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the right way to play shadowfiend

October 3, 2013 by i hate dota
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some dumb guide to shadow fiend

DotA2 Hero: Shadow Fiend

Purchase Order

starting items

Blades of Attack
Healing Salve
Iron Branch

early game

Mask of Madness

mid-early game

Shadow Blade
Boots of Speed

mid to late game

Phase Boots

if you kept your branch and want the armour


whenever (when youre rollin in gold buy whatever i dont care)

Abyssal Blade
Aghanim's Scepter
Animal Courier
Arcane Boots
Armlet of Mordiggian
Blade Mail
Black King Bar
Belt of Strength
Battle Fury
Band of Elvenskin
Assault Cuirass
Blade of Alacrity
Blades of Attack
Blink Dagger
Boots of Speed
Boots of Travel

if you killed rosh

Aegis of the Immortal

Hero Skills



1 3 5 7

Presence of the Dark Lord

2 4 8 9

Requiem of Souls

6 11 16


10 12 13 14 15 17 18

chapter 1 part 1 intro

hi welcome to an alternative shadowfiend guide, so damn revolutionary people will shun me and call me names :'(
so yeah anyway before we get started, here are some things i expect to see a lot of in the comments
"stupid noob why dont you put anything in raze kill yourself"
you dont have to follow my guide jerk >:( dont knock it till you try it
this is just a really cheap shadowfiend build which involves killing enemies purely with autoattack and rightclick
its somewhat tested (will do more testing later)
credit to my bro he came up with the early build

chapter 1 part 2 the beginning

if youre still reading this then i guess youre gonna try it? or not i dont care i'm not forcing you to

the reason you max your soul whatever first is to get some pretty heavy damage, and harass your opposing (presumably mid) hero away, and kill creeps and get $$$$$$ for your mask of madness (to chase down people)
build the crystalys first to get crits and harass harder, crits and your soul damage are pretty dangerous. plus your maxed armour reduction passive pretty much nulls all early armour, letting you hit with full force

after that, get some boots of speed and build your shadow blade

chapter 1 part 3 rosh

you can pretty much rosh at level 11 or whenever you get the mom and crystalys
it takes a bit of luck and you have to position yourself so that rosh occasionally walks deeper into his pit and back out (or else you will get destroyed)
if its not working and you fall below half health just bail, try again in a few levels
also if it wasnt obvious dont activate the mom when rosh is hitting you, use it when he walks back to get back to full health before he turns around again

chapter 1 part ??? pros and cons

-easy kills (unless you suck at last hitting for souls/money to get your gear)

-might not work out so well if other team knows how to fight well together and doesnt just scram when you show up
-needs more testing

chapter 2 part 1 some kind of strategy

no real strategy talk, since this is just a rightclick guide
no skill necessary :(
oh but once you get a shadowblade its real fun ulting right next to someone (or even a whole group if you got backup or can take them on by yourself)

chapter 2 part 2 fountain camping

if all went according to plan, by the mid game or later game you should be fountain camping and able to kill everything in a few hits
careful you dont autoattack into the fountain
happened to me a bunch because i stopped paying attention
shut up

chapter 2 part 3 outro

thx for reading my guide m8
direct all angry emails and comments to my assistant
if your team gets pissed put one point into raze so they shut up ;)
jesus dotafire how do i arrange these damn chapters

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