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They'll tell tales of this!

December 27, 2016 by Yeisen
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DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss

3 8 9 11


1 4 5 7

Shadow Walk

2 13 14 16


6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

No CD on Jinada
+275 Shuriken Toss Damage
+50 Jinada Gold Steal
Track grants ground vision around the target
+45 Track Gold
-30% Damage Taken in Shadow Walk
+30 Jinada Damage
+0.65s Shuriken Toss Slow

They'll tell tales of this!

December 27, 2016


Well, i think that that's all. One thing that i want to say is that this is my frist (and probably only) guide that i've ever made, and second, dont worry, you shouldn't have any issue on building a desolator frist. Attack speed is granted by yasha and your lvl 10 talent.
And i thank you if you've readed all the guide, in my opinion is a good build.


(Maybe i should putted them before)


-He makes a 600 dmg crit in mid game (if you have the correct items)
-His shuriken toss skill is really scary
-He has a good escape and ambush skills (track and shadow walk)
-Has a preety good pushing in mid game (when you have desolator, shadow walk in a retreat. Just watch for disablers)
-He can track
-Can cancel channelings
-Can activate shadow walk while channeling
-Gives a gold boost to all members of the team
-He can track


-Sladar makes him useless
-True sight counters him worse than riki (its irionic but true)
-Low HP/Mana pool
-Disablers can be his best friends (if they are in his team) or his worst enemies
-Sightly depends on the team at the frist stages of the game.

What to NOT (absoluteley not) do:

-Being coward and do not enter the teamfights (except if you have 50% or less of HP)
-Avoid using your track
-Get a battle fury (i mean, why should you?)
-Get a urn of shadows (just dead space in the inventory)
-Avoid using your track twice
-Go against enemies wich you cant kill
-Get a revenge thrist against a disabler hero and try to kill him alone
-Go alone against strong disablers carrys (like sven or chaos knight, but chaos with dust is a red threat for you)
-Avoid using your track (yes, it is VERY important)
-Say "yolo" and try to kill the entire enemy team in mid game
-Involve in fights that you cant win (requires some practice to identificate them)
-Flaming teammates or even enemies (this one is very pathetic)

What to do

Here's a list of what you SHOULD do in early game:
-Last hit all creeps you can (of course)
-If the enemy have sentries, you should buy too to counter them or ask a friend to get them
-Harass enemies with shadow walk and jinada whenever you can (on lvl 2-3), but do not do anything stupid, you are not suposed to die (yet)
-Try to get a kill with your 3 skill-combo (shadow walk and jinada until you have 120 mana, and then try to kill him, always saving mana for ur shuriken toss)
-When you get a mithrill hammer (or two, the more, the better) try to gank a line, your jinda should do almost all the work, and if you're ganking mid, let your mate get the kill.
-When you get a desolator, you should have a lvl 4 jinada, wich allows you to get 40%-60% HP dmg hits. (sniper based system)
-Make sure that every kill that you get (or your team gets)are tracked. That bonus gold is really useful.
Mid game:
-If you have a yasha (and of course your desolator), then you should be able to kill a sniper (even if he's feeded, at least that he has a health build, wich is very rare to see). Use this to your team's (and self) advantage.
-Track kills.
-Toss your shuriken's if you need gold (KS based system) or if you feel that the enemy's escaping, but the less mana you use, the more time you can be ganking and tracking.
-Track important threats (like monkey king, riki *you are the riki's nightmare*, templar assassin, spirit breaker, etc)
-Keep tracking
Late game (if you've managed to get to lvl 20, then you should get 80% HP of a sniper with a single jinada hit):
-Before was importat avoiding death, but now is the real problem. Even if you had a bad early, mid or mid-late game, when you get the talent that gives you 100 dmg, then you can carry the match.
-Get a butterfly, starting with a talisman of evasion
-Get vanguard (for your abyssal blade)
-Get all the recipents of the vald offering, except the morbid mask. Your desolator prevents you to stealing life with it (but it doesn't prevents vladimir aura to take effect) and then complete your vladimir ofeering
Blue means "if you know what do i mean"
AND always look for true sight on the enemy's inventories


If you're reading this, then i can be sure that you're interested (by good or bad means) in this guide, and so i am. Frist, try to go to your safe line (i know, it can be that gay, but meh), or, if you have stubborn "teammates" that dont get off of your line (at least if they asked for it frist) go to your offline. here's why:
-You might have more escape than in your offline, and it is particulary important avoiding death with this guide
-You can steal the enemies bounty runes more easily
-The enemy has less escape.
And with these only 3 reasons you might have an idea of why.


I've seen may Bounty Hunter builds. Many of them are good, yes, but it is missing something in them. Something important. It is not the lack of damage (well, maybe it is), nor the lack of sustain in lines (an enchanted mango or 2 usually works), it is that they dont tell how to be a carry with him. A hard carry. It might surprise you a bit, or even you could say "man, this guy dont really know how does this game work". Or even insta-quit and dislike this guide by just seeng the words "hard carry" on a bounty hunter guide, but, if you are one of those ****s, stop reading this. Returning to the guide, i've made this entirely by myself. Yeah, i've tested this. No, i didnt copy this guide. Actually, the reason because i've done this guide is because i didnt found anything like this.

If you're on your bright side, then you should really be able to be a hard carry with BH (bounty hunter, and i will refer him like this) and shut the f*** up the mouths of the peruvian sh*** that blamed you in eraly game (probably) by carrying them.

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