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They see me Rollin' and they Lossin' (Detailed:Solo Offlane)

December 10, 2015 by Setonmagic
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Offlane Guide

DotA2 Hero: Earth Spirit

Hero Skills

Boulder Smash

3 4 5 8

Rolling Boulder

2 12 13 14

Geomagnetic Grip

1 7 9 10


6 11 16


15 17 18


(On the Making, still not finished and will update it once in a while)

What's up for today guys my name is Setonmagic. This is my first guide and please bear with me as we go through this not-so-picked hero named Earth Spirit.

I'm currently 58.31% win rate, and by this I came from 30%, and 186-130(as of Nov2015).
I'm usually a mid hero Earthspirit in pub days but when I'm with my friend for 4k~ mmr range, my role changed and became an Offlane Solo.

In this guide, i'll be talking about tip & tricks, laning, phasing, insane combos, and everything I know as an offlane Earthspirit.

You should remember that

  • Earth Spirit is an offlane, mid and a support (not recommended).
  • Earth Spirit is an initiator.
  • Earth Spirit should dominate early to mid game.
  • Very useless without stone remnant so use wisely.

I advice that you pick Earth Spirit usually when

Enemy Team
  • Doesn't have too much Silence
  • Doesn't have too much stuns
  • Doesn't have too much tanks
  • Enemy Team are very squishy.
  • Enemy Team has escapes or relies on skill to get away.
  • When your team lacks Silence and stuns. "Your skills will suffice it."

Pros / Cons


  • Early Game Stomper
  • Can solo almost any 3 hero when lvl 6 is reached.
  • OP Line Stun at 2000 range
  • Powerful Crowd control
  • Good Last Hit Animation
  • Good Escape
  • Good for Pursuing Enemies
  • Could Deny Creeps at Early Game - @MID, @Top, @Bottom

  • Useless without Remnants
  • Can screw your game when one of your skills missed.
  • ****s up when Rolling Boulder with Remnant misses target
  • Skill Shot Oriented (boulder smash, needs practice)
  • Easily disabled when rolling.
  • Enemy BKBS
  • Level Dependent


Let's talk about items.

As you can see, my item build on the core are very few.

The reason why is Earth Spirit doesn't really need any that much which means after getting the cores you can get what ever you want. A skiller, support aoe, hitter, or etc.


You can go for an upgrade to Poor Man's Shield If you feel that your enemy damages you a lot on physical and it gives you decent armor from agility and damage block.

    This will serve as your survivability, and lets you to maintain your hp and mana through out the Lane.

    1. Urn of Shadows - This will be give you your mana regeneration and hp regeneration which will help you through your lane. It will also let you give more dps and heal teammates when ganking.

    2. Arcane Boots - This will serve as your reserved mana as it can suffice you more capabilities on spamming skills.

    3. Veil of Discord - This amplifies your magnetize and it's very effective since all of Earth Spirit's skills are magical. "You can also skip this and jump right to guardian greeves"


After that, I go to my core which is Guardian Greeves.
It really depends on you if you're going straight Greeves or stay at Mechanism and build other items.

Guardian Greeves - Gives you + health and + mana. Doesn't require mana for healing.
Debuffs silences, and slows. Good for clash to refesh Ultimate or Surprise enemies with combos.

If you are asking me, why only "ONE CORE"?

  • Earth Spirit Doesn't Rely on Items
  • He is capable of stuns, silence, mobility, and dps.
  • Earth Spirit is a hero that will adapt for the team
  • Earth Spirit is a hero that adapts on the enemies picks

    • Supports / Squishy Team
      1. Dagon

    • Nukers/Skillers
      1. Pipe of Insight
      2. Glimmer Cape
      3. Blade Mail

    • Escapers
      • For Chasing
        1. Force Staff
        2. Blink
      • For Locking Enemies
        1. Scythe of Vyse
        2. Orchid of Manevolence
        3. Abyssal Blade

    • Tanks
      1. Veil of Discord
      2. Assault Cuirass

    • Hitters
      1. Heaven's Halberd ( Recommended )
      2. Abyssal Blade
      3. Scythe of Vyse
      4. Blade Mail
      5. Assault Cuirass
      6. Crimson Guard

    • Stunners/Silencers/Slowers
      1. Guardian Greeves (Self Purge)
      2. BKB if guardian Greaves is not enough

PS: It Really Depends on the Enemy so try to ADAPT and be open minded on what you will be buying

After getting your core items to mid game you usually prioritize warding together with the supports to catch up with their items, everything is actually situational to Earthspirit.

Luxury Items will also be situational. In this time, you'll just be experimenting which items would fit the game.

Aghanim's Scepter - If you feel like the late game causes you to lose too much remnants, using this could suffice your needs. It can also used to save people and prevent people from getting in the game.

I use this item mostly when enemy heroes can disable while dealing so much damage.
  • Faceless Void, Chronosphere. (whether you stone fv or your ally)
  • Invoker, Euls Sunstrike Meteor Defeaning Combo
  • Lina, Euls Laguna


Aghanim's Scepter

Benefits in using Aghanim's Scepter

  • Will add extra remnant but casted to heroes. "Description here"

  • It can be used to save allied heroes from instant death combos. Example

  • It can be used to COMBO WITH SETTERS with proper placing.

  • It has an additional explosion damage.

  • Picking off Enemy Heroes unaware. Video Down Below Explained

Your Situational First Skill & Denying / Pulling Creeps

Whether you're a support or offlaner, your skill build changes on your first level.


When going for a "-1:00 - 0:00" (Pre-Game) mark fight, You'll be using...

  • Boulder Smash - for stuns
  • Rolling Boulder - chasing/harassing

When it comes to a solo safelane
  • Rolling Boulder - Harassing Safelaner

But for Aggressive Trilane

  • Geomagnetic Grip - For Creep Deny/Pulling.

When it comes to the point where you have the Geomagnetic Grip, and as an Offlaner. It's a big deal to deny at least 1 creep for every creep wave, which is 100% loss of experience on a creep. This is already big knowing that there is a big loss in experience and gold compared on just Denying the creep, which is a 50% loss of experience. It's better to be safe and get Level 1 Geomagnetic Grip if you're not going for any kills.

So There is a way for you to do that.
  • As an offlaner, After putting a ward, you'll be on your way to the place for denying a creep.

  • I'll be showing it in a Video down below.

  • It will be talking about some OFFLANE PULL SPOTS but it will also be showing midlane and safelane pull spots as well.

Laning Phase (With Solo Safelane / With Dual, Tri - Safelane)

This will only talk about the laning phase until the mid game where everyone is usually not in their respective lane.

  1. Before the game starts, you'll be needing to place yourself as early as you can on the rune spot.
  2. Check whether the enemy is solo or full team.
  3. If it is solo, try to use the Boulder Smash as your first skill.
    And as you contest, it's best to practice pushing the enemy on the cliff.
  4. If 5 man team, it's better to go rolling boulder just in case you get ganked on level 1.

Solo Safelane

If you are going to encounter a solo safelane,

What you are going to do is that.
  • Be sure, to be aggressive more often if able.
  • Be sure, to get as many creeps.
  • Don't auto-attack so that creeps won't be pushed and it will be your disadvantage.
  • Deny as much as possible

    Here is a guide

Dual/Tri- Safelane

If you are going to deal with dual or tri-safelane

What you are going to do is that.
  • Do not be aggressive.
  • Try not to be in range of the enemy supports.
  • Leech EXP as much as possible
  • Do not attempt to last hit if supports are around, Life is more important than getting 1 creep.
  • Try to use a roll kick combo if enemy supports are trying to harass you near the tower.

Here is a guide

How to counterpick or outplay annoying heroes

PS: I've changed the title what heroes to avoid when encountered to how to counter pick thiese heroes even though they are insane and annoying for you to deal with.

This will only talk about your lane, not really as a whole but just on your offlane.

We will be talking about Heroes that can go usually good and bad against Earth Spirit and how to deal with it.

I usually pick Earth Spirit like every single game as "First Pick". I'm confident here because I don't really see people know how to counter this guy as he is very versatile in all phasing.

People don't really see Earth Spirit as a threat because in the People's mind. Anyone who plays Earth Spirit is plainly scrub. Yes I agree with that, as I've encountered that most people who uses it doesn't really know how to play even in 4-5k mmr range.

I don't argue with that since Earth Spirit really needs practice to master. As it has different complexity with Meepo.

Ok so if you decided not to first pick, and have seen enemies picking their own heroes.

How to counterpick

You know that omniknight is one of the annoying heroes that you'll be dealing with since his repel cancels your magnetize or any skill won't work when it's applied above it. Though Magnetize can be reapplied when other units is affected then Remannt is placed again.

How to deal with Omniknight

  • In general, you should be able to aim on Omniknight with stun followed up with a silence.

  • "Going Diffusal is the best item that you would be using to counter omniknight"

How to counterpick

  • Using the silence is the best way to kill Anti-Mage.

  • So using the stun roll silence magnetize combo is the best way to deal with Earth Spirit together with allies that can lock down him.

    PS: If Anti-Mage has Manta Style, try not to use silence right away as it will just debuff him. Try to wait for the exact time then use geomagnetic grip after his manta before letting him tp.

How to counterplay Meepo

  • Using veil of discord will maximize his aoe potential on killing meepo.

  • When performing combos, it's best to apply stun first then magnetize and wait for the silence to be applied so that all meepoes will be silenced "as magnetize applies all silence debuff to all who are affected when remnant is used"

How to counterpick huskar/counterplay
  • First of all, huskar is well known for his damage resistance. And mostly, your magic is very useless against him. Just make sure that you hold him with stun together with your allies, if you are the only stun it would be very hard.

  • The best way is to use solar crest, to prevent huskar from hitting too much and applying added physical damage via minus armor.

  • When armlet is used with small hp, try to stun him without letting him

How to counterpick
  • With Bloodseeker's Bloodrage, this is where you'll be fighting him.
    Together with Veil of Discord + his Bloodrage's additional damage taken. He will be dying in no time.

  • If you have a blademail with high hp and " RUPTURED ", Try to " ROLL BLADEMAIL REMNANT THEN TP" so that while channeling your roll the rupture return damage will deal him significant amount of damage.

  • Try not do an Accidental Rupture together with Rolling Boulder will lead you to death.


Reason not to pick
  • Glimpse, even if you've already rolled, it will just send you back and no more capabilities of escape.

Reason not to pick

  • Silence!!!, messes up your re-magnetize interval.

How to deal with silencer
  • If silencer is a carry, it would be hard for you to solo kill him
  • If Silencer is a support, then it would be easy. Since silencer uses silence
    and one of your course should be Guardian Greeves. If a team fight starts just use Guardian Greeves to follow up your combos, saving allies, retreating, and for unexpected plays.

And lastly, applies to All tanks gaming, or an enemy team with full of strength heroes.

What if the enemy team have BKBs?

It's not really a problem.

As time passes, Bkbs loses their duration.

When using magnetize, make sure that their are surrounding creeps or surrounding enemies affected so that you could reapply it.

Magnetize's Effect reapplies Through Spell Immunity but it doesn't deal any damage.

What Do I Do?

  1. When you started engaging with the enemy using Bkb try to use magnetize right away.

  2. After Bkb is applied (magnetize will be removed), make sure that there are "creeps/enemies" beside you otherwise, your ulti will be wasted.

  3. Apply a remnant to reset the Magnetize's Duration, it will also be applied to the BKBs (though it will not deal damage) then just wait for the BKB to cool down.

    PS: Make sure to provide space for yourself to reapply remnants or you can also harass the enemy to deal physical damage.

How to use Boulder Smash. ( Quick cast, Channeling, TP stuns, How exactly)

This will talk about efficiency of using Boulder Smash.

Coming soon.

How to use Rolling Boulder (Chasing, Escape)

What's up guys.

Rolling Boulder is very useful against running and escaping enemies, also for escaping. As it slows down enemy units when remnant is used.

Rolling on a Target

It's really hard to use rolling boulder when it comes to targeting to an enemy.

But when it comes to that, see to it that you are in the LINE where the hero is going to walk.

Rolling to Escape

Rolling to escape is pretty tricky sometimes, you don't want yourself to collide with some other heroes.
So if you really want to escape, try kicking the person with a remnant or just the hero. Then Roll on the other direction together with a tp scroll.

If tp is not around, just try to roll where obstruction or cliff is near.

Watch This Video for more information.

How to use Magnetize (Proper Use of Remnants, Remagnetize, when to Use)

Magnetize is one of the most annoying ultimate I've known. And it synergizes with your other spells.


  • 600dps(#of remnants) = up to 4,800 dps at level 16

    • At 8 remnants, MAX

    • Default 6, + enchant remnant, + 7th remnant after the next cool down

    • Exaggeration, it's pretty high though that dps will last for 48 seconds.

    • It's still powerful if you think of it together with stuns,slows,silence,physical damage added.

  • at level 6, you can deal up to 300 x 6 = 1,800 dps

    • Though mostly you could only do half/third/fourth of the dps most of the time because of improper remnant usage and combo requirements

    • still a 400 - 900 dps aoe spell with slows, stuns and silence + additional damage. It's still pretty high for a low level clash.

    • plus a 25% magic gain on veil of discord. It would be better.

    Tips on how to use Magnetize

    • Magnetize has a very small radius, about 300unit radius). Be sure to be very close to an enemy

    • I suggest that you use rolling boulder and collide with the enemy to prevent missing your ultimate

    • When ultimate is active, be aware of the time for resetting the remnant.

    • Do not spam the remnant for less than a second or 2.

    • you can use boulder smash to make your way reapplying magnetize to an escaping enemy

Suggestions and Changelog

If you want to have some suggestions, Please comment it down below and I might be able to demonstrate to you what is missing, some tips on a particular hero, items or anything.

Just leave a comment Down Below and i'll do my best to show it to you !


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