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The Storm is COMMING!!!

April 9, 2015 by QuanHoang
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DotA2 Hero: Storm Spirit

Hero Skills

Static Remnant

1 9 13 14

Electric Vortex

4 8 10 12


2 3 5 7

Ball Lightning

6 11 16


15 17 18

The Storm is COMMING!!!

April 9, 2015

Chapter Title

Storm Spirit is one of the most effective snowball heroes in dota. As a snowball hero in mid-lane, if storm is fed, he can dominate the enemies and bring the victory to your team easily. He works best in mid-lane.
New players are not recommended to play this hero when he is quite harder to play correctly than other heroes like drow and wraith king with one active skill.


In this guide, I want to guide the advance build: where you can dominate mid-lane and gank easily if you are able to play this hero (do the combo correctly).

Pros / Cons

High health regeneration
High mana regeneration
Good mobility - get around the map easily and quickly
Good damage
Easy ganks

Can be countered easily by some items for disable, silence or increase magic resistance; or heroes with hard disables or silence.
Although he has good regeneration, he cant tank in combat.


Tango: I think it's not so hard to have 2 tango from your team when you say you want to rush bottle. If not, it's fine to buy it.
Null Talisman: give you stats and damage early game for last hits and denies

Bottle: Bottle is important with Storm Spirit when you need a lot of mana for ganking and lane control.
Magic Wand: It's not necessary to have this item. Buy it if the enemies have skill for spamming like Bristle or PA.

These two items give you the regeneration in early game so buy it as soon as you can.

Core items:
Power Treads: movement speed and attack speed. Make you mana pool lower so it cost less mana when you use your ultimate skill. Nice beginning stats.
Orchid Malevolence: Nice damage and regeneration. With 5s silence and bonus damage, you will be able to gank most heroes and have the kill in 5s.
Bloodstone: Bigger mana and hit point pools. Best mana regeneration.

It depends on the other team to have next items.
BKB and Linken are good when their team have many nukes and disables.
Dagon is good when you can finish low hit point heroes like Sniper or other supports easily.
Shiva's guard is good with more intel and armor. Good when their team have many physical damage dealer.
Scythe of Vyse: a good disable and hex is always good when their team have PA or Void.

Skills build

Storm can be built many differnt ways, but about 95% of players build him very similarly. Static Remnant is always taken at level 1 for last hitting, and Overload at level 2, 3, 5 and 7, Electric Vortex is taken at 4, with Ball Lightning at 6. Then you can choose to max Static Remnant or Electric Vortex depends on what your team need: more disable or more damage to get the kill.

With this build, you can maximum the damage when you go gank with you ultimate skill and better lane control. Have your Static Remnant for last hits and throw the Overload to the enemy. It hurts so much and you can have easy kills if they are careless.

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