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The Straightforward Guide to 7.00 Semi-Carry + Support CM

December 20, 2016 by JamesEJ
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DotA2 Hero: Crystal Maiden

Purchase Order

Starting Items



Luxury Items

Alternative Starting

Hero Skills

Crystal Nova

3 11 12 13


1 4 6 8

Arcane Aura

2 5 9 10

Freezing Field

7 14 15 16


Hero Talents

+300 Crystal Nova Damage
+1.5s Frostbite Duration
+60 Freezing Field Damage
+250 Attack Speed
+14% Mana cost/Mana loss Reduction Aura
+90 Gold/Min
+200 Health
+100 Cast Range

The Straightforward Guide to 7.00 Semi-Carry + Support CM

December 20, 2016


Hi! I'm JamesEJ a Dota2 player. This is my first guide so I hope you like it =) Actually, I was inspired to do this by the 7.00 contest ... you should join too!!! Anyway, since 7.00 I started to visualize a semi-carry CM. Why? Just look at that EPIC BUFF!! Long live Freezing Field! P.S. Follow me on twitter: GGWP_RandR // Steam: 367817713


[This is a work in progress, so I will update it more in the future =) )


So ... the items. This might take long, so let's get down to business. First, THE MAIN OBJECTIVE OF THIS SEMI-CARRY BUILD IS TO GET AGHS as soon as possible. Best for teamfight, even solo kills!!

1. Starting items.
-Null Talisman is a good choice for starting, it's pretty basic.
**Alternative Starting Items
-Clarity is pretty self-explanatory. We only get up to two levels of Aura early so just in case.
-Tango. YUP you need this. But if your team wants it SHARE it.
-BUY WARDS instead IF YOU ARE AGAINST non-skillers. Don't bother with the wand

2. Core Items
-Aghanim's Scepter. Wow. This is like the best buuf for CM. 7.00 rocks! Now Freezing Field applies Frostbite as well!! (If they stay close enough hahahahaha) Anyway, we neeed to get this ASAP. If you are snowballing, hopefully before boots. Besides, this gives you stats. You can survive more. So AS is a good items for CM in 7.00
-Tranquil Boots. The ONLY boots you want to get for CM. Treads, maybe, but only maybe. Phase will be very little help to you and arcane is a waste. You have a mana regen aura remember? Thanks to tranquil, you can regen after a teamfight and be right back for another teamfight. That's why we want the regen of Tranquil.
-Blink Dagger. POSITIONING. CM needs proper positioning to function well. Blink dagger does just that. Problem chasing Windranger? Blink then Frosbite. You can take her down with Freezing Field in some situations, like if she used Shackleshot already.
-Black King Bar. CM needs BKB. What if you blink to the middle of a teamfight and you get nuked down by your sister? (LINA W/O AS) So if you want to be of help, be sure to LIVE.

3. More Items
-Animal Courrier. In most situations, you will be the one to buy this. That's just how your role is so don't omplain.
-Veil. If you have fast enough hands, activate the veil before the Freezing Field. YOU ROCK!!
-Guard. A nice Int survivability. Get it if you can. The active is a huge help BTW.
-Gem of True Sight. Before you buy, think first: Does my team need it? Seriously, why will you buy it if there is no riki or noone bought Shadow Blade or Smoke?
-Shadow Blade. I don't recommend this except for the active.
-SCYTHE AND BLOODSTONE. Offensive and Defensive items that work well for CM. Again, they are situational, get them if you can.

SUMMARY: To sum it up, you need:
1. Rush Aghanim's Scepter for that 7.00 buff to Freezing Field
2. Survivability items
3. Positioning items
4. Stereotype support items

**Suggestions are welcome

In case the item build didn't make it.... (I have a slow network connection)

Thanks to the 7.00 patch, semi-carry Crystal Maiden is now viable. For this build, we need to rush Aghanim’s Scepter ASAP. If you can snowball, possibly before tranquil boots. So, enjoy my guide.
1. Starting Items
Null Talisman- Any hero will do better by buying Bracer, Wraith Band or Null Talisman early. The attribute bonuses are nice. For Crystal Maiden, the extra intelligence is helpful, as we won’t max her mana regeneration aura early.
Animal courier- This is just how CM should be. If you don’t buy your courier, you will be reported.
2. Alternative Starting
Animal courier- This is just how CM should be. If you don’t buy your courier, you will be reported.
Branches- For attribute bonuses. You can build this to magic wand later. Don’t buy this if the enemy has no casters. IT WILL BE A HUGE WASTE.
Clarity- Again, we won’t be getting max aura early. This will help you get that frostbite to setup the perfect sacred arrow.
Tango- Everyone needs to heal at some point. But CM should not be greedy. If your team asks for tango, share it.
3. Core
Aghanim’s Scepter- This is the perfect item for 7.00 semi-carry CM. Aside from the attribute bonuses, the upgrade buff that comes in patch 7.00 is too good to pass up. Now, Freezing Field also applies frostbite on your opponents!! (If you can get them to stay long enough hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah) Happy rampaging!! Be sure to get Aghanim’s Scepter EARLY. If you can, before you get tranquil boots. All in all, Aghanim’s Scepter is perfect if you want your team to win every team fight.
Tranquil Boots- Tranquil is the only boots I consider for Crystal Maiden. The regen helps you be in every fight where you need to be. Thanks to the combination with her Aura, you almost never have to return to the fountain to heal. Treads, maybe, but only maybe. Phase, for the active, but the damage isn’t really needed by Crystal Maiden. Arcane Boots is a waste, you already have a skill for mana regeneration!
Blink Dagger- Ah, good positioning. Crystal Maiden also needs this to be effective. Thankfully, Blink Dagger is enough to give her proper positioning. Thanks to this, CM can blink to the middle of a team fight and wipe out the enemy team with Freezing Field.
Black King Bar- What if you blink in the middle of a fight then Lina suddenly uses Laguna Blade on you? Chances are you’ll die. Worse, your team might lose that team fight. If there’s anything I’ve learned, ALL team fights are important. Win each one if possible. Black King Bar will up your survivability a lot. Don’t make your teammates report you, use Blink, BKB, Freezing Field, then you will be commended!
Town Portal Scroll- this is pretty much self-explanatory. Be sure to be in every team fight. You might as well be the winning edge of your team. And whatever happen, DON’T DIE. Try not to get ganked.
4. Support Options
Flying Courier- same with animal courier. That is just how CM is. If you don’t buy your courier, you might be reported. Then again, if you die always and your Monkey King is already on 10+ kills, he should buy animal courier. Seriously.
Veil of Discord- If you can get this, OK. This will help you as a semi-carry get kills a lot. You need that reduction on magic resistance to put in as much damage as possible. Again, there are better items, but if you have extra good, Veil of Discord is a good choice. I personally think a Crystal Maiden, Veil of Discord is better than Dagon. Blink, BKB, Veil, Freezing Field. That will be EPIC.
5. Luxury Options
Wards- As a support, you should buy wards. Plant a ward, save a life. But if someone volunteers to be a hard support, ex. Vengeful Spirit, feel free to spend your gold elsewhere.
Scythe- This is what every Intelligence hero wants. You get nice stats and an epic active. BUT DON’T BUY IF YOU ARE AGAINST HEROES THAT DEAL MORE DAMAGE THE HIGHER YOUR INTELLIGENCE IS. Anyway, since you are just so awesome that you rampage every time you use Freezing Field, you might as well get this “Sheepstick.”
Shiva’s guard- Survivability. And a nice active as well. Blink, BKB, Guard, Freezing Field. That will be EPIC. This is a good item any day.
Shadow Blade or Glimmer Cape- PLS NEVER BUY THESE TWO AT THE SAME GAME. AND NOT IF THE ENEMY HAS GEM OR SENTRIES EARLY. But if they don’t be sure to activate these. They are good for escaping sticky situation. Or just showing up behind an unsuspecting Windranger, using scythe, then finishing her off with Freeing Field. Hahahahahahahahaha this is a bit tricky but with practice you can easily dominate a game with this.
Bloodstone- Epic survivability item. Get it if you can, it will help you A LOT. Before dying, be sure to activate your Bloodstone okay? PLEASE DON’T BE A PASSIVE-ITEM player.
Other Luxury items are welcome, but these are items I think that are good for a 7.00 semi-carry Crystal Maiden. I’d love to hear your thoughts! Comment your opinions! I’m willing to improve this guide =)

All in all, here is the formula we need for semi-carry Crystal Maiden in the epic patch 7.00 :
1. We want to rush Aghanim’s Sceptre as soon as possible. Thanks to the patch 7.00 Freezing Field now applies Frostbite on enemies who dare to stay at least 2.5 seconds on your Freezing Field. Thanks to this, it is wise to max Frostbite and naturally Freezing Field early. And please be sure to get Aghanim’s Scepter. I can’t stress this enough. You need Aghanim’s Scepter to even bother being a semi-carry. That’s what this whole build is about.
2. Survivability Items. We all know how fragile Crystal Maiden is. Items like Shiva’s Guard will be a huge help. A game where you spend most of the time dead is most likely a losing game.
3. Mobility. Get only tranquil boots. Please. And Force Staff if you won’t get blink dagger.
4. Positioning. Like what I said earlier, Crystal Maiden needs positioning. Blink Dagger can help a lot here.
5. Intelligence items. Not really needed but a huge help anyway.
6. Usual support items. Buy courier and wards or you will be reported.

Hope You like it!

The talents and abilities will be explained later in future updates. Meanwhile, I have to work on my Mirana guide. That triple arrow is simply too good to pass up =)

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