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The glaives will silence you ! (Carry Build)

July 22, 2015 by HALOMATIX130
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Any last words ?

DotA2 Hero: Silencer

Purchase Order

Little steps to become a genius

Boots of Speed

Silencer must be fast, but PSSSST !

Power Treads
Force Staff
Orchid Malevolence

Now the Full Carry Silencer !

Moon Shard
Aghanim's Scepter
Scythe of Vyse

1 slot left cause you dont need 1 item !

Aegis of the Immortal
Blade Mail
Shadow Blade
Blink Dagger
Black King Bar


Dagon 1
Eye of Skadi
Helm of the Dominator
Skull Basher
Vladmir's Offering

Hero Skills

Arcane Curse

1 3 5 7

Glaives of Wisdom

10 12 13 14

Last Word

2 4 6 8

Global Silence

9 11 16


15 17 18

The glaives will silence you ! (Carry Build)

July 22, 2015

T-T Okay, i will be silent !

Hey guys and welcome to my DotA-Guide of SILENCER :3 I will not talk a lot now cause its dehornoring the silencer. Its very simple to play. In early you spam your Q all the time on enemys. use it AFTER enemy cast a spell, if you don't do this he will use a spell and its interupted. After you harassed him a lot you can use Q and E, while this you follow him and rightclick him. He will die, you get stack. If you see someone else is ganked run RUUUUN and force staff into range. You musnt get the Kill, just be near. After you got orchid focus all not rightclick heroes, silence then Q E Rightclick and GG one stack more. If you are good you have same count on stacks, then the timer has minutes. After 50 Stacks, you come out, show your inteligent ****, and rightclick them so hard with your W. In teamfights you stay in the back, let someone tank the damage and you just use ult, Q to all and E to the bastard who try to focus you, then you rightclick all enemys who has to get your attandence. Teamfight = 10 Stacks more. If you die but get a Stack go and die, you will respawn, the stack will be there 4 ever. The realy ironic thing is if you get silenced you are totaly ****ed. No skills are avaible. So avoid silence or GG FF. At Last you can play on a lane with all nuker or disabler. If you get someone like Lycan on your lane, change lane direktly. Avoid all magic resist guys, or KOTL ! KOOOTTLLLLL (Bastard)!!!!! Hope that helps you a lot :P I will be silence now T-T

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