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The Real Jugg Build

February 9, 2013 by thereal_whatnow
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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The Real Jugg Build

February 9, 2013


This build/item choice to most people is so foreign they dont even understand the concept. Well let me enlighten you all. Jugg's Blade Dance is simply his best ability, outside Omnislash... These two work off each other... I see so many builds go zero bladedance early then expect to get kills on people with Omnislash or chasing with Bladespin. While bladespin does great damage early it tapers off very fast since it is Magic Damage. This can be effective with a strong lane partner who can slow enemies, however its not reliable. Espeically against targets with a decent amount of HP.

To make my build work effectively, you must locate solo targets or anyone not near creeps/nuets/enemys. Intiating offscreen (out of ward vision) with lothar/shadowblade on the target and gettin the extra damage from backstab off it. Then following up with Omnislash. If you need to escape disables you throw down bladespin to esacpe or tp out. Bladespin is NEVER meant to deal damage to enemies past early levels.

With simple Phase Boots, Juggs Bladedance will do MORE damage and FASTER than any Bladespin could.

Once you're 6 you can easily dive solo heros with Omnislash who are not surruounded, also phase into them and get auto attacks in on them, any Blade Dance is alot of damage, and it happens more often than you think. When you have it maxed early.


Start with a QB, Salve, Tango, and Slippers of Agi.... This will give you enough last hitting power to gurantee an early Ring of Health, focus mostly on getting every cs you can for the RoH unless ther is an obvious chance to get a kill.

Once you get your RoH, is nothing more than for sustainabilty, this item will sit in your inventory for awhile before it gets completed into anything better.

Focus on your Phase Boots next, starting with the boots and then the Blades of Attack.

If your lane isnt tough and you have a good lane partner who keeps people zoned out so you can CS, you should easily have Phase Boots and RoH, by level 6 or 7.

Next will be your Shadow Amulet, followed by Claymore. This is your CORE ITEM. You will use this to intiate all omnislashes and almost all attacks on enemies. It will force other team to play cautious and be scared of you.

Once you get Lothar/Shadowblade you can go ahead and get a void stone for some mana sustain.

Now start saving up for those Mithril Hammers, get that Deso ASAP. This is for those tanky heros with lots of armor. It is a must for late game.

With Shadowblade and Deso, these two items alone will be a free kill on anyone if they are alone. Remember to always get the backstab hit FIRST before you drop omnislash on your target. This is a free 150 bonus phsyical damage ontop of your normal attack. Plus will add the -armor deso debuff.

From this point out I complete my Battlefury, to add cleave effective for when you have to use Omnislash in teamfights or Multiple enemy heros.

After this Aghs Scepter. Anything after this point is good. Bfly/AC/Abyssal whatever you prefer... BKB whatever.


I know this concept is just like WTF???????????? To most people but I dont use Bladespin to get most of my kills ever except in the very early early stages of the game. This is why I only go 2 points in Bladespin ever. And use it 99% of the time as an escape mekanism.

Bladedance is your BREAD and BUTTER. You use this to easily last hit, and get kills.

Stats early will also help you have more hp and mana pool to draw from. Mana is an issue for you early with this build so find teammates with Boots of Aracne if you can and ask for a hit. Always try to keep your mana pool high incase you need to Shadowblade out or Bladespin outta a sticky situation.

Dont ever use bladespin to farm creepwaves... If you cant last hit you shouldnt be playing a carry in the first place.


The synergy of all these items combined make for a ruthless Jugger, too many times I see juggs with battelfurys early who will run into a fight, and start bladespin on their target... Instead of doing auto attack damage, which is ALOT more than Bladespin will do at mid stages of the game.

The main focus of this Jugg build is to gank people offlane farming or cutting across rivers to ward etc. Try not to use Shadowblade as an esacpe, use it to intiate on people in low traffic areas. When you get teamed up on, you can Bladespin to avoid disables. By then your Shadowblade should be comin back up soon to safely get away.

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