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Templar Assassin

January 14, 2013 by GGnet.Ace
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Templar Assassin

Hero Skills

Psi Blades (Innate)


2 3 5 7


4 8 9 10

Psionic Trap

6 11 16


15 17 18

Introduction/Pros Cons

Templar assassin is an agility semi carry hero and one of the strongest middle laners.Her potential starts in early game it gets max on mid game and it starts fade on late game.

Easy Last hitting with refraction
Can Harass and last hit at the same time
Excellent burst damage
Free vision to your team by traps
Early Roshan slayer

Very Squishy
Mana dependent

Best allies

Templar's best allies are the people who can make her ganks easier or people who reduce enemy armor.
Venomancer,Vengeful Spirit,Slardar,Dazzle,Medalion,***ult Cuirass
Special mention to Shadow Demon with his amplify damage and his ulti he is your best partner for a safe kill or even more.

Worst enemies

People who evaporate your refraction are your worst enemies as well as those people who can counter your invis by aoe skills or revealing you
Jakiro,Venomancer,Meepo,Gyrocopter,Shadow Demon,Pudge,Leshrac,Urn of shadows,Diffusal blade,Gem
Special Mention to Dark Seer
this dirty bastard speeds himself or his allies to maximum movement speed through your traps destroys your refraction by Ion shell and drags you to him by vaccum.
Special Mention #2 Bat Rider that damn ****er ruins you just by running into you.Also there isnt a way you can outlane a bat rider unless you are denying everything and last hit everything and still with a lucky haste rune for br you are dead.

Early game-laning phase

Go to Middle lane
Farm your way to bottle and then your level 6.
When you get level 6 start placing traps in crucial spots like runes roshan and enemy jungle.At this point you should have the edge on getting runes compared to your enemy (especially if you have phase boots you can get to runes faster than your enemy).
Farm your level 7 (max refraction) and then start ganking after finding a rune or even without a rune.Sidelane heroes should be like 4-5 level will melt to your +80 damage hits due to refraction.
If you plan to take out the enemy middle laner I suggest that you place 2 traps mid.So when one slow runs out the other slow will begin and your enemy wont run from you.If you cant kill the enemy middle laner (due to safe escape mechanism example magnus) then focus on your farm until you get to the point when you could be usefull to your team
After setting up some succesful ganks farm your way to blink if you havent got it already.

This phase ends at around 12-15 minute mark.(If you havent got a blink already that means you proabably failed,died to much,or didnt get enough farm)

Mid game

Time for your hero to get its maximum killing power.(Also be prepare for everyone in enemy team hating you)
Destroy all Tier 1 towers from the enemies and force them to the jungle.
After doing so go fill their jungle with traps and gank them with your team.
Get solo roshan (you are able to do so after level 10 or even earlier with DD rune or an ally with you)
At this point you need to ask yourself a question.
AM I DYING TO ENEMY NUKES ? if you do pick BKB.Stil bkb doesnt solve all your problems though your refraction is still destroyed by illusions for example and you can be held in place by superior skills such as Fiend's Grip,Primal Roar,Black hole.
If you dont pick desolator to make yourself a deadly ganker.
Note:You can pick medalion too which is great, personally I dont like building medalion because you will sell it later on and its a 1075 gold from your core items,so have a support get medalion with you it works miracles.
If you are farming too good or you are farming enemy heroes get daedalus.A luxury item but pretty effective due to your pure splash of psi blades.
Note:To use daedalus to its max power prefer to aim creeps that are in the same line with enemy heroes, remember range creeps have 0 armor so you will be dealing pure damage to the enemy hero in the same line with it.
Note:with magnus reverse polarity hold all of your enemies in a close line you do a wombo combo
To make things more clear an effective desolator should be picked at around 25 minutes (not later than 30 minute mark)
This phase ends at around 30-35 minute mark or when the enemy/allied carry is a beast.

Late Game

At this point of the game you should aim at killing the weak supports enemies to outnumber them in teamfights (or wish for 2 crits in 3 enemies in a line).Rerosh again to give your team an edge.This time consider giving aegis to an allied harder carry if it exists.
If it doesnt take it for yourself.
At this point you have many item choices depending on what you need.
You can pick up Manta/Monkey King Bar/Heart of Tarasque/***ult Cuirass/Butterfly
To be honest I would rather someone else picking ***ult Cuirass (as you dont profit directly from it ) and I reject butterfly since in your fights you dont trade many hits so you dont really need evasion you need more damage because you are a glass canon.
Note:I reject defensive items because if you get caught you are already ****ed no matter how many Hp you have or armor unless you meld and blink out or bkb tp out
So in this stage of the game I would suggest getting mkb,2nd daedalus (although it doesnt fully stack) or even manta style if you want to debuff some annoying silence,slow or dodge projectiles.
Divine rappier is a nice choice too if your team is leading and being reliable (or if you are simply raping) combined with bkb and aegis it has little chances of fail.

Some Good TA players

With #1 in the world being Ferrari 430 or Mushi
In Europe best templar assassin players are: Scandal,Fata-Its worth watching their replays especially the Asian ones.
Ty for your time leave some feedback positive or negative

PS:Unfortunately there isnt much flexibility in playing templar assassin.You can only be deadly or useless

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