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Trilane Pudge

June 24, 2013 by imbaboy956
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Hungry as a Pudge! Tri laner

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

Purchase Order

Early Game

Gauntlets of Strength
Gauntlets of Strength

Mid Game

Boots of Speed
Magic Wand
Flying Courier
Observer Ward
Smoke of Deceit
Urn of Shadows

Late Game Full Support Tank

Arcane Boots
Force Staff
Heaven's Halberd
Pipe of Insight
Blade Mail
Smoke of Deceit
Town Portal Scroll

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

2 4 5 7


1 3 8 9

Flesh Heap

10 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Do we really need this? yeah i guess so

I have played Pudge for a thousand times since dota 1 so I experimented on him a bit, i played him as a suppor, hard carry build, solo off laner and a tri laner which also concludes to be a tanky pudge because of the kills u can easily make and a bit of support type too. the only thing fun about and too interest here is that you can get kills unexpectedly. why? well its a simple mind game ofcourse knowing pudge, we normally see him in mid solo lane and gets his bottle and smoke ganks into top or bottom lane right? Dis regard the fact that ur allies can go mid and you cant all im saying is that pudge is very very effective against tri laners too like kotl, sd, lion and rylai. normally they would aproach pudge as a rush bottle hero. well thats always a fact soo i preffer consumables for early game phase if u dont have enough gold for buying your bottle. Well guys hope you try my new style of playing the Butcher! BASICALLY PUDGE IS A VERY COMMON HERO AND HAVE BEEN IN DOTA 1 FOR A VERY LONG TIME SO I DONT NEED TO EXPLAIN THE SKILLS AND HOW YOU GET THE KILLS. THIS IS PRIMARILY JUST AN EXPERIMENT THAT I THOUGHT WAS EFFECTIVE BUT YEAH IT IS EFFECTIVE SO IF YOU WANNA LEARN HOW TO USE PUDGE TRY OUT THE BASICS FIRST BEFORE TRY THIS GUIDE OUT


By the way you play pudge it still does'nt change but your proceeding items does. Remember you are playing pudge as a support not a greedy killstealing hero soo its okay if your allies get the kill but it is always important to stay in the game and in the flow of it! your items dictate how you play pudge getting the early high amount of consumables is good because you will spam out your hook and use rot as an endless slow to torture your enemies in the lane and i recommend you get the urn before you get bottle so you can stay in the lane for healing and stuff. always remember that if you have enough gold to upgrade the courier or buy sentries against invis enemies pls do so its your role and its easier to help the team and also help your main support get mek or pipe in the early stages of the game. Pudge is not item dependent he is level dependent so its okay if you can get those kill at least you get your extra strength and some gold. at the mid part of the game its gonna be easier for you to move around because of the amount of farm your solo mid and off laners have. it enable you to move freely and have confidence getting ganks and pushing towers. At the late game this is the time you get yout own greedy guts. finish of the blade mail and pipe to make it difficult for enemies to kill you and give you more time in team clashes ganks and tower push or defense.

Skills (hook em latch em rot em bite em kill em) mmmm yummy!

Your skill build will never change on how you build it in solo mid, max out the hook and rot and get your ult in lvl 6 ofcourse! Your urn will be a very very good help in the early stages of the game, it can heal ur allies and dmg ur enemies what more can u ask for! making kills in the early game gives you a big advantage when you get your urn fast enough and stay in your lane. with that extra dmg from your urn while you rot and slow your enemy it will be a quicker death and easy kill too!

Dr Phil

As much as you want a kill dont be greedy thats my personal advice to you. mostly we think pudge is a very very versatile hero and can even adapt to his rivals such as doom, lifestealer, lycan and last but not the least Azwraith the Phantom Lancer!! His hook is your biggest and i mean biggest advantage in the early stages of the game. thats why you go trilane and make the most out of your hook even if it is just lvl 1 its still very helpful!

Pros / Cons <--- lies

-very deadly and assasin like gameplay in the early stages of the game
-can baby sit a carry hero in trilane and not only that can give easy kills to his carry
-roams like crazy and can secure rune for a kill
-killing machine all through out the game
-fast regeneration in hp and mana

-still level dependent
-very slow move speed in early game
-low mana pool to spam out hooks
-needs help in shutting down a primary target


Okay this is the best part and the important part too of this guide! I will explain to you how your role as a tri laner and how you choose your tri lane allies. First off is get a good stunner in your lane, commonly picked heroes are ES, VS, Ogre, sven, jakiro, sd, sand king, bane, leshrac, nyx, lion or even rhasta. Second thing is your carry or semi carry hero soo those kill will be theirs to take and the lane too will be easy to them. I recommend those carry who has slow or stuns too like pl, ck, pa, riki, bh, clock, batrider, drow, dk, void, ns, skeleton king and many many more i think you get my point. In the first wave of creeps is the most important wave of all i mean its gonna be a surprise and a greeting to your enemy on that lane! Initiate with a stun and then slow them with your rot and remember dont right click the enemy you will stop for like a second and a half soo it will be hard to catch up with slow ms. As the game progresses your hook will be the main initiation for your kills, its okay if you die i mean you still have your levels up and your carries farmed up soo killing you in a team fight by your enemy is really not worth it for them! i mean your not a solo hero you did a tri lane and your a skill dependent hero enabling you to kill off heroes by just casting your spells, what more if you have good items!

Conclusion more votes plssss

Well i hope you try my Guide and i recommend you play it with your friends so you can easily communicate with them and not having hard times making a miss plays. I guarantee you that your pudge will be one killing machine at the very start of the game until the end! Thanks for reading my guide i hope you liked it! I'm a greedy guts i admit it!

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