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Time Controlling Hammerhead Guy (Small Guide)

December 30, 2012 by ChipsHandon12
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Build 1
Build 2


DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 12 13 14

Time Dilation

2 5 9 10

Time Lock

3 4 7 8


6 11 16


15 17 18

Time Controlling Hammerhead Guy (Small Guide)

December 30, 2012


Hey this is my first guide ever, I am usually much too lazy to write a guide but i had nothing else to do.

Faceless Void is a Hard Carry that isn't easy to start with. He is VERY weak at the start but by mid to late he can become a god. Many people know this so they will probably try to stop you from getting any momentum.


Build 1:
One point of Time Walk is taken to have an escape or let you get in easily if your team is doing a gank you're tagging along for.
Next we get a bit of Backtrack to help us survive, but Time Lock is our main priority.
Always get Chronosphere when available.
Lastly max our Time Walk, you can change a few points of Backtrack with Time Walk if you need a bit more range to your blink.

Build 2:
This build maxes Backtrack before Time Lock if your enemies are really trying to stop you from spiraling out of control.

Feel free to switch back and forth between these maxing backtrack first or maxing time lock first depending on circumstances.


Starting Items
Quelling blade: really helps last hitting and killing creeps
Shield: good early survivability
Tango: Lets you not die

This is an item that can be argued for almost any carry.
It's an investment that needs to be gotten asap to pay itself off quicker, and pay out longer.

Core + Shield
Faceless Void's core is a pretty small list
Power Treads: Speed + Strength at first for hp then you can change to agility later when you no longer need the + hp

Mask of Madness: This item increases your attack speed by a huge amount for a pretty cheap cost, it lets you go berserk and unleash those Time Locks on an enemy

Battlefury:This is a item that should probably be gotten early or not at all, Build 2 focuses more on farming than trying to be aggressive during the earlier part of the game.
The +damage and cleave help you farm faster, and the perseverance component helps mana issues and lets you heal off harassment.
Feel free to get it on Build 1, but you're pushing your MoM further back.

Shield: Your shield is up to you. You can get a shield before or after the Mask.
A Mask of Madness first will let you start trying to get kills earlier but if your really getting hammered, a shield may help you survive.
As for which shield, the vanguard is great but it is costly, so the cheap alternative may be good.

Black King Bar: Brief magic immunity is great, and the strength helps your low hp
Monkey King Bar: If the enemies have evasion, slap em with a MKB's True Strike.
Daedalus: Crit
Butterfly: Very good item, and the evasion stacks with backtrack, because backtrack is a triggered heal not an evasion mechanic
Assault Cuirass: Attack speed for even faster swings, +armor for you, -armor for enemies
Manta Style: Good damage increase, and the clones can cause some great confusion for the enemy trying to do single target spells
Mjollnir: 5400 for +80 attack speed, and the lightning procs can do some okay damage, but MoM adds +100 attack speed for 12 seconds, at a very cheap price of 1900 gold.
I prefer getting MoM early then being able to get more damaging items quicker.

Team Work

Try and lane along a side with a ranged/support hero to protect you at the beginning.

When going for a team fight it can be a good tactic to blink in, then chronosphere with the enemy heroes inside and ranged allies on the outside getting free hits.
A more advanced technique is blink in the chronosphere so the enemies are just on the border of the chronosphere so your melee allies can attack as well.

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