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Time for Shuriken Tosses !

March 8, 2012 by LittleTinGod
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DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 4 13 14


2 5 7 8

Shadow Walk

1 9 10 12


6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction and Playstyle

This is ment to be a short and sweet guide to playing Bounter Hunter. I will not be going in depth into the ways his skills work or his stats. You can get that from dota2wiki or somewhere else.

Gondar is ment to be played as a gank setup artist. He goes into enemy territory and pings the map on good gank targets; then idealy some of his teamates come in to take down the targets with him.

He does need some farm, but essentially he can get enough from a decent laning phase and execution of solid ganks because he gets so much bonus gold from his ultimate by tracking targets. Gondar farms on enemy heros, not creeps.

He is capable of taking down a few targets as an individual but this is rare and for the most part you need help from at least 1 teamate to takedown enemies sucessfully. Your teamates also gain bonus gold from your ultimate so its good to have them along anyway to help create a huge gold advantage for your team.

My build is centered around what i think is Bounty Hunters key skill other then being able to be freakin invisible (nod to Purge). That skill is Jinada. Being able to crit every 6 seconds is just freakin awesome. To take full advantage of that get every bit of damage you can get through your items (That starts with phase boots)


Jinada is your best skill it allows Bounty Hunter to Crit for huge damage when he first hits his target. It also allows him to domniate his lane with crits on creeps. It even helps with denying. Leveling up this skill increases the power of the crit, but most importantly it drasticly reduces the cooldown period to a lvl 4 of 6 seconds. How amazing is that. You'll be criting for 225% of your damage every 6 seconds you attack.

Shurkien Toss is a great nuke but due to the high mana cost and Bounty Hunters mana issues it should be kept at level 2 till your other skills are maxed. The jump from level 1 to 2 is a 100% increase while the jump from 2 to 3 is only a 25% increase. This makes it much better to put your points into your Jinada.

Some argue to level up the windwalk over Jinada but when considering mana costs involved vs what you get for free with Jinada its much better to level Jinada first.

Obviously take your ultimate at every level possible as it greatly increases the armor reduction and the amount of bonus gold you earn for you and your teamates.

Early Lane Play Style

For lvl 1 play fairly conservative just going for last hits if its pretty safe. After your second lvl you will easily be able to last hit using Jinada. Just go in when its off cooldown for an easy last hit.

Feel free to use your invisibilty to scare and harass your opponents. Often simply engaging it in their view will make then back away from the creep wave. I do feel i must caution you to be careful about over using windwalk and Shirken Toss because they can easily drain your mana pool to a point where you will be straining for mana throughout your entire laning phase if you push it. However occassional use of windwalk will be fine just watch your mana levels carefully and make sure you have enough to execute your combos if opportunities arise.

If you have a solid harassing lane partner after level 4 you can really go after some kills. Have them harass them down a little bit the go in then come out of windwalk and hit them with a critical attack. Keep attacking and when they are low enough finish them off with your Shirken Toss. They will need to be below 150 hp for it to finish them. Obviously a good lane partner with a stun or at least a slow will help alot. You could also use the double windwalk technique to gain the bonus damage you get from attacking when breaking windwalk; but that wastes alot of mana so i would not recommend using it early.

Early and Core Items

The starting items the game recommends are actually perfect for Bounty Hunter. The stout shield is the first thing to upgrade. Make it into a Poor Man's Shield by upgrading it in the side shop (2x slippers of agility $300). This will greatly reduce harassment your likely to recieve in lane while farming. The PMS reduces damage taken from enemy heros by 20 100% of the time.

Next you will probably want to pick up your boots of speed followed by a magic stick. Depending on how your laning phase goes you might have a slot free from using up some of your consumable regen or just sell a ironwood branch if you need to. You will also need to pickup a TP scroll for moving to a lane in need of your ganking prowess when the opportunity arises. Carry a TP scroll all game, never be without one. Anytime you die buy 2 and immediatly TP to where you need to be and have 1 cooling down to transfer to another lane or back to base when needed. Seriously if you don't do this you are a total noob and you suck.

Next you will want to work to upgrade your boots to phase boots ($900) and also building a soul ring ($900). The phase boots are by far the best boot choice for Bounty Hunter because of the additional damage and the ability to chase and sprint around the map at high speed. Just keep in mind that using the phase boots will take you out of invisibility so use it before engaging or after breaking invisibility.

The soul ring is an amazing item for keeping Bounty Hunters mana at solid levels; or for getting that extra little bit you need to finish someone off with that last ditch shuriken toss to save the day. If your not familiar with this item just try it out and learn to use it. You will be amazed at how well it deals with your mana issues and it also gives a solid amount of hp regen which you will find invaluable during the early mid game. Keep in mind though the mana from the active is temporary so use it before using a skill like Shadow Walk or a little before you expect a battle to go down to get maximum use out of it. Your going to be regening at about 4 hp per second with this so it only takes a little less that 40 seconds to get that hp back from using it.

The next item you will want to pickup is a mithril hammer ($1600) which you will later upgrade into the desolator ($2500 more). The desolator will be your primary damage dealing upgrade. It synergizes greatly with your ultimate which also reduces armor. After you pick up the desolator you will be essentially able to 2-3 attack kill most targets(As long as you have followed my skill build and maxed out Jinada first).

Offensive and Defense Late Game Items

Depending on what your facing from the opposition now you will have some choices to make on your late game items.

Offensively speaking your choices are a Monkey King Bar, Butterfly, or Sange and Yasha. If your rolling along pretty well and just want to be able to kill even faster then the MKB is the best choice. If your wanting some more surviveability then the Butterfly is probably your best choice. Finally if you would like some more chasing ability and survivability then the SNY is a good choice. As for the Abyssal Blade there isn't much to say, it gives you 100 dmg and an active 2 second stun and a possible 1.4 second stun... pretty nice.

Defensively speaking your choice is between a Black King Bar and a Linken's Sphere. Go with the BKB if your facing alot of AoE damage problems or just a lot of magic period. The Linkens is kinda situational for when your facing some key targeted spells such as rupture from a bloodseeker or doom from that guy that dooms. Linken's can replace your soul ring as well due to the great regen it gives. However most games a BKB would be your best defensive extension or the butterfly for its armor and evasion if your facing primarily physical damage opponents.

Alternative Builds

A popular alternative to this build involves building a battlefury first. If you see yourself being more the primary carry for your team then this build makes sense. However i do not feel in most pub situations its the best build because it encourages too much farming when you should really be ganking. If you go with this build getting a medallion of courage as well is a great item. Just substitute it in for the soul ring. Another possible alternative to the soul ring or medallion of courage would be to get a ring of basillius and upgrade it into the ring of aquilla. If you go that route you might even consider going with power treads which would give Bounty Hunter much more HP/Armor than the standard build. However you would have a little less damage but more attack speed. Once again i see that working more if your trying to play Bounty Hunter in a carry role.

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