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Trust me I'm Pro

December 12, 2015 by 1337fungi
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Build 1
Build 2

Damage Dealing/Early Poke

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


1 12 13 14


3 4 5 7

Take Aim

2 8 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18

Trust me I'm Pro

December 12, 2015

Basic Notes:

What is really nice about this build is that if you use the headshot skill build you can destroy enemy laners early and push them out of lane. Mid game, mask of madness can basically carry you since you get tons of attack speed and movespeed combined with sange and yasha and you W which will make your enemies slow while you are fast. Finally, late game, you can slow enemies to a crawl constantly while also being able to do lots of damage, it basically combines your Good attributes from early and mid game, since you get good damage and slow the enemy while doing lots of damage. This is also good since you become very slippery, do tons of damage, are amazing at chasing, and can also finish off enemies with your ult.

Pros and Cons


Long range

Good finisher

Good slows

Is a dwarf

Annoys the enemy (And maybe team)


Early game you are weak to ganks and all in's since you are very squishy. (if this happens try to fight back)

Weak to people that have gap closers

Might be hard to last hit early since low damage

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