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Techies Attacker Patch 6.88,6.89,7.00,7.01

February 5, 2017 by Avatarsonic99
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Techies Attacker

DotA2 Hero: Techies

Purchase Order

Starting Item

Iron Branch
Iron Branch
Magic Stick
Bounty Rune

After Start Game (first 3 mins)

Magic Wand
Null Talisman
Boots of Speed
Rune of Invisibility

Core Items

Magic Wand
Null Talisman
Arcane Boots
Point Booster
Vitality Booster
Shadow Amulet
Rune of Regeneration
Rune of Double Damage

Middle Game Items (Normal)

Boots of Travel
Soul Booster
Soul Ring
Shadow Blade
Moon Shard
Mithril Hammer
Rune of Double Damage

Middle Game Items (Against Tanks)

Boots of Travel
Shadow Blade
Soul Booster
Soul Ring
Moon Shard
Morbid Mask
Rune of Double Damage

Late Game Items (Normal)

Boots of Travel 2
Silver Edge
Moon Shard
Moon Shard
Aegis of the Immortal

Late Game Items (Against Tanks)

Boots of Travel 2
Silver Edge
Moon Shard
Moon Shard

Courier Items (Optional for Courier Support)

Flying Courier
Soul Booster
Assault Cuirass
Dagon 1
Ethereal Blade
Heart of Tarrasque

Hero Skills

Proximity Mines

2 4 9 13

Stasis Trap

5 8 10 15

Blast Off!

1 3 7 11

Remote Mines

6 12 16


14 17 18

Hero Talents

+251 Attack Damage
+25 Mines Movement Speed
+50 Movement Speed
+150 Gold/Min
+300 Blast Off Damage
+6 Mana Regen
+25% Magic Resistance
-4s Proximity Mines Cooldown

Why Attacker?

Many peoples Ask why techies attacker when they can use mines to kill many enemies.
Answer is:
Techies can be more powerful on attacker set from many heroes and can be more useful to do support and carry and farm and push together without any problems (except some problems i will tell)

Whats Problems?

Problems are Some Heroes Like Legion Commander,Axe,Blood Seeker,Viper and ... .Because this heroes can kill Techies easily on early game and don't Let Them to save Golds.
Some other Problems are about Some Heroes Like Witch Doctor,Dazzle,Earth Shaker,Tiny and ... .Because they Stun Techies in anyway and kill them easly that they can't even escape.

What Should Do against the problems?

A good Support can solve many of problems and when I tell support,I don't mean Heroes like Io and ... .Support Heroes to Defend Techies can be tank,or carry,or pusher.

Supports Must help him to survival on anyway and don't kill steal them(Techies).

Anyway,How to play for a Win?

As I created an item set,you must buy it.after you bought starting items,you must go to Bounties places to try collect a bounty(Don't forget to Go with your support ally).There is no Doubt enemy team will come to kill must first attack one of weak enemies,and your support attack other enemies(if they attacked you non-solo).When That week hero's HP got less than your [blast off/suicide squad] Damage,use your skill to kill that week enemy hero(and if you were playing patch 7 and you was still alive after blast off,if your hp was lower than 90,then return to base.and if it was not,attack another heroes on that area with helping of your support ally).
in Game,Try to

!try to use [suicide squad/Blast off] to deny your self.
and in item set,I putted 2 moon shard.its because you must use one of them to make it passive for your self.
and I made a courier set to if you are full item,you can give assist from your support courier :D
any question,ask me.

Last Words

If you Never Practiced this style of Techies,Practice it 3 time against bots to know how you should [Attack enemy units/Farm/and ...].
I will publish Techies Silencer Set,Mana Set,Tank Set and Carry Set Soon.

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