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Taste the axe of AXE.

January 30, 2013 by the_raj
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Hero Build

DotA2 Hero: Axe

Hero Skills

Berserker's Call

2 4 8 9

Battle Hunger

Counter Helix

1 3 5 7

Culling Blade

6 11 16


17 18


This is my first guide :) Hope it helps somewhat but what will truly make a difference is playing the hero.

Axe is one of/if not my favourite hero in dota/dota2 as he is just such a BOSS. I've ended many games with a 20/0 kill/death ratio.

Why phase boots instead of tranquil?

Chasing purposes: because you can't get blink so early in-game. Battle Hunger movement speed+ phase boots means that you can chase fairly well :)

It works for me in any case.

Creeping / Jungling

I don't recommend jungling. Rather take a lane with another hero, your choice as it depends on the picks your team has. If with a carry, make sure the carry gets as much gold, harass the other players with battle hunger and counter helix.

When in a lane

If you have a support with you, a ranged preferably. Then just pwn those creeps with your counter helix. If possible ( only if top lane with Radiant and bot lane with Dire), go between enemy towers and kill the creep wave before it passes the last tower. Be careful with this strategy as it is very risky. It should work out well if you are cautious and don't get too greedy. If luck, your support will harass the enemy and keep them away from you while you make light work of those creeps.

If with a carry, make sure the carry gets as much gold, harass the other players with battle hunger and counter helix. Very simple. If your carries fail, then you will have to take that role for your team.

Good luck :)


Skills: Berseker's Call

Berseker's Call
Axe taunts nearby enemy units, forcing them to attack him, while he gains bonus armor during the duration.

Radius: 275
Bonus Armor: 30
Duration: 1.5 / 2 / 2.5 / 3
Cooldown: 10
Mana Cost: 80 / 90 / 100 / 110

INITIATE. That is all that I am saying.
Skills: Battle Hunger
Battle Hunger

Enrages an enemy unit, causing it to be slowed and take damage over time until it kills another unit or the duration ends. Axe gains moviment speed for each unit affected for battle Hunger.

Duration: 10 / 13 / 16 / 19
Movement Slow: 10%
Bonus Movement Speed: 4%
Damage Per Second: 15 / 21 / 27 / 33
Total Duration Damage: 150 / 273 / 432 / 627
Cooldown: 20 / 15 / 10 / 5
Mana Cost: 75 / 85 / 95 / 105

Skills: Counter Helix
Counter Helix

When attacked, Axe performs a helix counter attack, dealing damage to all nearby enemies.

Radius: 275
Chance to Helix: 17%
Damage: 100 / 130 / 160 / 190
Cooldown: 0.65 / 0.6 / 0.55 / 0.5

It's important to say: Counter Helix triggers from the beginning of an attack targeting Axe, not when the attack hits.

Axe's primary skill. It pwns everything and is especially useful after using Berserkers Call. This skill makes farming a breeze ( after you become a bit fat ofcourse)
Skills: Culling Blade

Culling BladeAxe spots weakness and strikes, dealing moderate damage but instantly killing an enemy unit with low health. WHen a enemy is killed in this way, Axe and nearby allied units gain bonus moviment speed.

Damage: 150 / 250 / 300
Kill Threshold: 300 / 450 / 625
Range: 150
Bonus Movement Speed: 25%
Movement Speed Radius: 600
Movement Speed Duration: 6
Cooldown: 75 / 65 / 55 (6*)
Mana Cost: 120 / 160 / 200

Just be careful with this. Make sure to gauge how much damage must be done in order for this skill to work.

Playing Axe

Be aggressive, this is what makes Axe an effective hero.

Try to conserve your mana early game.

PLEASE USE BERSERKERS CALL EFFECTIVELY. Don't stand 10m away from the enemy 'call' then run in, that's stupid. I cannot tell you how many times I have seen that happening.

Don't overuse Battle Hunger, sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't. Use it smartly when you see an enemy hero retreating and with fairly low health.

Watch your enemies health bars carefully to time your ulti. If possible check their health before engaging to sorta estimate how much damage needs to be done for an effective ult.

Happy pwning

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