

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Battle Hunger

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Counter Helix

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Culling Blade

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Tuk-Tuks Guide to getting axe nerfed for noobs

March 26, 2013

what this guide is for

HI I am Tuk-tuk A noob. Its true I have rarely last hit and 9 times out of ten lose my self in team fights. I can pub stomp with axe. so axe is a great hero for those of u that are sick of dieing and occasionally don't pay attention to the game. there are other ways to play axe however this one has him as a shut down their carry then transition quickly into tanking all of the damage at every team fight.


starting game
start with two stout shields and a tango. I know all smart players will say some thing about diminishing returns on the blocking of damage by stout shields. however two stout shields blocks 20 damage 84% of the time and allows axe to easily tank the entire creep wave and insanely aggressive play at lvl 1. Axe can't tank two heros, the creep wave, and the tower for to long though. so avoid hero agro and never ever ever take tower agro.

early game
next build either a ring of basilius or belt of strength. 90% of the time I need the strength as the enemy heroes are attacking me. If no hero is attacking u get ring of basilius and spam battle hunger even more.

then build power treads to chase and give a tiny bit more tank. I occasionally play with tranquil however since the last patch and the fact that axe is constantly taking agro he needs the early strength boost also mid game with tranquil boots sucks as 90% of the time when you need the move speed they are broken giving only plus 25 move speed.

mid game
vanguard gives hp regeneration and raw hp needed to tank team fights in the mid ish game. the next item you get is very situational i love blade mail as in most pubs once people are forced to attack axe they continue to do so and axe can then pop blade mail murdering them. also the armor and int gain are always nice. Heavens halberd gives even more strength and evasion which translates to tankyness. my rule of thumb is if i get ganked by 3 of them and i die i get heavens halberd if can walk away with out dieing then i get blade mail.

late game
every one says axe falls off late game. however with a heart he can just tank every thing. another great item on him is Assault Cuirass the armor gain is wonderful and if u have this and heart it will take an entire to kill you. I hate getting pipe however if they have a ton of enemy casters a hood of defiance may be needed. it is also useful for cheaper hp regen than heart if you can't farm up a reaver.

skill build

get counter helix lvl 1 or else u deal less damage than a hamster. this is your main source of damage in fights the entire game until u get blade mail.
counter helix
how to use counter helix spam it by taking creep agro. watch that you don't take to much damage from enemy heros though they deal more than 20 damage so you won't block it completly like you do to the 19-23 damage that melee creeps do.

battle hunger
battle hunger is needed because any one playing against an axe just stays out of the range of counter helix. battle hunger forces them to make the choice of braving damage from counter helix to get a last hit or taking a decent amount of damage from battle hunger. however it is useless until it has 2 lvls and is not as useful end game so get it as quickly as possible. then spam it on which ever hero in your lane is worse at last hitting and squishier preferably their carry. and note battle hunger does not stack. so casting it on the same hero just restarts the counter and wastes mana. you can cast it on multiple heros. spam this if you have mana your doing it wrong. focus this skill above all else it will get you half your kills.

berserkers call
I get this at lvl 4 if i am laning with some one who may need saving. read stupid people that rush big items then try to dive into the two other heros because they see me doing it. it forces the enemy to attack Axe and saves your lane partners life. also it may save axes life as it gives him 40 more armor.

I know it seems crazy to not get an ultimate on any hero however spamming battle hunger means he doesn't have enough mana until lvl 11 to even cast the ult and this is a guide for noob players like me who can't use his ult properly and see when the enemy hero is at the right health. also this is a guide for those that may walk into the other team when walking across lanes. so the added tank of berserkers call is useful. his ult is still a great nuke to kill low health heros. i just prefer to do my damage by battle hunger as it cost less mana and has a lower cool down.

how to lane

lvl 1
for laning against ranged heros that do damage are attacking you occasionally go in for last hits take a tiny bit of agro and counter helix the hero as much as possible with out taking a to much damage

if playing against melee heroes stand right in the middle of every thing taking as much agro as possible possibly even standing between the teir 1 and 2 towers. this force them to get no last hits. this doesn't work on lifestealer or any one else who is just as insane lvl 1. this also works on ranged heros that aren't attacking u. if they turtle by their tower auto attack your own creeps and pull the lane back until the enemy get no xp.

lvl 2
repeat lvl 1 but level up battle hunger just do not use it. it does negligible damage and will waste your mana

lvl 3
give them the choice of a last hit with damage from your counter helix or damage from battle hunger. keep giving these options till they die. repeat the rest of the game.

you can push down towers fairly quickly i have played multiple games with a 5-10 Minuit tower.


team fights

stand in the front of your team pop blade mail take all the agro if needed berserkers call any one focusing any one else on your team. i know blade mail return damage is reduced by berserkers call however berserkers call is often the only way a decent team will attack axe. you are the initiator make sure your team goes with you and never ever start the team fight under their tower unless u can tank all five of them and a tower which may happen once u get the ending items.

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