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The Harbinger Comes

January 20, 2013 by bigguy99
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Hard Carry

DotA2 Hero: Outworld Destroyer

Hero Skills

Arcane Orb

5 12 13 14

Astral Imprisonment

1 3 8 9

Essence Flux

2 4 7 10

Sanity's Eclipse

6 11 16


15 17 18

The Harbinger Comes

January 20, 2013


Outworld Devourer is an int. hard carry that needs farm and is very item-dependent. He needs lots free farm during the early part of the game, and is best played mid. He's one of those heroes that, if he has a **** early game, he will most likely have a complete **** late game and will be near useless. His intelligence must be extremely high for him to be very effective, so getting int. items on him is a must. Any tank items are almost always not considered because offensive things like a sheep stick or a Skadi benefit OD much more.

Pros / Cons

-Almost unstoppable late game
-Can harass anyone easily, especially those with low int.
-Mana is pretty much never a problem, even early game
-Ultimate and Astral Imprisonment are amazing in teamfights

-Very squishy, and tank items are almost never an option on him
-Long cooldown on ulti
-Very item-dependent


Arcane Orb is OD's auto-cast spell that makes his right clicks extremely powerful. Each use of it costs 100 mana, but with your aura and naturally high mana pool, this won't be a problem. The fact that it does pure damage is incredible, and doing more damage to illusions and summoned units means that Warlock's ultimate and Phantom Lancer won't be going too far. It gives extra damage, at level 4, equal to 9% of your mana pool. That is huge, especially when you have over 2000 mana late game.

Astral Imprisonment is a very fun skill on OD. He is able to harass anyone mid, and the cool thing about this is that you can stop your enemy from getting cs with this and steal int. at the same time. While trapped, the target is invulnerable (except when being hit by your ultimate), so it definitely must be used carefully in teamfights and dangerous situations for yourself. The target (enemy or ally) is trapped for 4 seconds when this skill is maxed out, which is huge; it can completely turn the tide of a teamfights if used, for example, on someone like Faceless Voice after he's popped the Chronosphere (assuming you don't get hit by it).

Essence Aura is OD's passive ability that allows him to regain mana very quickly and reliably. He gets a chance to replenish 25% of his mana after using a single spell (not including those that are toggled or without a cooldown) in addition to getting some extra mana. At level 4, you have a 40% chance to get back a quarter of your mana and get 300 mana added to your already high pool of it. This means that every Arcane Orb, Astral Imprisonment, or Sanity's Eclipse, you can get back a ton of mana. Arcane Orb works especially well with this because it does more damage depending on how much mana you have, and if it is constantly getting replenished, the damage output will always be high.

Sanity's Eclipse is OD's bread and butter. This ulti does damage based on the intelligence difference between you and whoever is getting hit by it. The only heroes that shouldn't be hit too hard by it are Pugna, Dazzle, Enigma, Lich, Lina, all of which have at least an int. gain of 3.2 (yours being 3.3). Heroes with low strength, on the other hand, such as Earthshaker, Sven, and pretty much a lot of strength heroes in general, are incredibly easy to kill using this. While your int. is constantly getting higher at an almost unfair rate, theirs isn't really being paid attention to. Then comes the Astral Imprisonment, taking away some more of their int. and giving it to you, and then the ulti, which does an incredible amount of damage, even being able to one-shot full health heroes sometimes. It does get a little bit better with Aghanim's (longer range to cast and a higher int. difference damage multiplier), but the item isn't necessary at all because the difference it makes isn't that large in the long run.


To start, you'll want to get the standard regen items (a Tango and a Salve), as well as one Branch, a Criclet, and a Mantle. The reason for the Circlet and the Mantle is that you want to get your Null Talisman finished quick so it gives you the advantage over your opponent quick, not later when it isn't that useful. The Branch is there to be turned into a Magic Wand because, although the mana regen isn't that useful, it can be, along with the stats and HP regen.

Early game isn't very difficult when it comes to what items you'll want to get. You should have your Null Talisman fairly quickly, as well as some boots and a Wand. He just needs to farm a lot and not die early.

Your core items are expensive. After getting Power Treads (first) and a Force Staff (second), you're going to want an Eye of Skadi and a sheep stick. The Force Staff is to get into positioning and can be used either offensively or defensively (to run away from enemies or to catch up to them, making killing them easier and getting killed more difficult). The Skadi and Scythe of Vyse both cost over 5000 gold, but they are extremely useful. The Skadi is for complete pub stomp. The slow is absolutely wonderful. It doesn't allow anyone to escape, and the health and mana bonus are a nice part of the item. The Scythe of Vyse, on the other hand, is an incredibly powerful Hex that makes it even more difficult for enemies to escape (that's the third way to not allow enemies to get away, the other two being Skadi and Astral Imprisonment). It turns them into a helpless pig that just gets attacked during the duration of the Hex. The one thing you have to note is to never imprison them during the Hex. It pretty much wastes it. You'll want to do that after they've returned to normal and continue with the assault. The order in which you get Skadi and the Scythe of Vyse is a toss-up depending on the siutation of the game, but if everything is going along normally, I prefer the sheep stick because of the Hex alone. It is too powerful to not get, and with it comes lots of mana regen and very nice stats. All in all, getting your core items will surely take a long time (unless you get fed a lot and your farm is unbelievable), but they are definitely worth it.

Your luxury items are very fun. Aghanim's is generally not considered because of how small the difference is, but it is definitely a viable option. Refresher Orb can be very, very useful in teamfights. Oh, so your ulti didn't kill? That's too bad. Good thing you have a Refresher Orb! Now you can pop two ultimates in a matter of seconds and utterly demolish the enemy team. A Shiva's Guard is a good defensive item (if you really need it) and can work wonders in teamfights in combination with your ultimate. Having an AOE slow allows Sanity's Eclipse to catch even more enemy heroes and lets your teammates attack the more as well. The armor and intelligence are good for survival and your mana pool and damage output, respectively. An Orchid is a very interesting item, as it gives you intelligence, mana regen, attack speed, damage, and a very, well, "cool" active. It silences the target and makes them take 25% more damage. This is incredible. Your Arcane Orbs do lots more damage, and your ulti does even more, especially against a hero with low int. It's not a very important item on Harbinger, but it can be used. Then there's Rod of Atos. This gives you some health (that you will appreciate), intelligence, and a nice 60% slow that lasts for 4 seconds. This makes it even more difficult for the enemy to run away from you. Last is a Eul's. This gives some good movement speed and a great active. You can probably see how I like to play OD, as this is the sixth thing that hinders the opponent's ability to escape (let's count - Force Staff, Astral Imprisonment, Rod of Atos, Eul's, Skadi, and the sheep stick). He is all about killing quickly, and if that isn't possible, ruining any hopes the enemy had of a getaway.

Last Words

Outworld Devourer is a very fun hard carry that can snowball out of control. He needs to be played well, and positioning and timing of items and abilities are crucial when using him. His skill cap isn't the highest, but I don't recommend him for new players. Good luck to anyone that uses him, and if you do, I hope this guide helps!

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