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Three of Me!

November 30, 2012 by Vonich
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Classic Panda

DotA2 Hero: Brewmaster

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Healing Salve
Stout Shield
Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Iron Branch

Early Game

Boots of Speed
Magic Wand


Phase Boots
Blink Dagger
Aghanim's Scepter

Late Game

Heart of Tarrasque
Assault Cuirass
Shiva's Guard

Hero Skills

Thunder Clap

1 3 5 7

Cinder Brew

12 13 14 15

Drunken Brawler

4 8 9 10

Primal Split

6 11 16


2 17 18

Introduction to Mangix, the Brewmaster

Brewmaster is one of the best heros in the game. He can adjust to any role that your team could need. He is an excellent initiator, one of the best in the game. Once you begn you get good with him, you can bein to do crazy things, such as go 1 vs. 5 and survive, and even get a few kills. He is also a giant, fat, drunk panda/rat that hits people with a stick. How can you not love that?


- Very good str gain
- Average agi gain
- Very good skills
- Amazing intiator
- Very good survivability
- Primal Split!!!!!!
- Item independant
- Great attack animation
- **** int gain, one of the worst in the game
- Ulti can be hard to micro
- Usually mana starved


Normaly, panda should be played as a semi-carry/initiator. However, he can be played as a carry, bu only if there is no one else who is playing a hard carry. He can even be played as a support if there are none. This guide will be focusing on the semi-carry/initiator role.
Panda should be put into a dual lane with another player with a stun. He can also be put into solo mid, if there is no one else on the team who is better suited for it than you. Now, I will tell you by level for what to do.

lvl 1- Use your clap to escape a firstblood attempt, or to secure one.
lvl 2- Just continue to last hit, and dont spam your clap
lvl 3- Try to get a kill now that your clap is lvl 2
lvl 4- Repeat what you do in lvl 3
lvl 5- Keep attempting to score kills, but beware mana issues
lvl 6- Try to go for that double kill now using your ulti
lvl 7- If your lane didn't get a kill yet, keep trying
lvl 8- Keep farming, bu tp if a lane needs help
lvl 9- Score kills, farm, push
lvl 10- repeat 9
lvl 11- Use your ulti more often now that it is more powerful
lvl 12- use your haze if you are chasing, or on a carry during a team fight
lvl 13-Do what you have been doing, you should have a blink dagger by now. If so, intitiate by blinking in, followed by clap, then split.
lvl 14-25 - Continue killing people and starting teamfights. You should have all your core items by now, and should be close to impossible to kill. Especally if you get immortality.


This will be a work in progress, andi will be adding item and skill explainations. Any recomendations for what to explain is welcome! Thanks for reading!


Thunder Clap -
Slams the ground, dealing damage and slowing the movement speed and attack rate of nearby enemy land units.
Radius: 400
Attack Speed Slow: 25/35/45/55
Movement Speed Slow: 25/35/45/55%
Damage: 100/175/250/300
Duration: 4.25 seconds on Heroes (8 on creeps)

Drunken Haze -

Drenches an enemy unit in alcohol, causing his movement speed to be reduced, and causing his attacks to have a chance to miss.
Range: 850
Radius: 10
Duration: 8 seconds on Heroes (12 on creeps)
Movement Speed Slow: 14/18/22/26%
Miss Chance: 45/55/65/75%

Druken Brawler -
Gives a chance to avoid attacks and to deal critical damage.
Dodge Chance: 10/15/20/25%
Critical Chance: 10/15/20/25%
Critical Damage: 2x

Primal Split -
Splits the Brewmaster into elements, forming 3 specialized warriors, adept at survival. If any of them survive until the end of their summoned timer, the Brewmaster is reborn.
Duration: 15/17/19 (20/23/26*)

This is what i believe to be the best ulti in the game. You split ito 3 sprits, ech with there own skills. I will say the main thing about the diffrences in the spirits.

Earth Spirit - Has 3000 hp, a stun, and magic immunity which meas it's the hardest to kill
Storm Spirit - Has a 6 SECOND DISABLE a purge, and shadowblade-like ability. This is in my opinion, the msot useful spirit.
Fire Spirit - Has a movespeed of 522, and a radience-like ablity. This is in many ways, the least useful spirit, but deals alot of damage.

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