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The Butcher's in business

July 13, 2015 by Thrower
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DotA2 Hero: Pudge

The Butcher's in business

July 13, 2015


Pudge is a core hero generally played either role 2(mid) or role 3(offlane). The butcher is a roaming ganker during the mid game, able to solo pickoff almost any hero with his devastating hook, rot and dismember combo. Pudge main aim to constantly pick off the enemy hard carry, continously gaining flesh help in order to maximize his late game dps.
Pros: Can kill almost any hero early game with hook-rot-dismember combo
Amazing hero to pick to shut down an enemy hard carry
One of the strongest mid laners if played properly
3 second disable that goes through bkb
Cons: Severe mana problems
His primary skill is a skillshot
Can be countered easily by mana draining heroes and heroes that deal damage based
on health

Early Game

Pudge as said before is one of the strongest mid laners. However, due to his extremely low base movement speed, he can be countered by heroes that have a strong burst damage. For example, Queen of Pain is the bane of your existence. When moving in for a last hit, she can stifling dagger you, taking a chunk of your health away. Along with rot you can say goodbye to your health. Moreover, her blink skill is one that gives her so much mobility it is almost impossible to hook her easily. In this situation, I suggest you just simply be patient and wait for xp. Once you have reached level 6, heal up and buy a smoke of deceit. If planned properly, this can let you get an easy kill and with that small gold advantage buy your bottle. Once your bottle is completed start to gank, though you may lose your lane if you gank too much so do be aware and cautious.

Mid game

By now, any of the mobility items should be completed. These mobility items simply serve the purpose of setting up your positioning properly for a easy hook and dismember combo. In my opinion, I prefer blink dagger for the fact you can blink up to the enemy for a dismember followed up by a hook.
Now, if you have noticed I have classified Eul's scepter under mobility items. It serves a few purposes.
1) Movement speed
2) Mana regen
3) You can hook a target out of a cyclone
Do be cautious with the third purpose as hooking a target during cyclone does not deal damage. Hooking the target after cyclone deals damage.

Late game

Late game is where it is a decisive role for pudge. He can either fall out of the game and serve less purpose since your carry should be fat. Or he can be the tank of the team.
If you are really fat, the last build is extremely strong since with your high amounts of strength from your flesh heap, it will greatly contribute to your damage. Do note that flesh heap is retroactive. Meaning that assuming you achieve kills before you have added a point into flesh heap. A small little +1 appears every time an enemy hero is killed. This is the game adding 1 point into flesh heap. Once a point is added, the flesh heap from earlier kills will be entered. Anyways with the armour reduction and increase attack speed from assault is greatly beneficial to you. I usually play this build if I have 20+ flesh heaps.

Extremely late game

At this point of time, you are of no significance. Your sole purpose if to get a good hook off the enemy carry while he is out of position and gang up on him. Even if his bkb is activated, just dismember him; your hard carry will do all the physical dps.


This is my first build so do please give feedback on how to improve. Thank you for your patience

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