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Tark's Slark Snowball

March 13, 2014 by IronTarkus
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Snowball Slark

DotA2 Hero: Slark

Hero Skills

Dark Pact

4 8 9 10


1 5 7 12 15

Essence Shift

2 3 11 13

Shadow Dance

6 14 16


17 18

Tark's Slark Snowball

March 13, 2014

End game.

end game. Once you get the endgame items it should be gg. You can run around the map tanking towers and destroying whole waves of creeps. A few seconds in the shadows and you will regen to full hp. anytime an enemy leaves his base you can go gank him. until you finish up the game.

mid game

You should already be striking fear into your opponents. And once you have your mid game items assuming you did a good job with xp and money you should be able to gank just about anyone you come across. Start your dark pack and immediately pounce at enemy heroes use your shadow dance to finish off a kill or as an escape. pounce can be used to both escape and finish off fleeing Heroes.

early game (post level 6)

Now that you got your level 6 stay mid but keep an eye out for easy ganks. Every auto attack on an enemy hero you get stronger so just harass and wait for a gank while trying to get your income and xp mid. once you got your level 11 and all your early game items your now ready to leave mid and just start running around ganking. If you pick your battles wisely and let you team know when your going for a gank. You should be fine. You already have an escape for every situation. The one thing to look out for is Clockwork and maybe Natures prophet. They can trap you and get you killed.

early game.

The goal of this build is to end the game at around 30 mins. Slark's biggest downfall is put simply he isn't the hardest carry so putting the game away early is key. Grab a stout shield, a salve, and quelling blade and head mid. Do everything you can to grab last hits, and harass but most important thing is stay in xp range until level 6 and dont die.

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