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The 'MC Hammer' Can't touch this :-) build.

April 6, 2014 by Divine Wind
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Be your lane buddy's BEST FRIEND!

DotA2 Hero: Enchantress

Hero Skills


2 4 6 8


Nature's Attendants

1 3 5 9




The 'MC Hammer' Can't touch this :-) build.

Divine Wind
April 6, 2014

From the start...

Start with Ring of Regen (which is 250GP towards 'Vlad's Offering' and +15% aura damage)
and Tangos (for health) and Clarity (for your healing 'Nature's Attendants)

Orb Of Venom (from Side shop) an overlooked item which also slows an enemy's attacks... which along with your natural untouchability... makes you SUCH A NUISANCE!

... Vlad's Offering makes your later skill >'IMPETUS'< a virtual 'javelin of death' if you throw it enough times - and this can literally be a Spirit Breaker if you hit him on the chin as he steams in for a STUN! You may even see him call off his attack mid run when he realises you're there with this sweet attack.

TOP TIP: Activate 'Natures Attendants' as you run in closely to support a friend... they'll heal... and you'll heal if you're struck (like that'll ever happen)

'Helm Of Iron Will' reduces the damage taken and 'Boots Of Trave'l is a luxury and gets you out of most sticky situations.

FOOTNOTE: I have been cornered by 3 enemy -- activated 'Natures Attendants' as I ran away... (which healed me up faster than it took to turn and be part of all 3 dying a sad death) ... even I said "I bet they didn't expect that!"

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