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The ultimate Skywrath mage guide

May 3, 2014 by wdr40
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The harasser then pawner

DotA2 Hero: Skywrath Mage

Hero Skills

Ruin and Restoration (Innate)

Arcane Bolt

1 3 7

Concussive Shot

2 5 9

Ancient Seal

4 8 10

Mystic Flare

6 11 16


12 13 14 15 17 18

The ultimate Skywrath mage guide

May 3, 2014

Chapter Title

The key points to this build are: mana regen or constant damage spells to harass and epic damage because of high intelligence.

When to pick: versus riki/bloodseeker/werewolf any meles etc and doesn't matter for amny other heroes.

When to choose something else or hope the enemy is inexperienced: antimage/ anyone with manadrain/damage based on your mana/antimagelike abilities

To start: you can skip the starters if you get ring of health early enough

The essentials are really essential as they allow you to begin your epic harassing campaign spamming arcane bolt at the enemy heroes at the start of the game.

This will keep them away from your creeps, denying them gold and experience as one sent, you can't outrun arcane bolt. this will allow you to reap gold and get a head start.

The point of the early essentials is for a quick and efficient build up to orchid of malevolence which will give you a huge damage and mana regen bonus while the ring of hp heals you constantly as you harass and support. You don't want to get into cqc yet.

Once you get the boots and race for the sceptre it will allow you to constantly rain your ultimate on your enemies mana permitting. At this point, with the intelligence from the other items, you should be able to take on bloodseeker and any other of the ridiculous heroes with back to back mystic flares. BEWARE MYSTIC FLARE HURTS YOU TOO SO SET IT OFF AWAY FROM YOU BUT STILL HAVE THE ENEMY HERO IN IT'S RADIUS.

The Luxury items will ensure your transition from support to allout badass even 1 vs 2-4 is ensured. the amount of times i've heard godlike and triple kill etc is silly with this build. If your team mates are in trouble and you can resume the support position and wade into the area, you turn the tide in seconds with mystic flares on top of enemy mele heroes duking it out with your own and silencing any pesky mages while slowing fleeing heroes down for you to catch up and kill.

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