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The Carry Jugg

September 18, 2015 by Zefan
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DotA2 Hero: Juggernaut

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Standard Farming Carry

Hero Skills

Blade Fury


Healing Ward


Blade Dance

2 10 14 18


6 11 16


5 7 8 9 12 13 15 17


Hallow guys, this is my first build guide to one of my favorite hero Juggernaut, he is considered one of the most flexible hero in the game, and the reason to support that is that he can play every roles.

Sorry for my bad English :)

Facts about the Juggernaut

-Extremely flexible that can attend any role in a game.
-Easy to play.
-Great hitting animations.
-Flexible in items build.
-Omnislash 1v5
-Positive performance from mid game to late game

-Low health pool.
-No stuns or slows.
-Extremely dumb.(bad intelligence grow)
-Too many equipment(Mask and all)

From the pros and cons we can easily see the pros definitely covers most of his weaknesses. And that quote again "A good player can destroy a bad player with even IO"

Chapter Title

The skill build

The skill build is really clear, MAX OUT THE STATES FIRST.
Juggernaut has extremely poor strength and both intelligence grow, which makes the spending of skill points on states much more reasonable.

I usually go for blade fury first, since It really helps in the runes getting part of the game(beginning of the game) also adds some escape potential so that you don't feed your first blood to the enemy.

The reason why I give each 1 point to each skill before upgrading states is because so you can handle more things such as ganking and harassment.

Item Builds

It is up to you.

I usually get treads and bf first because they increase your survivability in lane significantly due to the health regain and mana regain from bf.

And as always, BKB for Spell Immunity.

Thank you for reading my short little guide

It is my pleasure if you find my guide useful :)

Enjoy your game

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