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The hunt is on!

April 25, 2012 by Matsimoko
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The toolkit of an assassin

DotA2 Hero: Bounty Hunter

Hero Skills

Shuriken Toss



Shadow Walk



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You have to prepare yourself if you want to fight...

A friend of mine has just started to play and I decided to make this guide to guide him through how to play Bounty Hunter. Back in the days with DotA 1 Bounty Hunter wasn't used seriously and usually was used to farm up real fast and then just faceroll people with this fun build that I've added to you, for trying it out.

Opening theme - Second part

By making this guide I would like to introduce you a new way of thinking about how to play bounty hunter and how to play an assassin.

Prepare for fight!

After picking Bounty Hunter, look at both your team and the opposing team. Think about how the lanes will go and who you'll be facing. Do you go solo, duo or triple lane? Accordingly, everything you buy / skill will depend on the situation, you have to adapt.

You'll need some practice to learn what items to go for, but in the beginning consider the following things:

- What are you facing, who are you laning with or do you go solo?

If you're solo, focus on getting last hits if you're outnumbered or outclassed. If you're stronger, harass him with jinada or shuriken toss. I would prefer jinada because it allows you to win the opposing player in last hits.

If you're duo, either focus on farming or trying to get kills depending on how many heroes you're facing. If you're 2v1, at least harass the opposing player away. If you're even I would suggest you to play it on the safe side, unless your duo friend is strong.

When laning against greater number of enemies, you should still be able to farm - you just need a better mindset! Don't whine and moan every time you lose an last hit, instead go guerilla warfare and think about every lasthit as an small victory, building towards your goal of getting a set of tools fit for assassination.

- Getting the items...

Now THIS is a hard matter! I don't think there's just one good starting set, but instead you have to pick the best set depending on the situation. Some tips though, instead of getting slippers of agility, buy gauntlets of strenght. If you're feeling unsafe about your last hitting, get Logger's Hatchet! If you think you'll be spending a lot of time invisible, might I suggest you sobi mask? Last but not least, always bring regeneration with you.

- Skills

A quick note about the skills. You can pretty much take your skills in any order you want to, but when taking your skills, think about it. What do you need right now? Invisibility is good with 1 or 2 points in it, Jinada is awesome for getting you those last hits for sure or harassing/killing your opponent. Shuriken Toss deals a lot of damage, but early on you won't have the mana to sustain it. You can't just keep on tossing Shurikens and have enough mana to keep on doing so. Even here, you could max Shuriken Toss and then buy bottle, control the rune(s) and have the mana to spam. The ways to play are so vast that it's no easy task telling you everything. So instead, I just give you good basic outlines on how to decide where you might want to go from where you are.

The tools to get the job done...

Kudos to you if you remember where this music is from. ;)

Now, there isn't a single good item build. Every team you're with and every team you're against needs a different approach and different items. There's a few items that I would call mandatory:

-Drums of Endurance
HP, movespeed, helps your whole team. Get this item.

-Black King Bar
You need a little bit of time and protection to get the job done in big fights, especially the protection. Don't trust your teammates, protect yourself and get the job done for more cash! Bounty Hunter is really weak and the magic immunity adds so much to him. He can't be disabled or nuked so you're safe from burst damage, you'll be able to escape pretty much anything AND your opponents can't save themselves or their friends with disables.

-Phase Boots
More damage works well with Jinada and your ultimate. Learn how to use the activated ability to it's full potential and your opponents are going to find themselves in a very, very nasty world.

Besides that I wouldn't call anything mandatory, the closest item to mandatory would be Urn of Shadows or Bottle. Preferrably Urn, it gives you health, manaregen, heal and just a bit more reach which might just make the difference in the end.

Items to think about:

Magic Wand gives you a bit of more health passively, but the activated ability is awesome. It's good, but after getting drums, urn and bkb you'll already have 3 items to use. And 4 with Phase Boots. I wouldn't suggest this item, but if you like it and will use it, go ahead and try.

Medallion of Courage works really well with your -armor from ultimate, gives you mana regen and armor if needed! If someone in your team already has urn, I would suggest you to build this item.

The big treasures!

Think about it, who's the hardest hero in the opposing team to kill? Who's the target that has to be eliminated or disabled? Is there a hero who keeps on escaping from you? If you're winning like no tomorrow, I would suggest you to go ahead and just build more damage or scythe of vyse. With the damage you should just destroy all the weak heroes and make them fear doing anything at all. With Scythe of Vyse, nobody is safe from you...

For damage items, I would suggest stacking -armor because it benefits your whole team at the same time. The situational items are good, just try them out for fun. ;)

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