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The Carry from Magical Farm Land

April 21, 2012 by Tylaron
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DotA2 Hero: Lifestealer

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The Carry from Magical Farm Land

April 21, 2012


Welcome to my guide on lifestealer. Lifestealer is a great hardcarry, one of my favorites. He is farm dependant however, be aware of this.

I will assume you know and understand how to use Lifestealer's skills, if you do not: DotaCinema has a video that details his skills.

Generally when Lifestealer's lane is pushing he can head to the jungle to continue his farm. Make sure you're on the short lane (Bottom - Radiant or Top - Dire) for the accessability to the jungle.

Lifestealer's mid game shows your strengths, but you haven't reached your peak quite yet.

By lategame you should be one of if not the strongest hero in the game. Have fun tearing through absolutely everything. GG!


First off you'll want to pick up a few tangoes and a salve, as well as 3 branches and either a Quelling Blade or Stout Shield depending on your lane.

In the Jungle you will want a set of tangoes, a Quelling Blade, and a Stout Shield, as you want to decrease the damage taken in the jungle.

Generally you will want to rush Midas. Midas gives Lifestealer to farm and level incredibly
quickly, as well as instantly kill camps at level 6 with Midas' active and his ultimate infest. If you can't get it between 6-8 or so minutes, forget it and go for your treads and Armlet.

For the first 15-20 minutes you should only farm, and help follow-up if someone ganks your lane. A hard carry won't do very much without items and levels. Generally you will want to lane with a support babysitter. Lifestealer can be more independent than most carries, however a good strong support can not only set Lifestealer up for kills, but help him get a good farm in the lane.

After your farming session or the Early game, you are pretty powerful. With the steroids of your W and Q, as well as the slow your E provides, you can balance farming and killing. Once you obtain an armlet, your kill potential increases exponentially. Armlet gives everything lifestealer wants from an item. A boost of HP, Attackspeed and damage, and a decent bit of armor because you will be in the middle of most fights. You will be strong, but not as strong as you need to be to successfully carry.

Picking up a Desolator is a great idea with your Armlet, as you will be able to crank tons of damage in a short period of time. Because of your Rage's attackspeed you will be able to benefit from Damage items like Desolator. The damage that you do is also mostly physically, so the minus armor from Desolator will be great.

Past this point I would pick up an Assault Cuirass, Daedalus, or Skull Basher. These will give you a ton of damage, the AC gives attack speed to synergize with your W, as well as the minus armor and huge damage from Desolator. Daedalus can be a great item if you want to hit like a truck straight away, your crits will be hitting for half or more of a support's health. A Basher is great if everyone seems to be getting away or if you plan to go Abyssal to stun someone which bought BKB, as Abyssal stun goes through magic immunity. A heart is not usually a neccessary item by any means, as Lifestealer is naturally tanky, and heals for a lot between his ultimate and passive lifesteal, as well as Armlet's active. However, in some situations a Heart of Terrasque can be a nice pickup to make you extremely tanky, as well as giving you a decent amount of damage because you are a strength carry

Oh yeah, and if the game is over and whatever you build could make no difference, feel free to buy a rapier and watch as you 3 shot absolutely everyone. Make sure you try to pick up an Aegis with the rapier, just to make sure you can hold onto it.


Overall, Lifestealer is a great carry, lots of fun and fairly straight-forward for those who are new to the game.

I've found a great amount of success with him and I hope you do too!

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