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The Dragon way to Ultimate troll

June 24, 2013 by Dota guru
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DotA2 Hero: Dragon Knight

Hero Skills

Breathe Fire

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Dragon Tail

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Dragon Blood

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Elder Dragon Form

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The Dragon way to Ultimate troll

Dota guru
June 24, 2013


Dragon knight is kinda hard hero to use, one problem about him is his attack speed, so u might want to buy treads rather than tranquil or arcane.

During the starting match, you don't really need to buy any health items except tango( for emergency purposes) as you have dragon blood. Since u have dragon blood, you dont really need to care about initating with carries like sniper

Mid game

In mid-game make sure u farm hard, I am sure that if u buy mask of mad, you will start to feel dragon knight's power, as the attack speed combines with his high attack plus the life steal and the dragon blood. Buying mask of madness also can benefit you. I understand that it's kind of troublesome to chase down dying heroes as you are slow, buy mask of madness and it can increase your attack speed


buying assault cuirass will dramatically increase your attack speed plus it can also benefit your allies with the aura around you.

You can also buy heaven's halberd to increase your damage, as i already said, dragon knight needs attack speed, after buying assault cuirass, your problems are solved. You just need to focus on buying some strength items like hearts to make u almost impossible to kill you.

If there is some idiot on the enemy team that keeps going invis and run away, you know what to buy with all the gold u have left

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