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Troll Pubstomp Earthshaker Carry guide.

October 21, 2013 by Targnil
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DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


Enchant Totem

1 3 5 7


Echo Slam


Troll Pubstomp Earthshaker Carry guide.

October 21, 2013


Is this build a bad idea? Probably. Is it fun? Heck yeah! So, now that i've stated that this build is not a good idea, don't go spamming the comment section about it.

Earthshaker says: It was your own damn fault!
If you fail, it's not my fault, it's yours.
so don't blame me for your failures!

Skill explanation

Why did I fill in only enchant totem? it's because the other skills you won't be using, so they won't be relevant, level them however you like.


Starting Items
branches, tangos, blah blah blah, why am I still talking, this is bloody obvious.

Early game
Ring-gives regen and survivability when your tangos run out
Radiance-Farming, best rushed.

Mid game
Bfury-more farming
phase boots: Damage, ganking, escape
Shadow Blade: Damage, ganking, escape

Last items
Rapier #1: once you get this, start one hitting squishy heros
Rapier #2: start one-hitting everything.

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