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Tanky Pudge

November 25, 2011 by exTro#154404
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Tanky Pudge

DotA2 Hero: Pudge

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Start Item


Early Game

Phase Boots

Mid Game

Hood of Defiance
Heart of Tarrasque

Late Game

Assault Cuirass

Hero Skills

Meat Hook

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Flesh Heap

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Tanky Pudge

November 25, 2011



This is my "Tanky Pudge" Guide where I want to show my build of him. I hope you will like it and get many kills while still being able to tank some damage.

Have Fun!

(Sorry. English is not my home languague but I hope you will understand it.)

Pros / Cons


+ Great Ganker
+ Great Tank
+ Nice Abilities who help to get kills for you and the team
+ You have nice HP regen and enough mana
+ Passive Strenghtgain
+ With this build you should able to spam your slow for ever
+ High skill hero that will make a player that he want to learn this hero


- Very slow
- High skill hero
- Low mana early game
- If your Hook don't get the enemy you will lose much mana for nothing and don't get a kill


The skills are what makes him my favourite hero in the game.

Q - Meat Hook

This is what makes him special in my opinion. It is awesome. You can get an enemy and pull him to you. It makes nice damage and maybe you have a bit luck and get him in the tower and first blood. In the rest of the game it can be a bunch of kills for you and the team.

But you also can get allies to get him out of the battle if they are low on health or if he get followed by enemys.

W - Rot

This is an awesome skill and with my build you should be able to spam this skill the rest of the game without loosing any health. It slows enemys if they are stand near or walk near you. You can get with the "Meat Hook & Rot"-Combo many kills and if the team is near of you he can't escape. You can also stand in the fight and get a nice DoT to all enemys around you.
TIP: Be careful early game with this skill. It drains you the HP like nothing. You will die easily if you don't watch on your healthbar.

The funny thing is you can suicide with this spell. If you have luck you can die and the enemy/s get no experience or gold.

E - Flesh Heap

It isn't that hard to explain. If you or your team gets kills near you, you get a nice bunch of strength that increases per level. The good thing is you get a bit magic resistance that makes you harder to kill from skills and your Rot don't do this much damage on yourself.

I don't understand why many people skill this that late. I mean one point before you get your ultimate get a bit stregth though the whole game even if that isn't that much maybe.

R - Disember

This ultimate is awesome. You "eat" a hero and the hero is disabled then. You can also use your ultimate and activate Rot. This makes huge DoT damage to the enemy and is maybe a kill for you or the team. It's also great to make the carry disabled in teamfights. The "Hook & Disember"-Combo is very strong and if you enemy gets into the tower with that he should be dead or very strong harassed.


These Items should give you everything you need. Mana, HP, Mana-/HP-Regen and and bit damage.

Start Item:

Bottle - It's easy to explain. It gives you nice sustain and you can put runes into it. It's very helpful and great the whole game.

Early Game:

Phase Boots - It gives you damage speed and a nice extra-speed-active. It should help you ganking or get maybe a kill with using Meat Hook. The damage is nice then you are late game not that bad and it helps farming early game.

Vanguard - In my opinion it's a great item. HP-Regen, HP and a passive damage block. It makes you tanky early and helps alot at the rest of the game.

Mid Game:

Hood of Defiance - It is very great. It gives you magic resistance (+ your passive is a very nice amount of resistance) and HP-Regen. It isn't very hard to explain I think. How I said: Magic resistance makes you more immune to spells and Rot don't hurt so much.

Heart of Tarrasque - This is in my opinion a core item on pudge. It gives you everything you need. HP, a huge amount of strenght and an awesome HP-Regen passive who makes you able to spam Rot nearly for ever or for ever. It makes you very very tanky.

Bloodstone - It's an other very nice item on Pudge. It gives you nice stats. HP, Mana (what is really helpful on him), HP-/Mana-Regen and a nice passive. I don't explain the passive but you can read it every time here on Dotafire: .

Late Game:

Assault Cuirass - A nice tanky item and it gives you attack speed and armor and a useful aura. Attack speed isn't that bad because then you make a bit more damage with your normal attacks.
The aura or the auras are nice. You can always take what you want. Make it to a tank aura to give you and your allies armor or lower the armor of the enemys. Very nice for you and the team.

Team Work

His Team Work is very very nice. He is THE team hero in this game. You are wonderful in ganking and help a lot with your aura of Assault Cuirass and with you skills.

You will be a nice part of the team so do your best that they will be proud to have a Pudge in team.


That's the end of my guide. I hope you like it. Thanks to the awesome site of Dota 2. And of course LoL, RotT and HoN (who I also played).

So if I said something false or have feedback you can write it in the comment section below.

I hope you will get many kills and have a lot of fun with this guide!

Your Pudge-Lover:


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