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True Avernus Domination

May 2, 2014 by juicebag54
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Carry Tank

DotA2 Hero: Abaddon

Hero Skills

Mist Coil

Aphotic Shield

1 3 5 7

Curse of Avernus

2 4 8 9

Borrowed Time

6 11 16


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True Avernus Domination

May 2, 2014

Chapter Title

So i have had great success with this build and normally only get a loss here and there thanks to terrible teammates. I play the hero aggressively and is best accompanied by a ranged support good at denies and possibly at stuns. Shadow shaman, Disruptor, witch doctor, or Lion. But a Wraith King, Abaddon lane is quite funny because they cant kill you but they are good at running from the 2 slow studs. Also i find teams that have Bristle and drow and 2 supports with abaddon as carry to be unstoppable.

So start with tangoes,boots, and clarity. now push hard with your support, go and heal or purchase health when truly need the true battle at the beginning is to earn 900 gold as fast as possible to get the morbid mask. After this purchase the rest of Vladmirs offering and then follow it up by purchasing the phase boots to help in pursuit of the kill.

Make sure you use your aphostic shield often in early game as it helps you gets kills and protects you from dying quickly and once you buy morbid mask it also starts healing as you as well. A good way to heal when needed is to throw it on and take out a bunch of creeps alone.

Ok so early battle(until 6) is to attack and try to get kills but will need a stun from a support. When they start to run go healing quickly before they return. Try to get a little level advantage and force kills at 6. when your ult turns on passively throw on a shield and run away if you are alone. Now the most important rule. "NEVER USE YOUR ULT-Let IT WORK PASSIVELY".

Also remember the two best counters to you are AXE and DOOM. Doom's Mute is the only way to silence the passive version of Abaddons ult.

Now mid game- you have phase boots and vlad and your ult teamfights will start soon- now hows your team looking? it's time to decide your next item to build. If you are doing well its a none question no brainer. Heart of Terrasque if you have this and are of equal lvl it will take 4 guys a good 25 seconds to kill you. Start with the reaver this is the hardest thing to get this whole game. If you struggle to build this item you should be amazing at jungling at this point fyi or if your getting your butts kicked give up and build aghanim's scepter. But im staying on the positive so you build the heart. i normally would go hyperstone next, generally you are probly around the 30 min mark and fighting uphill into their base. take out the towers and racks and you can finish the Assault Cuirass then complete aghanims scepter. Generally how i do it. And if the game is lasting long enough Radiance is nice too. (this is the max ive ever made it before creeeps took the ancient. Other good items based on situation is the Desolator, Daedalus, Battle Fury, Sange and Yasha, skull basher, blade mail, and divine rapier.

Now one thing to add. if you start off with early kills you generally super push your lane once you get the morbid mask and if you can keep and early lvl advantage and follow my order to lvl you should have heart by lvl 14 at which point you most likely can just constantly annoy and push never having to go to base to survive just annoy them until your teams returns for a team fight and once you get the hyperstone you become a dominate op force but and can be on constant which allows for great xp gain. Also remember when you guys decide to retreat let everyone know you are the last to go because any support left behind you is surely dead but you take the longest to kill especially after you lvl up the ult- it becomes easy to phase boot away.

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