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The Real Shotgun

October 29, 2012 by Numeta
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Set it and forget it.

DotA2 Hero: Sniper

Hero Skills


2 3 5 7


1 8 9 10

Take Aim

4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18

Tell me more about your secret sciences Numeta.

When maxing shrapnel this allows you to clear quad stack neutral camps for a good 600+ gold and a godly amount of EXP, as well as push your mid tower quickly. This method of jungling should be used for any hero you would play mid.

Note that clearing the neutral stacks will take 2-3 shrapnels and a tiny bit of kiting. The cooldown on shrapnel is only 15 seconds so it's not that big of a deal.

Starting items- 3 all stats, 6+ agility for some good base damage. Solid regen for mana and health as well.

Early items- First item off the bat will be your Boots of tranquility, this will give you excellent sustain in lane, and great movement speed to avoid ganks and stack neutrals on time, after that grab your oblivion staff, will give you great mana regen and a good amount of damage.

Midgame items- Orchid is a pretty godly item considering how cheap it is now, and for 45+ dmg at that price? INSANE! On top of it being a cost effective item, this will allow you to combo the amplifying silence into assassinate which deals a great chunk of damage. This item by itself is a very defensive tool as well, allowing you to negate ganks and turn the tables even. On top of this it will provide insane mana regen for you to spam shrapnel and your ult, which is your damage from the early to mid game phase.

Lategame items- Ethereal blade is the ****! Especially when you can combo assassinate with it. Once you complete your ethereal blade you will be in a excellent position to kill anyone with Soul burn +Eth blade + assassinate to one shot supports, even carries.. Plus the item having 10/40/10 stats it gives more damage than manta. Manta style is pretty standard on agility carries, offers a nice disjoint and good stats/damage. Manta after this is pretty standard.

Endgame- The items listed are not in order of how you should buy them. They are situational end game items. I'm a big fan of butterfly though so I think you should buy that after manta. As for the rest of the items use you discretion in game.

Situational items- BKB if the enemy team is a bunch of try hard nerds with mass disable, and diffusal for *** omniknight.

I can't stress enough how important neutral stacking is for this build. He clears stacks very efficiently.

Replays to analyze

Check out the replay!

Small change/Update#2

I actually removed Ring of aquila all together and moved Orchid as first buy instead of Ethereal blade, This change will let up on some gold needed early, saving 1k from RoA and allowing a quicker route to Orchid + Eth blade. And will allow you to have a tiny bit more damage earlier on.

Update-2 I removed steamboots early on for Tranquil boots, I found myself buying regen mid game in, so this really help and it allows you to stack and gank better, good sustain and great movespeed. Later on you can disassemble tranquil boots for power treads, or BoT.

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