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The man without a face

May 4, 2014 by XXX-BAT_CROWLEY-XXX
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DotA2 Hero: Faceless Void

Hero Skills

Time Walk

1 3 5 7

Time Dilation

2 8 9 10

Time Lock

4 12 13 14


6 11 16


15 17 18


Hey guys this is Crowley from OG.CM.. this is my personal playstyle, which may differ from your standard builds as my item choices and power ups and according to the situation in the game.

Pros and cons

It evades both physical and magical damage
It stuns and deals bonus damage in Chronosphere
Has a long distance range to intiate fighst or escape
It can be used to turn the tides of the battle

It depends on luck since it has a very low percentage early game
Since it depends alot of ur items it is fairly useless until you get ur mid-game items

High cooldown early game


Your first skill is called Time Walk. It is a blink, whitch will slow all enemies near you by 25/30/35/40%. Keep in mind that it slows both attack speed and movement speed, and that it should be aimed like Morphling's Waveform, meaning you should point at the exact place you want to blink. Also, it isn't meant to be spammed like Queen of Pain's Blink, due to hight mana cost as well as long cooldown. It is usually used to initiate a fight (although not recomended), to escape for gangs early game, or to catch up to enemies. Also, since it also slows attack speed by a wooping 44% for 3sec you can use it vs some lategame carries (like blink right where you are) so that you can destroy their attack speed and out dps them.
Note: when using Time Walk just for the slow make sure you wont need it for the next 20/17/15/13sec, since it has a HUGE cooldown for a blink

Faceless Void's second skill is called Backtrack, and it allows him to "dodge" incoming damage. Keep in mind that
a) it procs in both magical and physical damage, eg I have like 200HP, and the enemy Zeus utlies, hoping to get me. Poor Zeus! Thanks to Backtrack and some luck, I "dodge" Thundergod's Wrath, and I survive (this actually happened to me yesterday)!
b) Backtrack isn't considered evesion since it is an auto-proced heal, and as such it stacks with items like Butterfly, allowing you to have a wooping 60% evasion! This make's you sooooooooo hard to kill lategame, since even if the enemy carry has like a Monkey King Bar, you will still "dodge" his attacks thanks to this amazing skill!

This is the reason Faceless Void is such a hard carry. Time Lock is a free Skull Basher, with the added bonus that it has 0 cooldown, meaning you can keep a foe stunlocked just by attacking him! It also give you a +70 damage on lvl4 (when it proc's) which is really good since it will give Faceless Void a nice damage boost. Keep in mind that it doesn't stack with Skull Basher or Abyssal Blade, so don't bother buying them!

Finally, Faceless Void's ultimate. Chronosphere. This is one of the best gamebreaking skills. It is an AoE disable, and the only "reliable" disable Faceless Void has, but be cautious using it, since it also disables you allies, buildings and generally EVERYTING, allied or foe. Early game you want to use it to get some kills (with the help of your allies of course, at that point you can't solo anyone). If you
use it for early game kills make sure you do it after you allies have used their disables, else the enemy may get away. You can also use it to escape gangs of save an important ally from the enemy team. Lategame, however, you should not use it for just a single kill, it s better used during teamfights, so save it for them. Last but not least, it reveals invisible enemies in it.

Early/mid/late game


If you're going safe lane the objective of early game is to secure farm and early you cant contest aggressive lanes since the hero is weak at early stages,

Mid game

At this point of the game the enemy semi-carries are the most powerful and start rotating towards your lane to gank since your the hard carry and to pressure you to leave the lane, so therefore you should have power treads mask of madness and midas to nc since most likely you'll be forced out of the lane and this is the time when time walk comes in handy since so you should have decent levels in that power, you can also help out your teammates in the fights, make sure you arrive a little late in the fight when opponent hps are low since u cannot man fight

LATE game

IT IS THE TIME WHEN YOU SHINE LIKE A SUPER STAR, YOU'RE THE STAR YOU JUST JUMP IN AND BASH PEOPLE TO DEATH, after having the right items ofcourse, and place your chronos properly since if you happen to miss your chrono you are in great danger of losing the game since its late game and one mistake pretty much decides the game

Hero counters

Vengeful is really good vs void early game since you use your chronos mostly to solo kill and she can swap out the unit
Bane is a really good counter of void since he counters void with enfeeble -120, fiends grip from long range and sleep also.. so you'll have to place ur chronoes properly vs a bane
It is a little similar to bane as you have to place your chronoes properly and make sure you use it with your team because if sd is not inside the chrono he will disrupt the unit and probably turn the gank


This is a replay of the game that i played void in a cm match.
Screenshot of the game right below! ( proper resolution )

Crowley ( SENDO takeshi )

nB | Eight below
nB | 123
BFk | New to Dota
Shadow Demon

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