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Trees Suck!

December 13, 2012 by Starman
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DotA2 Hero: Timbersaw

Hero Skills

Whirling Death

3 4 5 7

Timber Chain

1 8 9 10

Reactive Armor

2 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Trees Suck!

December 13, 2012

Early Game

Rizzrak is easy to lane as. You want a solo lane. It's usually better to leave mid to someone else, but if you can get a solo side, that's perfect. Try not to compete with a carry for farm. YOU WILL ALMOST ALWAYS WANT THE HARD LANE. This is because 1. Rizzrak can survive in the hard lane with ease, and 2. TREES. He's got a great animation, so just last hit those creeps, using your Q to finish off a few creeps at a time or harass an enemy melee, if you have the mana. Rizzrak's Q has a minimal cooldown, so it is tempting to spam it. Try to wait until you have decent mana ragen.

Once you hit level 6, GTFO

No, seriously, go gank. Either call mid up to your lane to gank, or go gank somewhere else. Start by hiding in the fog of war, and chucking your Chakram out behind the enemies, so it just barely touches them. Treehook in if you can, but most importantly, get in there next to them and Q. Block them from leaving your Chakram, and as soon as they are almost out of it, recall it and auto attack them. This almost always guarantees a successful kill.

Mid Game

You should keep ganking in order to give your team a level and gold advantage. Get Arcane Boots as fast as possible, and then begin to build either vanguard or drums, depending on what you think you need more. Your first big build should be Bloodstone, as it allows you to spam your skills and leave your chakram out FOREVER. Once you have bloodstone, move on to late game luxury items, such as Shiva's Guard or Assault Cuirass. You'll want to be taking hits, so armor is great.

As with all tanks, a Linkens or BKB, or even both is a great pick-up.

Late Game

You'll find that late game, your power isn't what it was. You'll have to make sure to be present for teamfights, as your presence will be invaluable. Your crazy ult will be amazing at ruining the other team's ability to fight, and your Q will destroy their stats. Best of all, your reactive armor, coupled with the armor you should be building, will make you extremely durable. Just make sure you don't get focused down by spell. That would be BAD.

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