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terrible idea

July 9, 2012 by bboyle
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AA overall works well

DotA2 Hero: Ancient Apparition

Hero Skills

Cold Feet

1 3 5 7

Ice Vortex


Chilling Touch

Ice Blast

6 11 16


2 4 9 10 12 13 14 15 17 18

terrible idea

July 9, 2012

The reasoning

First off is the reason to get tango and boots instead of clarity, healing salve, and branches. The reasoning is the fact that when playing AA this way the best thing to do is sparingly use Cold Feet at the beginning (only when necessary), deny as much as you can along with getting as many last hits as possible (you'll notice it become alot easier after level 4) . As dire go bot and as Radiant go top (due to the fact that you're near the forest exit and can Cold Feet to save your teammate and yourself if they try to sneak up on you). The reason against getting healing Salve and branches is due mostly in part to you leveling stats (which greatly help) and staying more towards the back due to being a ranged hero, making boots a better choice to counter your slow speed which some players will try to take advantage of at the beginning of the game or when your low on health. Getting the ring of health should take you about 4 to 5 levels and after getting it helps counter the fact you don't have the healing salve as well as making you less of a target when at half health.
By level 6 is when it's time to really pick up the pace through (if you've been using Cold Feet sparingly), due to your stat increase you hit for a little more than usually expected and should be able to kill any hero that's at half health by ice vortex, attack while they run and then ice blasting for the finish, getting you to either level 7 or close and earning you enough to get the void stone (which now helps counter your low mana issue and after 1 trip to base you should be fine with mana as long as you don't have any prolonged battles (in which case all mana pools of the ranged magical based should be near empty) and you don't try anything stupid like soloing a full health tank.
At this point is when the skill sequence can take a turn depending on your team itself. If your team is average and has only you or one other person using magical attacks stick with my first skill set, while if your team is more magical based then level Ice Vortex to be a better help to your team.
Now comes the reason to get the bloodstone instead of all the other items you could be getting, which leads me to a simple answer, your low health and the fact that alot of 5v5 matches will be going on from that point forward. The Bloodstone counters the fact that you can get picked off easily by allowing you continue gaining exp and healing your teammates. If played correctly (staying more towards the back and using ice vortex, cold feet, and ice blast to kill the ones who got to base you should be fine and actually be charging your bloodstone, but occasionally the other team makes a comeback and your team is running to stay alive, this is when you now have a question to ask yourself: run and watch some of my teammates maybe die, or stay, fight, die, lose less gold than the rest of my team would have, revive faster than they could have, heal my team if they're still close, and overall just be a team player, choice should be obvious (unless your team just sucks and deserves divine punishment from the other team). It also helps with mana the higher the count on the bloodstone (my max is 38 on it in which anything I cast usually looked like it cost nothing).
The refresher orb is up to you (just there cause I like getting it for those situations when 1 can't kill him but 2 can) I usually get more rings of health (due to the fact AA is mostly item independent so I just try to fix up his health issue as best I can) than I do the refresher orb.
All in all it comes down to being a team player with him and always remembering that while he's a ganker/support he's almost in a class of his own due to his item independence and his high versatility (and his Cold feet 3.5 second freeze, paired up with sand king you completely dominate mid and late game)

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