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TideHunter = Best Initiator in the game.

April 30, 2012 by xxxKalamityxxx
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In a Normal Game (aggressive)

DotA2 Hero: Tidehunter

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Kraken Shell

9 12 14 17

Anchor Smash

2 4 8 10


6 11 16


13 15 18

TideHunter = Best Initiator in the game.

April 30, 2012

General Information:

Early Game: you can creep pull to help get a little extra cash for the sole purpose that its hard to last hit as Tidehunter in a double lane against 1 or more rangers. You have to play passive and play smart, use your tower and your lane partner to your advantage which is where your Gush comes in handy if they are being really aggressive and pushing you past your tower don't hesitate to hit them with gush then follow on with your Anchor Smash.

Mid-game: you should have at least your Vanguard by now and be working towards your refreshers orb if you don't have it, Farm for it! your ultimate changes games so the refreshers orb is a must. You have to be on every team fight your goal isn't to get kills its to get assist's that's what tidehunter does.

if there are Lots of carries on there team and they are focusing you: Get BladeMail and kill them all.
If they are all running away get a : Shiva's guard

*This is still a work in progress*


I guys I'm Kalamity and this is my first guide, I play Dota 2 For Blade. Tidehunter is one of my favorite Initiators in the game and in my opinion one of the best. So please leave your feedback and feel free to contact me on the forums or on the Blade Website for any questions.


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