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The Self - Savage Arc Warden

August 6, 2016 by Chr0n1cl3r
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DotA2 Hero: Arc Warden

Hero Skills


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Magnetic Field

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Spark Wraith

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Tempest Double

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The Self - Savage Arc Warden

August 6, 2016


Hello everyone! I'm Chris, and this is my first guide on dotafire! This guide is clearly based around Arc Warden, a very fun, but difficult to play well hero.

Arc Warden possesses great killing, farming, supporting, and pushing capabilities, which is why he is so interesting. This guide is a basic guide to him and where he is best played.

Overview of Zet the Arc Warden

Arc Warden's ability Tempest Double is amazing. He basically makes a whole other hero with the same item and ability set, meaning everything is doubled/halved (damage/cooldown). He can cast all of his abilities twice, and use all his items twice. This double is your key to: Farming, Ganking, and Pushing. Never underestimate or under use this ability.


This guide is off-lane oriented. Try to get someone who has a stun or slow, but be sure you can still secure farm with them there, because your farm is #1 priority. You are going to start out by buying Tangoes to survive, and 3 slippers of agility for damage. You'll immediately want to buy boots ASAP, and depending on how your laning, a band of elvenskin (If you get good farm and don't die go for the band). After those, rush midas, and finish your boots with the recipe for boots of travel.

The rest you really just have to buy in order, but you may want to buy morbid somewhere in the middle of crystalys (Example: buy a broadsword, then morbid, now complete crystalys) depending on if you think you need lifesteal.

Once your six sloted, you'll want to trade in your midas for a different item depending on the situation. If you're getting a lot of kills, or if you need a comeback, get a divine. If you're up against a PA or Riki, get MKB. And if you want pushing power, get Manta Style. It's all up to you.


Flux: Greatest ganking ability ever. You will want to get as much farm and as many kills as you can get. Ganking is good for both, and when you catch and enemy alone, this ability really screws them.

Magnetic Field: Free fortify. This ability is great for both pushing and defending. If you cast it right while pushing, it not only makes you evade all tower attacks, it increasing your attack speed, making you a pushing monster. It can also make towers invincible for it;s duration, until the heros walk into the bubble that is.

Spark Wraith: You can't run away. This has HUGE cast range, and when an enemy is fleeing, this can stop them, or kill them, just cast it in front of their feet. It also makes a great trap. If you cast it hundreds of times on the ridge of highground, then lure and enemy up it, you have an ensured kill.

Tempest double: Everything above, plus more. Greatest ability because it is everything after you've used it all.




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