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Theorycraft: Oracle: Meteor Hammer

April 9, 2019 by TransactionComplete
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Teamfight Monster: Mid Game Win

DotA2 Hero: Oracle

Hero Skills

Fortune's End

1 8 9 11

Fate's Edict

4 13 14 16

Purifying Flames

2 3 5 6

False Promise

7 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+1.5s False Promise Duration
-1.5s Fortune's End Max Channel Time
False Promise Invisibility
-20s False Promise Cooldown
-1s Purifying Flames Cooldown
+125 Cast Range
+12 Intelligence
+0.4 Fortune's End Duration


First in a series of Theorycrafted builds that, in theory, should be viable and, more importantly, interesting.

Give the Theorycraft guides a try in a few unranked games to see if you like them.

Playstyle: AoE Disable Monster

Don't lane with a position 1 Hero. You'll need to get every ranged creep kill and the occasional melee creep kill as well. Don't shy away from getting hero kills, too. Anything you can do to get your items early (without taking away too much farm from lane partner), do it. This build isn't very effective late game.

How to use the Hammer, Basics:

1) Open with Q (full 3.5 second channel)
2) Use Glimmercape when you have 0.5 seconds left in the channel for Q
3) Move toward enemy hero only when you're invisible, not when you're fading
4) Hammer your target before root is over but not so soon that you waste a lot of remaining root time. Then...

If an ally is with you...

5) Queue up another Q (full channel) as soon as your Hammer channel is complete for an 8 second root/stun/root

If you're alone...

5) Throw two E's and a Q at them while autoattacking. If you have Aghs, throw 3 E's and a Q.

How to be the AoE Disable Monster in late game:

1) Ult Self with Invis Talent
2) Pull off full 3.5sec Multihero Q
3) Hammer enemies
4) Glimmercape
5) Pull off 2-3.5sec Multihero Q

1) Pull off full 3.5sec Multihero Q
2) Blink in the middle of enemy grouping
3) Glimmercape
4) Hammer
5) Pull off 2-3.5sec Multihero Q

Y tho

Why build Oracle around Meteor Hammer?

1) Oracle completely lacks any pushing ability. He's one of the worst for getting a lane pushed. The hammer gives Oracle a fearsome pushing ability on creep waves. Use it on enemy creeps whenever you're not using it on enemy heroes. This should make Oracle completely OP until late game; Oracle will now be a hero that has significant nukes, ungodly healing, 3 different kinds of disables, a powerful escape, and rapid pushing.

2) It allows Oracle to guarantee gank kills in 2v1 situations since your target will be rooted/disabled for a total of 8 seconds.

3) It allows Oracle to make enemy heroes that *aren't* already low HP nervous in 1v1 situations or in their own jungle. If the enemy isn't Durable, Oracle will frequently be able to pull off 1v1 ganks until well into Mid game.

4) It makes Oracle a disrupting force mid-teamfight. Normally, Oracle focuses on the hero with the least health with single-target spells while healing the ally with least amount of health. Only low-HP enemies fear him. Now, Oracle can slip in midfight, unnoticed until he stuns 2-3 enemy heroes, turning the tide of the fight. Everyone expects Oracle to be present in the fight from the start, skirting the edges of combat trying to avoid getting hit. No one expects Oracle to pop up in the middle of combat with a long stun in tow.

5) It makes you unpredictable.

Notes on Item Build

Avoid support items unless *absolutely* necessary. If you have no vision but the enemy team isn't pulling off frequent ganks, don't bother with it.

Buy as few restorative items as possible early on. Play safe. You really need to save up for your relatively expensive items given that you won't be getting as much farm as your lane partner.

Buy a Tome to max your E earlier than usual.

Notes on Abilities/Talents


Level 6: Max your E instead of getting your Ult. Being able to one-shot ranged creeps early will significantly contribute to your GPM, especially if you get the first Tome and max E super early.


Level 10: You'll need the long root to pull off the Hammer, which is the whole point of the build.

Level 15: GPM to get the Hammer before its effectiveness falls off. If you get all the Tomes, this GPM increase should allow you to get the Hammer very early. The earlier the better. Priority #1 for this build is getting the Hammer as fast as possible.

Level 20: Glimmercape will let you pull off the ganks and Ult Invisibility will allow you to escape if needed. In and out, quick and easy. If enemy team stocks up on Dust before this point, go with Movespeed (MS will be useful for getting in range with Hammer after you root the enemy if you don't have Blink)

Hero Synergy

This build will be a liability for your team if you have significant magic casters as allies. If your team has 2 other heroes whose abilities are countered by BKB, don't expect to win with this build.

This build will synergize well if your team has more than one autoattacker. If you pull off a few devastating Hammer combos, expect to see one or two enemy heroes building BKB. BKB is much less effective vs autoattackers. Anything you can do to get enemy heroes building to counter YOU instead of your carries is fantastic.

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