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The community deleter

October 26, 2018 by elvin477
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DotA2 Hero: Techies

Purchase Order

Starting Items

Mid game

Late game

Hero Skills

Proximity Mines

2 4 5 9

Stasis Trap

11 13 14 16

Blast Off!

1 3 7 8

Remote Mines

6 12 18


10 15

Hero Talents

+251 Attack Damage
+25 Mines Movement Speed
+50 Movement Speed
+150 Gold/Min
+300 Blast Off Damage
+6 Mana Regen
+30% XP Gain
-4s Proximity Mines Cooldown

The community deleter

October 26, 2018


Starting to cut down the community requires the first step to combine Techies with someone that can dominate the lane and set up the early kills.

Centaur/Techies: This combination is my favourite combination. The Centaur/Techies lane is litarly Al-Quida reborn again. Centaur and Techies will focus on trading hits with any cores they're up against and the trade will always be to your favour. Centaur can use double edge to get them low while also stunning them to set up to the 100% easy blast off.

Tiny/Techies: Almost the same concept. Tiny can also throw enemies into the mines where you can set upp blast off and mine damage.

Legion/Techies: This one requires a good Legion that have the balls to constantly harass the enemies with both Overwelming Odds and right clicks. Also you two will have realy easy set ups for duel kills when she hits lvl 6

I only picked out a few out of the combinations that you can play with Techies in lane. Get to know them really good before trying out other combinations such as:


Simple as it comes you go exactly as I have said. Boots, Soulring, Tranqs, Euls.
From here you can either go Aether Lens, if you have good net. Or you go Aghs if you have lesser net than required. Arther lens then Aghs should be bought before 33-34 minute mark.

After we get the base items,(Tranqs, Soulring, Euls, Aether, Aghs), we start to buy into the level 25 talent. The reason is that we do not need any more items to help us with the complete cancer you will spread with them remote mines.

We start with Hex then Pike and atlast Bloodthorn.
Items after this should be bkb, travels, maybe silvers edge if needed.

Items to be replaced in order are: Soul Ring, Euls, Aether Lens. But never the Aghs.


Proximity Mines: A mine with a radius of 400. So any enemy standing in the radius of 400 aeo will get damaged by this mine. Also works great on buildings (dealing 25% of the damage). Before exploding an enemy must stand in radius for 1.75s. This spell is best placed combined with statis traps.
Early game usage: In laning stage the Proximity Mines are best placed hidden in the trees. Remember that it is aeo triggerd and deals damage in aeo. This means that mines should not be placed early where creaps are pathing. Use it well so that enemies can't get to the side shop without cutting down trees or as we swedes say, brösta läget.
Always have one in any ward cliffs or ramps so you know if enemies are near or placing wards. This will help you secure laning stage as if Techies was not cancer enough.
If they leave the lane and go into the jungle you are not going there to maybe get kills. YOU STAY AND MINE THEIR TOWER DOWN. The mines does really well against towers.

In mid game this mine will be used to to heavy damage against enemies while they go up ramps. Use it as said before with statis traps. Many wide ramps can have two proxomity mines set up 1200 damage (after reduction). This will not be enough so combine it with remote miness. Keep in mind that remotes does not have the same radius damage so they must be placed a little further in the ramps.

Statis Trap: Roots enemies for 2/3/4/5 seconds. It triggers just the same as proximity mines, 400 radius. It has a blast radius of 600 aeo. So enemies who get rooted by it can also root others in a 200aeo radius. This trap will also trigger instant so there is no 1.75 second delay on this one.
As you have seen I highly recommend you using it with proximity mines. Reason is that you will not give away your mines by the sound. Instead they will get rooted and then killed by your mines.

400 radius damaging and silencing spell. Nothing more said, just use it well in lane securing kills for both you and your offlaner. Use it well with euls and keep in mind always that it silences so it can be used to silence enemies in team fights for SEVEN ****ING SECONDS while dealing 600 damage. Combine it with euls to get easy pickoffs.

Remote Mines: Remote mines are mines that you trigger to explode. They deal 300/450/600 damage, 450/600/750 with Aghs. You throw away the mines with a cast range off 500, 700 with aghs, 950 with aghs and aether lens. Remote mines have a 10 minute duration, meaning it will self detonate after 10 minutes dealing no damage.
The damage radius of the mines are 425 which makes them go well with statis traps.
After you've put down the tier one tower you need to asap control the vision game with these mines. They provide 700 ground vision. Put them over thier whole jungle area so you can scout out supports placing wards and players farming in the jungle etc etc.
One thing you will not do is stacking remote mines and wasting time in the wrong places. Stack them in places that cores are usually farming and you'll also not be afraid of giving the mines away because they do not block any camps from spawning.
In teamfights these are the mines you will cast out and help your team out. You can throw the mine out and trigger the explosion with focus detonate instantly.
When used on ramps with statis trap you will put the remote mines further than the statis trap because the statis trap roots in 600 aeo and the remotes damage is 425aeo radius.

Minefield Sign: You will use this sign early infront of the enemies tier one tower to remind him everytime his farming that cancer has come just as winter has come. The sign lasts for 3 minutes and have a 6 minute cooldown. Besides keeping enemies informd that they will develope a stage one cancer from the game, it makes mines become totaly invisible from true sight. The invisibility is in a 125 radius.


As soon as you hit down the tier one tower you need to dominate the enemie jungle side. Mine the jungle with remotes so that you provide vision for your team. One shot creepwaves with level 3 proximity and start pressuring the enemies. Stack up remotes a bit outside their tier 2 and when someone rotates to defend you blow them up with stage 2 cancer. Stack some remotes and one statis trap besides the shrine so when a enemy tps in you can instantly blow them away giving them stage 3 cancer.

You will not hide away in teamfights in another lane in mid/late game. You will attend them throwing remotes and silencing enemies with blast off.

Most important thing is to have impact with techies and this is the way you should do it.
1. Get tier 1
2. Dominate the enemie jungle and bottom lane
3. Assemble Tranqs, Euls, (Aether, Aghs)
4. Contribute in teamfights
5. Stay hydrated because the games are long
6. Spread stage 1 cancer to the cores and later develop the cancer to stage 4

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