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The Void Guide to Kingz like me

March 10, 2013 by GhettoRazer
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Void Guide to the Extreme V1

DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

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The Void Guide to Kingz like me

March 10, 2013

Enjoy my third Guide Guys

Here is my Guide on my favorite Hard Carry Faceless Void.Void is Hard Carry Who has the best team fight skill in the game even though he has a team fight spell dosnt mean he dosent need farm.


When u picked void u need to tell your teamates that they need a support/babysitter for u. A range hero is a perfect babysitter for void cause the support could sexually Harass the enemy hero to get no farm.When u get ur Early items like treads,poor man,ring of health u will need to used that ring of health to finish a really fast battle fury so your farm will be unstopable


When u go to items just get ur Battle Fury,treads,poor man as fast as u can then farm like a beast in the jungle or lane then get ur other core items like mantha,ac,butterfly,daedalus,etc

Pros / Cons

1.One of the best team fight spell
2.When u get ur core items u attack like a beast
3.One of the best hard carries on the game
4.Imba Carry
5.Super fast Cooldown of ChronoSphere
1.Void is not a range hero
2.Super farm dependent
3.Squishy at early stage supports ur Doom!
5.Mana Starve in the early game

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