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The Real Way To Play Earthshaker-support

June 15, 2012 by Google#239666
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Carrys Bitch

DotA2 Hero: Earthshaker

Hero Skills


1 3 5 7

Enchant Totem

4 12 13 14


2 8 9 10

Echo Slam

6 11 16


15 17 18


(English is MY first language but I do not really care for spelling or grammar)
Earthshaker is meant to be played one way and one way only, you are your carry's *****. What this means is that you are to only deny and push back the enemy heroes, never last hit a creep when your carry can get it. You are also to set up kills for your carry fissure is a great way to do this, separating there carry from there babysitter is a kill waiting to happen, once again let your carry last hit. ONLY KILL THEM IF CARRY CAN NOT GET TO THEM, the best places to do this will be shown later on for your fissure.

Skill Build


Fissure is the first skill that needs to be maxed, it should be levelled at 1,3,5,7. The reason for this is you are YOUR CARRYS *****, setting kills up for him and stunning him whenever possible. This also allows for 8 seconds of farm if you want to cut out your enemy's farm.


Your second and third skills you level are useless without each other, the stun provided by this effect allows for your carry to gain a chance to kill, because you are YOUR CARRYS ***** this can get a kill at several times in the game. This skill helps in team fights when you use the skill below, it will stun everyone around you in a 300 radius because of this passive effect. You should level This at 2,8,9,10, the reason level 4 is not listed as I said above skill 2 and 3 are useless with out each other.

Enchant totem:

This skill is fairly useless with out the skill listed above, the reason is this will kill a hero early one if levelled quick, when you only want to wound so your carry can get the kill. As I've said before you are YOUR CARRYS *****, the stun with the skill above is great to immobilise the enemy and if he is running, if you have a ranged hero with slow ability you are going to get first blood as well as a lot of early kills, allowing your carry to get a major gold advantage.

Echo slam:

This ultimate is devastating if used in a team fight if creeps are around, aghanims sceptre would be great if it were not for one thing, you are YOUR CARRYS ***** you should not have enough for this. If you have enough for this, you are playing Earthshaker wrong. Echo slam is fairly basic thing to use once you have gotten blink dagger, once this occurs blink in with you blink dagger, set off your ultimate then enchant your totem, this is so they are stunned. finally fissure down threw there team separating them and picking them off.

Starting Game



if your playing pubs you most likely would have to buy a courier, if you have a good team they will buy the courier allowing you to buy wards. Wards can help stop players like pudge grappling threw trees, allowing for you to see them and intervene allowing for a easy tank for your carry.

Ring of protection:

Sure the added armour is nice, but this is a leading item to the ring of basilius, this item is great to add a good mana aura and give everyone around you 2 more armour, since your a support by items with auras or disables.

Iron branch:

The reason you only need one is that you need a lot of clarity, for every clarity you have it allows for another kill for you carry (if your good with your fissure). The iron branch is also leading to a wand to help with a quick mana gain and health gain when needed.


This should be obvious, this allows for increased regeneration to heal when you get hurt, after your second or third assisted gank from the same area, they will send a team of 3 or 4 sometimes even 5 to kill you and your carry. Don't be afraid fissure can be a great for stoping chases, if you die tough luck if your carry dies you have failed your job, your wards should allow you to see there flank fissure it off and allow you carry to get away.

Healing salve:

This is from when you get hit hard assisting a gank, go back to your tower and use it healing you to around full health, when done go back to where there is a good fissure spot. This is key in the build as it allows for your carry to have a babysitter for longer.
left over money spend on clarity

Core items

Arcane boots:

Arcane boots are great early game, allowing for quick mana regen when needed keeping your fissure at hand. You can go for boots of travel, but as I said before you are YOUR CARRYS ***** and you should never have enough for these, if you do your playing him wrong. These boots are also great as a support item, when your carry is low on mana you can use these boots to give him some mana.

Ring of basilius:

Auras are great on support heros, this ring is cheap and offers a good effect, you also have only around a 325 gold item to buy after you bought your ring of protection. This is straight forward adding armour and mana, I do believe this is core, but many people want include this in there build.

Blink dagger:

Blink dagger works very well as it support all your abilities, you can blink in set up your ultimate and fissure then activate your totem stunning them for a long time. Take note you need to time these abilities after that you can blink out. This is the most important item you can get.

Luxury Items (You Should Not Have Enough for this)

You should not be able to get these items the reason is that your carry should get all the farm, and kills. Leaving you with little money.
If you do get one of the items it's ok, go for support items like Meka, pipe and vlads. There are also several item that do benefits Earthshaker but not the team. You should be always buying wards, placing them to protect your carry.


The Meka is great, allowing for the battle to change with a hit of the button, healing everyone in a 750 AoE. The aura also is handy healing all team mates nearby.
Once again you should not get this but if you do don't worry, as long as you where not contesting the last hits with your carry, or stealing his kills.

Pipe of insight:

The pipe is only after Meka and other aura items, the spell barrier is good but not very needed, since your life does not matter in the sense you can die no worries. try and take the initial spells after setting off your ultimate and other stun abilities, if your carry gets a multi kill he has gained a significant gold advantage.

Vladmirs offerings:

This item is great and cheap, you already have the ring of basilius allowing for it to be made quick. The damage aura, man aura, armour aura, and the life steal aura, help your team stay alive and gank. It is a luxury because it's not needed but very helpful.
The rest is up to you:
As I have said before you should not get this much gold, if you do your playing him wrong. But people play him different, I would advis then getting the aghast sceptre.



In this phase you are to set up easy kills for your carry, get there carry away from there babysitter, with the fissure block him from helping. You are to then try and kill there babysitter, if your carry can not get to him, helping your carry kill is first. You can use your fissure to stun then hit them once allowing for last hits to go to your carry. You are also to protect him using fissure to block a lane when he is being chased, you can then proceeded to try an escape or fight, his life is worth more than yours.

Team fight:

You can intimate or come in later and stun everyone and heal them, (if you have Meka), this allows for your team to have the advantage of an early health advantage. The other option is to fissure half of there team off making it 5 v 3 or 5v2, then blink in and set off your ultimate, and activate your totem, your fissure should be ready again then, if so use it again. Try and protect your carry.

Final Statement

Don't try using Earthshaker if you play dota 2 similar to COD or if you care about your K/D, your job is to get them assists, if you finish a game with 20 or 30 assists you have done good. Getting more than 4 kills is bad, unless they have targeted you and you have killed from that, no more than 4 contested kills should be taken from your carry. If you had a lot of deaths and your carry had none, you have perfected the art of Earthshaker.


I'm am not a pro player. But I am fairly good, this is my first guide and if played perfectly and with a bit of luck (players splitting, will be shown in photos). If you died a lot and you are complaining look at how many times your carry died, also see if he sucks, if so then you played well.

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