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November 6, 2012 by DrLovecraft
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Swag Purple Shark Man

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 8 12 13

Time Dilation

2 3 5 7

Time Lock

4 9 10 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


November 6, 2012


Void needs mad rice early game as he is basically a melee creep before he gets 6
I suggest a good lane controller like Lich to support you on the easy lane and get a fast Bfury (around 12-18 mins or so depending on your farm)

after bfury you should be able to be given decent space to farm the lane and the jungle while your team roams

you need to have good map awareness if you want to rice hard, have your team ward and **** so you can hit creeps while watching the map, prioritize farm over roaming so when late game comes you get easy rampages, dont just let the enemy get easy towers though, if you can defend, you should, but you shouldnt wait around doing nothing waiting for them to push, there are creeps that need some bashing

by this point (around 20 mins or so) you should have atleast a Bfury and treads and maybe a Mask of Madness though its optional, Maelstrom is also good on Void but its gotten if you had a tough time in lane and didnt have the time to get a Battlefury up

if you got Midas you better hope they dont group up as 5 and push before you get atleast half of your money's worth but its a really good item on Void if you get it around 6-8 mins

Your item choices are gonna matter alot at this point so dont just buy what is up there in the guide, your first major item will be big because this is the point in the game where winning/losing a teamfight is very crucial as it sets you back or forward by alot

if they have a spell heavy team go get BKB after Bfury as they will probably go aggressive before you get big, MoM is a terrific item if they go aggressive on you mid game and you dont have the big items to fight them yet, its useless when youre getting free farm though as its a waste of slot

Team Fighting

Dont just ****ing throw chrono the first instance you see an enemy

as a squishy carry, you need to learn when to properly engage in teamfights, this cant be really taught but its worth noting that the key to successful carry is proper positioning in teamfights and when or when not to be aggressive

you need to be very elusive as Void if you ever want to land 5 man Chronos

if you see that a teamfight might breakout, hide, and only time walk in if theyre vurnerable, giving them vision of you lets them position themselves better

as much as possible try to have your team outside the chrono but dont try to hard as you can miss chronos if you try to get enemies right on the very edge just to save 1 team mate, just try to land as many enemies inside the chrono as possible

other than those tips right clicking is pretty unnecessary and positioning cant really be taught

Item Choices

you might not think it matters much but it does on hard carries like Void

unlike Anti Mage who basically has 1 definitive item build that can work all the time, Void's item choices are pretty broad and will have to change every game (except for the core)

Think about the situation and the heroes before going for a big item, check the enemies' inventories

A Butterfly for example is not cost effective at all if their carry gets an MKB but if they dont it makes you almost invurnerable from Physical damage

Also dont forget to get Boots of Travel late game, I see many players get so farmed up that they dont have slots for TP and Aegis, If youre farmed as **** to the point where youre worrying about inventory space sell your boots for BoT

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