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The 4000+ Commend Oracle Guide [7.19d]

November 17, 2018 by Wisper_the_Wisp
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ChingBuillds (1) | October 29, 2018 9:17am
Oov is a waste of money. You're paying 275 gold for a 4% slow and 3 magical damage a second. which with magical resistance so thats 2 extra damage. If you want 2 extra damage why dont you guy 2 branches or a circlet to make urn later.

Also the combo with quickcast is Fortune's End into Purifying Flames. You charge up the purge and while its travelling you immediately hit them with the flames. This way you ensure they never get any heals and get full damage.

Other than that good guide but enemies and friends would be good.
Wisper_the_Wisp (1) | October 29, 2018 6:28pm
Holy **** I did not realize OoV was magic damage and was reduce by 1. You are 100% correct. But I think you underestimate the item. The damage is actually 6 per hit, not 2. And if you sell the item later for half your investment back, the item only costs 137 gold. For +6 damage at Lv1. It also penalizes you for constantly attacking 1 target (because then the stacks reset rather than applying all 6 damage), which in reality, in early game, you are often spreading your attacks around and OoV rewards you for even getting off 1 attack on the enemy.

As for the combo, I don't even consider it a combo. I have mentioned it in the Damage Combo section but it's not like it's even a combo - it's common sense. Sometimes you cast PF first and then FE. Sometimes you cast FE then PF. Is it worth making a whole section dedicated to one? In my personal opinion, no.
Wisper_the_Wisp (1) | October 30, 2018 7:04pm
Update: ****, I changed my mind.
Masked_Man98 (20) | October 28, 2018 5:21pm
very nice guide keep up the good work ;)
Sernyx (3) | October 28, 2018 4:02pm
Surprised that you didn't say anything about healing salves. One salve restores 800 hp + Str bonus during False Promise. It's godly in early game when you have free slots for a salve. Also what about starting to channel Fortune's End and cancelling it with a Purifying Flames cast?
Wisper_the_Wisp (1) | October 28, 2018 4:25pm
A Lv4 Purifying Flames heals 396 HP + Str, so it too heals 800 HP + Str during False Promise. It also be cast from a distance, and doesn't require you to hold an inventory slot open at 6 + spent 110 gold for a consumable.

I can't even see how this would work. Your friend is being attacked by 1 or several enemies, and he's losing the fight and going to die. Your idea is to False Promise him (8 second CD at Lv1), walk over to him as he is being chased and attacked by the enemy team, apply a Healing Salve to him (False Promise now has 5 or 6 seconds remaining), and then you yourself will also walk away from the enemy hoard? Without taking damage from the same enemies who just successfully killed your friend? I don't....I don't understand how casting False Promise + Fates Edict + Purifying Flames from a distance is any worse than your tactic.

As for your point about Fortune's End channel-cancelling, that one is far more realistic. I will write a section explicitly discussing that technique, as it's certainly worth mentioning.

Thanks for your comment!
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