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The Glaives of the Moon Guide

May 12, 2014 by _LuVion
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Build 1
Build 2

Mass Carry Luna

DotA2 Hero: Luna

Hero Skills

Lucent Beam

2 11 12

Moon Glaives

4 5 7 9

Lunar Blessing

1 3 6 8


14 15 16


13 17 18

Carry Luna abilities

Pushing lanes and getting money is easy as all hell with this build.

Lucent Beam: Really easy ability to use, pick the hero trying to run away like a wimp and BAM lucent beam to secure the kill, only 1 level needed during the early game to either make the enemy back off when trying to kill your laning buddy or to secure a kill during the early stages of the game.

Moon Glaives: Your main source of farm. as long as you focus on hitting the creeps with the least health your bouncing glaives should lower the rest of the creeps health for the next last hit. The bounces also go towards heroes pushing them away from the creep line allowing you free farm.

Lunar Blessing: Really nice early game damage boost. who needs claws of attack when you have this passive. amazing for last hitting and when aimed at heroes their health will take a big beating when trying to last hit for gold.

Eclipse: Late game ulti, your not playing to nuke the enemy heroes health, your playing to push the lanes at get a ludicrous ammount of attack speed that will push through creep waves like its nothing. This ulti does damage based on the lucent beams damage so max this last.

Nuker Luna abilities

Good ol' fashion nuking dealing big damage to the opposing team

Lucent Beam: Your first ability to max This has a really nice range and deals a nice big ammount of damage at second level for the early game, during the late game this is more of a kill secure or if your ulti is on cooldown an ability to start the gank of with, the stun isnt much but it can cancel TP's so its even great for that.

Moon Glaives: No need for this passive, your trying to nuke your enemies not hit everything in the lane, max this when you have level 3 ulti.

Lunar Blessing: Might as well grab it for some of the last hits, but still its a nice damage boost to lower the opposing heroes health enough for lucent beam to finish them off. This is the second ability you should max out.

Eclipse: Your Nuking Bread and Butter. Really nice damage and with aghanims can cause mass destruction during team fights. Only problem is you have to stay alive and be in the middle of it all for it to do maximum damage.

How to use your items (Carry)

Power Treads: During the early stages of the game keep these in Strength to keep your health up so you can stay in the lane longer. as soon as you get manta style you can swap these into agility for the damage and attack speed.

Manta Style: Just before you get to a tower or massive creep wave pop this item for more damage and glaive bounces, it also will protect you a little bit from ganks as opposing heroes might mistake an illusion for you.

Mjolnir: Before any fight without your creep wave pop these to deal more damage to the creeps.

Healm of the dominator: See those ranged creeps. Steal them, they do nice damage and can be heavy hitters to pushing the tower in groups. OR . For farming purposes if you see the bigger wildwing neutral creep steal it, and use its psyclone ability to clear other neutral camps for more money.

Satanic: Is there an opposing hero trying to stop your push? Pop this bad boy and get 175% lifesteal for 3.5 seconds from each glaive bounce.

Shadow Blade If you really need to pop this RUN!!!!!

How to use your items (Nuker)

Arcane Boots: Simple. Need mana? pop them

Euls Scepter of Divinity: Literally only have this for the massive 40+ movement speed but you can also use the psyclone in case there are one to many opposing heroes trying to chase you down.

Bloodstone: Get this for the mana regen, plus its a bit of health, so why not. Get the soul booster first and dissasemble your arcane boots for the energy booster then convert the boots of speed into power treads for the late game into strength until you have a heart.

Shadow Blade: Use this to get into position for your ultimate or to run away from bad situations.

Black King Bar (BKB): If the opposing team has a lot of stuns or disables make sure to get this so you survive longer and manage to get your ultimate up and running.

Refresher Orb: This is a very luxury item only get this if kills are really easy to get, why? because your ultimate stacks with each other dealing twice as much damage. BUT it costs a lot of mana to use this and can be bad if you run out too quickly.

Shiva's Guard: Shadow blade in. Ultimate popped. pop this so they get slowed and have to feel the wrath of the beams blasting onto their heads.

Dagon: Really? Ok fine just go blast someone with your beam and then this (basic inta kill)

Aghanims Scepter: Now your ultimate lasts even longer and deals more damage, as if it wasnt overpowered enough.

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